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Questions between the "punctum" and "la rive"

 Questions between the punctum and la rive Questions,origins,literature records,big events and date,critical authors and brief studies of the event sequence between/from the "punctum" and/to the "la rive",a trial initial study with clues and literature citations references.

 A Photograph of Prof.Maurice Blanchot As early to 1930s,around year 1936,Prof.Maurice Blanchot(September 22nd,1907~February 20th,2003) started his own concern about "l'autre" and "l'inconnu",what related closely to the subject is his works titled récits and L'entretien infini... .
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 At year 1964,a critical works emerged,it titled as Violence and Metaphysics:An Essay on the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas,3 years later,year 1967,the enlarged sisters works of it emerged too,it titled L'écriture et la différence... .
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 At years late 1970s,Prof.Roland Barthes,proposed in his classics LA CHAMBRE CLAIRE,that he recognized a visible referent,or the photographic referent,and he believed that a photography always points to the preexistence of an external origin or model.With the term "punctum",Prof.Barthes represented that meaning,in his own words,is about "the notion of punctuation.",but,is the "punctum" just so simple?,and what interestingly or vitrifying matter is that a new being got recognized by Barthes himself,in his own words,it is "neither image nor reality,...yet a reality one can no longer touch"...Unfortunately,Prof.Barthes died at the age of 64 after injuries sustained in a car accident happened in year 1980... .
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        A Photograph of Claude Camille playing chess
 ClaudeinviewCamille Camille inview Claude At time around before 1985,In the case of Camille and Claude,the two girls playing chess and looking at each other,which as one narrative unfolds in photographs by artist Marie-Françoise Plissart,in the title Droit de regards,with the lecture about it,Prof.Jacques Derrida proposed a general limit of representation,that the impossibility of "see the look of the one looking--right in the eyes--at the look of the other,nor for that matter at your own",this impossibility itself exposed,as "It is seen to be analyzed as a limit of photograhy,and of objectifying representation in general.",he suggested there is a general limit of representation,as important as what he stealthily suggested elsewhere,"l'hétéronomie au regard de l'autre"... .
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 At year 1987,another critical works emerged,it titled as Psyché:Inventions de l'autre,itself emerged as a book of mourning... .
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 Camera At time around year 2000~2006,in a series of works,also mourning works,Prof.Kas Saghafi,proposed again that La chambre claire,which written by Prof.Roland Barthes,its translation into "Camera Lucida" does not quite capture all the meanings of the French term "La chambre claire(the light room)."......silence......more.

Comparative Detections between Meidical Ontological Paradigms and Etiology of Ancient TCM

 Comparative Detections between Meidical Ontological Paradigms and Etiology of Ancient TCM Comparative Detections between Meidical Ontological Paradigms and Etiology of Ancient TCM!more.

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