The quality identification of fresh longan,dried longan and longyanrou.


The quality identification of fresh longan.

LonganFruit photo  Fresh longan Appearance:Peel fresh,plump,stalk spot not wilt;flesh moist tender white meat,flesh plump,transparent,juicy;slightly according to the fruit with your fingers feel tight hard.Longan in particulate large,fleshy thick, round-shaped symmetry, and soft white flesh and the transparent or translucent, and the sweet taste is preferred. Three -finger pinch fruit,if the hard shell,it indicates that the immature fruit than raw;If you feel soft and flexible,it is characteristic of mature ; if soft without elasticity,is a mature over the upcoming convention.

 Hand stripping longan meat nuclear easily separated by hand fleshy soft lip stick better quality ; nuclear meat easily separated if,meat dry and hard or nuclear reddish,the quality is poor.If the surface of the shell or pedicle end longan with white spots,indicating that meat has begun to mildew;shell mold thrown up a few white flowers,the meat is slightly moldy;spend more white mold,mildew meat weight,not edible.

 Put the longan down on the table,good longan high sugar shell, meat, nuclear three connected in the plane is not easy to roll;persons with poor quality is easy scrolling.Deterioration longan Appearance:deterioration longan peel is dark brown or black,juice outside the Senate;flesh succulent soft,even spoiled;feel slightly according to the fruit feels soft;taste,there is alcohol,bitterness or acidity,such as smell.Deterioration longan must not eat.

 Toxic fresh longan:There are some small Southeast Asian countries export fresh longan flesh whitish , then smoked bleached with sulfur,sulfur dioxide residue seriously overweight causes.Sulfur spray to longan,longan Wade is for coloring,preservative,so that flesh whitening, sell a good friend.Consumption of these toxic longan dizziness,vomiting and diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning.

The Quality Dried Longan Identification.

Dried Longan photo  Dried longan is welcomed by consumers as nutritional supplements,in various parts of China it has a big consumer market.Longan fruit contains water,which is a indispensable condition for the microbial growth and reproduction.In the absence of moisture conditions,microbial growth and reproduction inhibted. Longan fruit contains 50% to 70% water,but also contains nutrients,such as sugars,proteins,vitamins,etc., which is high quality natural microbial culture.Longan dry roasted,is the use of thermal effects will reduce the moisture in the fruit to a certain extent,so the concentration of soluble substances increased to the extent of microbial difficult to use.The thermal effect of the dry longan reduce the moisture content,the enzyme activity is also inhibited,so that it can be saved for a long time.

 Dried longan particles appearance round,uniform size,shell yellow,the outer slightly powder. Shell hard and brittle,friable pinching,biting with teeth nuclear nuclear fragile and there was a noise, thick, meaty and brown spots transparent,flesh surface with a layer of fine wrinkles, a circle of red stalk portion. Meat head and putamen sticky, slightly sticky touch flesh,flesh and Nuclear easy to peel. Sweet with the fragrance, nothing to eat hard time feeling less residue after chewing,flesh moisture content of 15 to 19%; dried longan in the south, but more for water to drink, or with jujube, lotus and other people drink soup.

 Buy dried longan pay attention to identify strengths and weaknesses of its quality, the following methods are available for reference:

 First Look: Quality longan color Huang Liang, large body evenly, shell round Ting. Poor quality housing wilting.Longan,as some quality time with a yellow powder coated, as long as the nail in the longan shell scuffing can see through.Nutshell pedicle mouth with white spots that have mildew.

 Second pinching: Quality longan shell hard, but brittle, pinching friable; damp after taking poor quality.

 Third taste:high-quality longan fleshy, importers of soft moist, delicious fragrance. The quality of meat dry and hard times,there are moldy inedible.

 Quality longan:uniform size,and clean dry hard shell,soft thick flesh,small sticks,taste sweet,fried soup liquid clean mouth after not sticky.

 Second quality longan:Size uneven shell skinny, thin fleshy, large nucleus, where moth phenomenon.

 Inferior longan:rotten meat, a paste, a serious infestation without fleshy or dry.

Longan Rou quality identification.

Longan Rou photo  Longanrou(Dried Longan Pulp) crude drug is the dried aril of the longan fruit rid of peel and necleus, raw Longanrou(Dried Longan Pulp) top irregular pieces or split longitudinally,about 1.5 cm long and 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide, thickness less than 1 mm.Surface yellowish brown, translucent;near the rind side of shrinkage uneven,rough;the side close to the seed coat shiny and with longitudinal wrinkles. Quality flexible and slightly sticky,often bonding as massive pieces. Smell fragrant,sweet and sour special.To slice large,flesh, soft quality,color brown,translucent,sour sweet preferred.


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