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Ordering SupportOrdering Support:Inquiry Guide FAQs!
 Questions of ordering herbs?Not sure what is the herb name?Need to send an inquiry for purchase?...Guideline of Inquiry Tips will help you!

Inquiry Guide:1.How to order?

Ordering Online Before sending your inquiry or place your order, you need to make yourself sure the product you are in need of, and the quantity you are in need of.

 Once you've found what you're looking for,You may place your orders after inquiry.Order Inquiry are accepted through:
 Inquiry/Order via E-Mail.
 Inquiry/Order via Ticket.
 Inquiry/Order via Online Submit.

Inquiry Guide:2.How to identify a product is what in need of?

herbidentity How to identify a product is what i need of Sometimes we heard some friends are not sure what they are in need of, or have some confusion to identify an exact product name they are in need of.

 Problems to locate the product you are looking for?Try use Online Search page and simply locate it via search its common herb names or the name you know, the search page linked at the bottom left corner with an image icon of Search Earth which looks the same as this picture icon: knowledge is a temptation.

 Online Search Surface page The Online Search Surface page looks like left picture image, it is a site search powered by Google, you can use it to search and identify herb extract and related products we supply by "keywords", it supports simple photo search too.

 Still hard to identify exact herb name you are in need of, you may send an email (with the description of what you are looking) to ask its availability and other questions!

Inquiry Guide:3.How to send an inquiry via E-Mail?

Email Inquiry  Email Sky Blue Icon Send an Email Enquiry directly for Questions of herbs and products:
 Our Sales Department will gladly answer your questions of products, at time 8AM-5PM/Mon-Friday(Except public holiday and vacation)
 ♣Mail To: Email ♣Copy To: Email or
 ♣Mail To: Email ♣Copy To: Email
 ∗ Leave an email message with your contact details,we will get back to questions and help you!

  Submit Tips:for inquiry submit via email, you'd better make sure notify:
 (1).the Product Name, Serie Number, Grade or Specification, which you are interested;
 (2).Quantity in need of(in kgs or lbs);
 (3).Your detailed contact information and consignee(delivery/shipping) informmation.

 Mail FAQs: For more questions of email inquiry, Pls check at link Other FAQs»EmailRelated-FAQs!.

Inquiry Guide:4.How to ask help via Tickets?

  Tips Tickets Support: Accustomed to customer support Ticket System/Help Desk System for questions and help?Simply register an account in one minute and submit your questions in details:

 TicketsSupport  ♣ Submit Tickets: Open A New Ticket
  ♣ Check Tickets: Check Ticket Status
 ∗ Ticket Support is utilized for customer service, each request is assigned a unique ticket number which trackable for timely reply!
 You may choose which Help Topic and send tickets help to related department for help accordingly!

  Tips You may message to contact in English or any other languages utf-8 supported, we will try reply you in English!

 Tickets Support FAQs: For more questions of tickets support, Pls check at Other FAQs»TicketsRelated-FAQs!.

Inquiry Guide:5.How to send an inquiry via online form?

Ordering Online Not sure how to send questions via online forms?Guide Tips given below:

 online submit form photo In brief, find the exact product you are looking for, submit an inquiry at the related Product Display Page via submit form.The Online Submit Form is installed at the area looks like the photo image on the right!

 ♣Submit Your Inquiry at: Inquiry Form

 Tips:for inquiry submit via online form, make sure notify:
 (1).the Product Name and Grade or Specification which you are interested;
 (2).Quantity in need of(in kgs or lbs);
 (3).Your detailed contact information and consignee(delivery) address.

 Submit Form FAQs:
 ∗Faqs.01.Question:how long can estimated a reply by submit form inquiry?
 Answer:Our sales department deal with an inquiry submit from submit form the same speed as an email inquiry, but due to the connection stability of mailserver, we suggest you also send an email inquiry too in case the submit form not transfered successfully.

Inquiry Guide:6.Timely online live help support.

Online Live Support Live Support(LiveChat Support of Departments available at working time!)

TicketsSupport Sales Department: 8AM - 5PM/Mon-Friday
 Tips Questions of products,we will gladly answer your questions!
Online Live Support   

TicketsSupport AfterSale: 8AM - 5PM/Mon-Friday
 Tips Aftersale assistance for clients!
Online Live Support  

TicketsSupport GeneralFAQs: Mon - Friday
 Tips General Questions and Frequently Asked Questions Help!
Online Live Support  

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