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Tai Ji(the Great ultimate, or the Supreme pole).

 Tai Ji,the Great ultimate Icon
 太极者,阴阳之本始。天地者,阴阳之形体。一阴一阳之谓道。黑浊为阴,白而清为阳。The Tai Ji, or the Great Ultimate, or the Supreme Pole, is the beginning of Yin and Yang.The sky and the land, is the shape and body of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are Tao.The Darkness and Sinking are Yin,the Whiteness and Floating are Yang.

 天为阳,地为阴,太极者,含三为一,天地人合为一体。万物负阴而抱阳,冲气以为和。The concept of the Taiji ("supreme ultimate"), in contrast with Wuji ("without ultimate"), appears in Taoist philosophy, where it represents the fusion or mother of yin and yang into a single ultimate, represented by the taijitu symbol Taijitu.more.icon upgrading

Theory of Yin-Yang.

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 Theory of Yin-Yang is the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of naive dialectics,expressing the law of the unity of opposites.

 yin and yang:the two fundamental principles or properties in the universe,ever opposing and complementing each other,the ceaseless motion of which gives rise to all the changes in the world--an ancient philosophical concept used in traditional Chinese medicine for indicating various antitheses in anatomy,physiology,pathology,diagnosis and treatment,and for explaining the health and disease processes.more.icon upgrading

Theory of Five Elements.

 Theory of Five Elements
 Theory of Five Elements is one of the basic theories in traditional Chinese medicine,introduced from ancient natural philosophy concerning the composition and evolution of the physical universe.more.icon upgrading

Theory of Essential Qi.

 Theory of Essential Qi
 The major contents of essential qi theory are composed of the Essential qi as the fundanmental substance that forms everything,and the qi transformation theory.Qi(ch'i) is the basic element that constitutes the cosmos and,through its movements,changes and transformations,produces everything in the world,including the human body and life activities.In the field of medicine,qi in its physiological sense is referred to as the basic element or energy which makes up the human body and supports its vital activities.more.icon upgrading

Meridian System and Meridian Theory.

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 The meridian (经络or 經絡;pinyin: jīngluò,also called channel) is a path through which the life-energy known as "Qi" flows, in traditional Chinese medicine.The 20 meridians connecting most of the points,include the "twelve regular meridians" or Principal Meridians, and "Eight Extraordinary meridians".The eight extraordinary meridians are of pivotal importance in the study of Qigong,any type of Kongfu and Chinese alchemy.more.

illustrated Explanations.

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 illustrated Explanations use ancient and today's illustrated graph to explain the basic theory of TCM and related theories,illustrated explanation about Yin-Yang theory,Meridian System,Five-Element Theory,etc.more.

Theory of Zang Fu Organs

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 Theory of Zang Fu Organs:Zang Fu organs is a collective term for all internal organs,including zang organs,fu organs,and extra fu organs.The theory of Zang Fu Organs is a system theory of the Zang Fu Organs,it is one of the core theory of the TCM system.more.

Theory of Nei Jin or Inner Canon

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 Theory of Nei Jin or Inner Canon:the oldest and greatest medical classic extant in China,with its authorship ascribed to the ancient Emperor Huangdi(2698-2589B.C.).Actually the work was a product of various unknown authors in the Warring States Period(475-221 B.C.).The book consists of two parts:Su Wen,or Plain Questions,and Ling Shu,or Spiritual Pivot or Divine Axis,the latter also known as the Canon of Acupuncture.more.

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