Cayenne Extract(Capsicum Annuum Extract.Capsicum Frutescens Extract Chillies Cayenne Chili Pepper Extract,INCI Name:CAPSICUM ANNUUM EXTRACT,CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS EXTRACT.)

 Basic Features

Basic Features
 CapsicumExtract Title Icon
  • Name:Capsicum Extract
  • SN(Serial No.):R001.
  • Specifications:10:1TLC.
  • EC No.:288-920-0,288-920-0
  • CAS:85940-30-3,8023-77-6
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Capsicum Annuum Extract or Capsicum Frutescens Extract is an extract of the dried fruits of Capsicum annuum or Capsicum frutescens,Solanaceae.
  • Other:Cayenne,Chillies,Chili Pepper,Red Pepper.

 Standard Specifications:

Standard and Specifications
Test/Observation Specifications/Result
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Name:Capsicum Extract.
Serial Number:R001.
Part Used:Fruit, ripe and dried of Capsicum frutescens L.
EINECS/ELINCS No.:288-920-0,288-920-0
Other Names:Cayenne Extract.(Capsicum Frutescens Extract.Capsicum Annuum Extract.)Chillies Extract.Chili Pepper Extract.
Chem/IUPAC Name:Capsicum Annuum Extract is an extract of the fruits of Capsicum annuum, Solanaceae
Capsicum Frutescens Extract is an extract of the dried fruit of the capsicum, Capsicum frutescens, Solanaceae
Shelf Life:24months+ at proper storage conditons.
Appearance:Yellow Brown to Light Pale Fine Powder.
Mesh Size:100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
Color:Yellow Brown to Light Pale.
Odor and Smell:Characteristics, Strong piquancy.
Taste Sense:Characteristics,Hot piquancy.
Bulk Density:0.50~0.58g/ml.
Loss On Drying:<5.0%.
Total Heavy Metals:< 10ppm.
Total Plate Count:≤ 3,000~5,000 Cfu/gm or ≤1,000 Cfu/gm
Mould and Yeast:≤ 300~500 Cfu/gm or ≤100 Cfu/gm

 Supplying Conditions:

Supplying Conditions
Supplying Conditions Details
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Physical State:Fine powder
Availability:√ In StockIn Stock
Shelf-Life:24~36+ Months(2~3 Years) at proper storage conditons.
Storage Conditions:Store at cool dry place,away from strong light and heat.light heat avoid

 Packaging Conditions:

Packaging Conditions
Packaging Conditions Details
Details:Expand For More
Packing Method:AirTight Packing,Suitable for Long Distance Airway or other types International Transportation.airtight
Unit Packaging Weight:1.0kgs~10.0kgs(2.2~22.0lbs)/bag;or
UnitPackaging Type:Eco-friendly QS certified.Vacuum Packing..
UnitPackaging Material:Inside:QS Certified Self Lock Food Grade PE Bag,Vacuum Bag,or QS Certified Food Grade PE.
Cover:3-layer/4-layer Pure Alumnium Foil Bag.or 2-Layered Food Grade PE.
Sealing Condition:Sealing Way:Vacuum heat sealing.
Packaging Cushion:Food Grade Cover PE,2-Layered.
Packed with Strong CTB or Drum,Press Packed with attaching Strap/Iron Hooped Bale
√ Carrier Cover Bag or √ Strong Carton Box[S size]used for Retail Volume Packaging.
√ Strong Carton Box[M,C,D,L,SL size],or √ FibreLok Drum used for Commercial Volume Packaging.
Package Size:Package Size Parameters in detail

 Product Batches Display:

Batch Sample Online Showcase
Capsicum Extract Sample View:Capsicum Extract.10:1TLC
Capsium Extract10:1SampleLot-110901 Capsium Extract.10:1Sample(Lot-110901)
Batch Sample Online Showcase
Capsium Extract10:1SampleLot-120201 Capsium Extract.10:1(Lot-120201)
Capsium Extract10:1SampleLot-120201 Capsium Extract.10:1(Lot-120201)
Batch Sample Online Showcase
Capsicum Extract Retail Packaging Capsicum Extract.Retail Packaging
Capsium Extract10:1SampleLot-120201 Capsicum Extract.Unit Packaging.


 Product Introductions:

  Capsicum Pepper  Brief Introduction:The product Capsicum Extract is made from the dried ripe fruits of the Capsicum frutescensL.or Capsicum annuum L.,which is a plant of the Solanaceae(nightshades) family.Its specification available at concentration ratio 10:1 with strong potency.The manufacturing of the products followed standard flow chart and in brief as:
 Raw Herb Material-->Select&Wash-->Stoving-->Smashing-->Extract&Reflow-->Concentration-->Double Evaporation-->Drying-->Seving-->Mixing-->Packing-->Product

 It has very good fine fluidity and very nice solubility in cold and hot water,alcohol,or solution of water alcohol,and some other inorganic or organic solutions.

 The product Capsicum Extract has wide applications and may be used in different fields including herbal teas,drinks,supplements and cosmetics etc,there is some introduction of its brief application guide both traditional and modern.

  Red Pepper and Ginger Tea  Traditional Applications 1:Red Pepper and Ginger Tea:The Red Pepper and Ginger Tea is made of raw materials Red Pepper 1,Ginger Root 20grams,brown sugar 20grams.

 Prepare Steps:wash clean the red pepper and ginger,cut into slices or blocks,add clean water about 400 to 500ml to a tea pot,add the Ginger root and Red Pepper togethor,heat with fire and let boiling 15minutes,filtre the liquid and add proper amount brown sugar,the Red Pepper and Ginger Tea is ready.

 GingerTake the Red Pepper and Ginger Tea once daily after breakfast or supper,this Red Pepper and Ginger Tea may helpful warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold,stimulate appetite and help digestion,expelling wind and removing damness,and may help relieve sufferings including cold abdominal pain,vomiting,anorexia or lose appetite,rheumatism or wind-damp,osphyalgia or backache,,scabies(acariasis)pernio(bugantia,chimatlon,chilblain),etc.

  Red Pepper and Ginger Liquid  Dietary Applications 1:Red Pepper and Ginger Liquid:The Red Pepper and Ginger Liquid is made of raw materials 2 carrots,1 pepper,1 pineapple,Ginger root section with length 1 to 2 cm.

 Prepare Steps:peel off the pineapple and ginger root,clean off the seeds of pepper,wash clean the Ginger,Carrot and Pepper,put them togethor into a juice extractor to squeeze juice,then mix the juice a minutes,the Red Pepper and Ginger Liquid is ready.The Red Pepper could be substitute with Yellow Pepper or Green Pepper for personal favor.

 Red Pepper and Ginger LiquidDrink the Red Pepper and Ginger Liquid once daily,it is a delicious liquid drink with hot spicy favor,and has attractive color,it works as a good expellent,could stimulate digestive system and internal circulation system,lower blood pressure,help detoxify and prompt slimming,prevent cancer and infection.

  Red Pepper Fish  Dietary Applications 2:Red Pepper Fish:The Red Pepper Fish is a delicious dish made of raw materials 1 fresh fish,2 green onion and cut into slices,red pepper powder half soup spoon,sugar 1 teaspoon,light soy sauce 2 soup spoon,salt half teaspoon,ginger liquid half soup spoon,dark soy sauce 1 soup spoon,egg yolk 1 and half soup spoon,cornstarch 1 soup spoon,vegetable oil 1 soup spoon.

 Prepare Steps:wash clean the fish,mix the seasonings as marinade,add fish in the marinade and let soaking half an hour then soaking in vegetable oil,add 2 soup spoon vegetable oil in the cooking pot,fried green onion and red pepper powder togethor till smells aroma,add fish,add cooking wime half soup spoon and heat when cooked and thicken soup,the fish is ready.

 Red Pepper MaterialTake the Red Pepper Fish regularly,it help prompt circulation and very nutritious,low fat and easy absorption,good for those after chronic illness for recuperating health.

 The red pepper contains large amount capsaicin,which may stimulate autonomic nerves,the autonomic nerves has some affections on the fat consumption internal body,the red pepper also work and prompt adrenalin secretion,accelerate metabolism,help accelerate fat cell burning and decompose,which bring slimming effects,the red pepper show active functions on digestive tract and prompt peristalsis of the stomach,help digestion in intestine,the red pepper contains natural vitamins and show strong antioxidant effects for internal organs.

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