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MiniLogo MDidea MDidea Brand created from team work of phytochemical professionals and investors with professional background and rich experience of extracts industry.What we do and from which the trace or mark formed we name as MDidea Extracts Professional,We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying natural herbal derivatives.

 MD-Spectrum The character,engraving,anamnesis,and original heterogeneity which fathered them,what can never be imitated formed a "Spectrum",an Ort from into which evoked the attributes and the names,the Versammlung of the natural herbs and Geistig,in its double Genitive!

 Professional Extracts Processor: Icon Professional Extracts Processor

 As one of the most professional herbal derivatives contract manufacturer based on our good expereince in extracts fields and 3 plants,9 lines and over 60 sets of equipment,we have strong processing ability,supplying series of fine crystals and raw extracts,over 300 kinds of extracts in 400 kinds more specifications.We devoted to this mission with extraordinary zeal and singleness of purpose,which means profession exactly.

 stanbdardized newly proper aromatic

 Natural material used for processing all comes from GAP based origin,mountains and natural reserve,supreme raw materials comes into our warehouse,processing extraction and became into fine extracts with highest potency,good source make our natural extracts pure origins and best grade.

 Stable Quality,Exact Service,Best Pricing:

 Icon Stable Quality,Exact Service,Best PricingTipsStable Quality:we are responsible for our products,which means qualified quality,stable batch quality,strong fresh potency and continuous supplying ability.Our factory strictly manage process including raw material purchase,storage and trasport,producing and packing according to ISO9001 system,with certificates like Kosher etc from EQAICC,certified management system deploy strict control procedure garauntee the final product good quality and stable batch.

 TipsSimplicity and Friendly:we would like to make things clear,simple,easy to understandand and negotiable terms most competitive.Extact service always as a combination part for available product.Friendly means we try show hospitality to our clients and friends,which means there is a hope for the friend client guests cooperate with us feels like in their own home,and incorperate us into their own narratives.

 Stable Quality Service Respect TipsService Respect:We serve and respect our clients and make benefit from this,Respect is a two way street,and this attitude policy set according to the basic characteristics of Products from us.

 Goods of high quality,combines Exact service and best pricing as combinations of utility, producing characteristics rather than as one-dimensional "lumps" of utility...The characteristics of products that enhance utility are not merely those that satisfy wants in the conventional sense but also those that decrease disutility by reducing waiting time and transaction costs,and more other reasons decrease the utility,what we express in policy and appear from cooperation.

 Phytochemical Engineers: Icon Phytochemical Engineers

 stanbdardized Natural Phytochemicals got known and becomes a part of popular natural vitamines in this world,we are so glad to supply and introduce these 100% Natural Essence,simutaneously brings a healthy life style guide and more benefit for the living.

 Our co-factory equipted with more than 100 sets of separation and synthesis equipment for pilot-scale and large-scale industrilized production,could efficiently and flexibly completing kg to tons and 100-tons level extraction,separation and synthesis.With the powerful scientific strength,cooperate with big pharmaceutical companies to realize the standardization and world-wide use of the famous traditional Chinese herbs.

 With the sufficient and abundant natural plants over thousands kinds from GAP base and mountain areas,and wide domestic raw material sourcing networks,togethor with the standard stainless steel extraction equipment,our co-factory owns full capacity handling simple or sophisticated standard manufacturing procedure,including:Raw Material,Select Wash,Stoving,Smashing,Extract and Reflow,Concentration,Double Evaporation,Separate Precipitation,Absorption,Extraction,Drying,Seving,Mixing,Packing and Product.

 Pharmakon and Integrated: Icon Pharmakon and beyond

 We brought certain Essence Complexes which may bring individuals and distributors fascinating ways to enjoy natural herbs with our special pharmakon knowing and their healthy applications,especially for those aporias.

 Pharmakon?...As famously disclosed by Jacques Derrida.

 Essence Complex The chain,pharmakeia-pharmakon-pharmakeus,appears several times in Plato's texts.In Plato's Pharmacy where the mythical figure Pharmacia and the absence of the word pharmakos both resonate in the word pharmakon.This is the vehicle for a play with logic,the tangible world,and the supposedly sacrosanct and empirical truths that Philosophers-Pharmakeus like Plato and Socrates established so long ago,...except the meticulous studies and articles about herbs and livings...

 When the modern biomedical science,based on cartesian dualism world view which treat nature as a pure object without motivations,and treat human simply as an animal-patient analyzed with biology and its branch physiology,facing own serious failures to explain the real world,and incompetent before evil pestilence,what an awkward situation!

 Icon Pharmakon and beyond Our development and research are based on both phytochemistry study and theory of oriental tradition,in a late modern disenchanted epoch,with the synergistic background of both phytochemistry and traditional classical theory,aim for a long term purpose of understanding and theorizing traditional ancient classical and mystical formulae herbology system,to let crystallize into new wisdom and methods accordingly.

 When a post-cartesian world being welcomed here and there,a new humanizing bioculture herbal formula and paradigm shift will has more hope for wonders of herbs and witness the real Gift from Nature itself.

 Glory MDidea Herb glory and awards has been posted at page of Glory and Awards!We thank all the kindly connectioned clients,and thank all those kind awards for our professionalism!

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