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 Need to know What will happen after placed my order, how to use a Purchase Order? What about the Order Status, other related question about order procedure? Guideline of Order Procedure will help you!

Order Procedure FAQs: 1.What will happen after placed my order?

Buyer/Consignee side will receive an order confirmation by Email.If you fail to receive a confirmation after submitting your order, please contact us, the notification of related order confirmation will be sent again until you received.

Order Procedure FAQs:2.Order Confirmation.

Order Confirmation Once the Client/Buyer have submitted related order and payment or deposit arrived, Supplier/Shipper side will send an update of Order Confirmation to update and notify Buyer/Consignee side the first time via Email, to confirm related information of contract performance:
 (1).confirm the order related already arranged;
 (2).confirm Client/Buyer side the information of the processing schedule/production schedule, estimated Logistic Date, and estimated On Board Date.
 (3).confirm Client/Buyer side arrangement which may need further discuss/confirmation before logistics of the related order, including better packing suggestions, recent local port policy, possible postpone date sometimes happened for technical or raw material reasons, etc.

Order Procedure FAQs:3.Can I use a Purchase Order?

Purchase Order Form Purchase Order is a means of paying for purchase products. This method is usually used by bigger or small corporations, the way it works is as follows:

 *Request a Quote and then request a Prepay Invoice from Supplier/Shipper side!

 *Client/Buyer side will receive a Prepay Invoice from Supplier/Shipper side with the billed herbal products in details(including product name, specifications, product quantity, unit price, freight, total amount, etc), incoterms, packing arrangement schedule, payment instructions, etc.

 *Client/Buyer side will get a confirmation update of the order status once payment confirmed, herbal products in stock will be arranged for logistics ASAP(as soon as possible), the herbal products need freshly process will be arranged in logistics in the agreed estimated manufacturing days. In cases occasionally postpone or delayed, Client/Buyer side will get a notification with delay reasons explain.

 *Logistics will be arranged asap, and arrange to collect by courier then fly to the exact consignee address which Client/Buyer side provided, and according to agreed terms.

 *Logistics information and EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) of parcel tracking details will be sent on the same day/or the second day by email once logistics arranged.

Order Procedure FAQs:4.1.Order Status and Its Meaning.

 Question: How to get to know the Order Status and what is the meaning?

 Order Status Notes Answer: We do suppose most herb friends who familiar with shopping cart system, may feel easy to understand the status terms of an order in a shopping cart system!

 Due to the characteristics of the herbal product itself, and may each order has its specific cases and requirement from Client/Buyer side, shopping cart system still hard to run online automatically in real order cases.The sales in retails or commercial volume put into our order system need manual assistance to process.

 In the contract execution procedure, Supplier/Shipper side will perform notification responsibility, and send/update of order status timely, to help Client/Buyer side understand clearly and easily the progress status of the order,below table gave some basic explains and brief notes of the status code and their sequence used in our process system, with status title and related exact meanings explained in details:

Order Status Entries,and Meaning
Sequence No.
/Status Title
Meaning and Notes of related Status
01R.ReceivedThe order in PO form or other form submitted to us and received, this means Your identity as a buyer(client/payer) with friendliness verified, and manufacture supplier side accept to receive your order in our system for the process.
01P.In PendingThe order comes to pending/unprocessed state, not arranged to process yet.Cases like order payment short, order volume revise, the specific order need further content and clauses in discussions, and other cases which may be classified into this status.
02A.ArrangedThe order has its products specifications and related volume(quantity) arranged to prepare for logistics, this means the products you ordered normally has stock at our factory warehouse, could be delivered asap.
/In Process
The order has its products specifications and related volume(quantity) arranged in preparation, or arranged to freshly process for delivery, this status has some difference with "02a.Arranged", normally means the product you ordered need specific process and may different from the products in stock, or need freshly manufacture, which may need some working days to wait for its production finished.
02F.In FormulationThe order has its products with specifications and related volume(quantity) put into the formulation.
02I.In InventionThe project needs a long period of developing and cooperation, it comes into invention period and we both input resources and intelligence, seek possibility to make it come into birth someday.
02C.In CancelationFor any reason from supplier/shipper or buyer/payer/consignee side, with agreement and consensus, we agree and both accept a cancel of the related order, the specific order has been put into cancel procedure and refund etc.
03S.In SterilizationThe products in the specific volume(quantity) of order related have been put into sterilization and disinfection procedure.
03D.In DocumentationThe products with specifications and related volume(quantity) of the order are ready for logistics, the documents in an extra number needed, this means the order related documents need a bit more time to prepare.
03APL.In ApplicationThe order with its product and volume(quantity) and other details are submitted to an application procedure according to shipping port/entrance port regulations, to get a valid number(for example, an FDA-PN, etc) which necessary for procedures of port record, inspection or customs clearance application, etc.
04L.In LogisticsThe order has its products with specifications and related volume(quantity) already out of storage warehouse and collected/carried by the signed logistic party, and consignee/buyer side will soon receive a timely logistic information and related documents once its status comes to this step.
The order has its products with specifications and related volume(quantity) which the logistics company carried and transport already arrived at the destination, delivered at the consignee address and signed by contacts representatives of client/consignee side.
The order has its products with specifications and related volume(quantity) we arranged logistics correctly, and unfortunately it arrived at a wrong destination due to any reason, normally it is an error of logistics and rarely happened, and supplier/shipper already arranged an investigation with logistic side and re-arranged the product package or cargo to your correct consignee address or warehouse in time.
05AF.In AftersaleThe order has its products with specifications and related volume(quantity) received by consignee side, and came into the after sale period.


Order Procedure FAQs:4.2.Order Status Check Help?

Order Status Check  FAQs:4.2.1.Question:How about My Order Status?

 Answer: supplier/shipper send an Order Confirmation Notification for Every Order signed with Clients to indicate its Process Status Details.If You placed an order and paid it yet, but still not received such a notification for any reason, You may either submit a form to check at Order Status Check Page:

 Submit a check request of your order with contact details at at Order Status Check Page,or Send an Email to:Email or Email for check and update!

  FAQs:4.2.2.Question:How to track my order?Is there any logistics information update?

 Notify and Shipping notification Answer: sure, Supplier/shipper side will gladly to send a Notification under Title "Logistics Information of OD∗∗∗∗∗∗" to Buyer/Consignee side in EDI format for attention, at the same day or second day once logistic arranged.

 Supplier/shipper side arrange packing, packing verification, documents and logistics exactly according to every order signed with clients, the syllable field "OD∗∗∗∗∗∗" among the title of notification is the same as Prepay Invoice number or client's PO Number.

 The Notification has all details of logistics related, and including below entries:

Logistics Information Entries,and Explains
Subject of EntryDetails/Notes/Explains
(1).Confirmation of your order logistics already arranged:include notification entries:
 (a).Your order Number;
 (b).Logistic Date(the exact date/time the package collected/signed by courier);
(2).Reconfirm of the consignee address in details:To assure the consignee address in logistics is the same as/consistent with the consignee address notified/confirmed by buyer/payer side.
(3).Logistics and tracking information:include notification entries:
 (a).Courier Name which collected the package;
 (b).Air Logistic way used,
 (c).The AWB(Airway Bill) number,
 (d).The TrackingNumber,
the TrackingNumber can be used to check parcel status timely at courier's website.
 For the difference between an AWB number and a TrackingNumber, pls check at ∗Other FAQs»LogisticsRelated-FAQs 07.The Difference between an AWB number and a Tracking Number?
(4).Packing Arrangement and Conditions:include notification entries:
 (a).Packing Conditions(Out Packaging,Unit Packaging);
 (b).Number of Items;
 (c).Packaging Material;
 (d).Sealing Condition;
 (e).Weight(kgs):Net Weight(N.W.),Gross Weight(G.W.),Chargeable Weight(C.W.);
 (f).Package Measurement;
(5).Billing Information:Invoice information and Declared Value.
(6).On Board Date:Date estimated of the package of the products loaded On Board the Plane.
(7).Estimated Delivery Date:Date estimated For Package Delivery at landing port and Consignee Side.
(8).Special Port Inspection and Consignee Check Suggestions:Attention for special cases and port, and Suggestions.
(9).Order Invoice Arrangement Notification:include notification entries:
 (a).Reconfirmation of your payment details;
 (b).Reconfirmation of your billing address;
 (c).EDI copy of Order documents, or Invoice Mail status and tracking information.

  FAQs:4.2.3.Question: How the order related documents will be sent?

 Answer: For the documents of order related, Supplier/shipper side will try to send it with notification titled "Documents NTF of OD∗∗∗∗∗∗" to Client/Buyer/Consignee side.Or also send to a ∗Notify Party if Client/Buyer/Consignee side requested.

 Notify Party: the order related documents will routinely only send to Client/Buyer/Consignee side for attention and convenience.According to the Privacy Policy which protect the information from client side, Supplier/shipper side can only arrange to send the related documents to a related third party(a "Notify Party",or an "Import Agent",or "A related Third Party in cooperation") which the Client/Buyer/Consignee side appointed, once received the confirmation of the appointed third party and valid contact details, the related notification will also be sent to this related Third-Party for convenience.

Order Procedure FAQs:5.Shipping and Logistics Speed.

Delivery dates Question: How about the speed of the logistics can be expected?

 Answer: Generally, the logistics or delivery days takes:

 3-5 business days, with logistic service Air Express.
 4-5 business days, with logistic service Air Economy Express.
 5-7 business days, with logistic service Air Cargo To Door.
 3-5 business days, with logistic service Air Cargo To Port.

 Tips Delivery time and days are estimated from the date Buyer/Consignee side received a Logistic Information that your package(s) collected by the logistic company, and the speed also affected and may delayed by the consignee side entrance port custom clearance progress, and related agency routine inspection procedure.

 Tips Public Holidays: Please bear in mind that these shipping times means working days, which mean it may be affected by the public holidays of both Supplier/Shipper side and Buyer/Consignee side.

Order Procedure FAQs:6.Signing for your package.

Signing for your package When courier staff comes to delivery, you or your colleague need sign to receive the package.As Consignee, You'd better remember attention to below Tips:

 Tips When you sign for your package with the courier, their policy normally understands you are agreeing that the package has been received in a satisfactory condition.

 check before Signing for your package Tips We recommend that You Check your packages thoroughly before sign it, and You have the right Refuse to Sign it if the package are seriously damaged or any leakage happened.For this case if happened,we suggest You'd keep the right Refuse to sign it and remember to notice us a detailed description of its arriving conditions immediately(and You need to take a Photo of it at the same date when the courier send the Package to your side), so we can help to check with carrier for You.

 Tips You'd better contact us if you find any further problems or damage may happen during shipment in 3~5 days since the date you signed the package, thus we can help you to seek a settlement with the air courier,as this case, normally you need take and send some photo of the receipt conditions.

Order Procedure FAQs:7.Package Status/Location Investigation.

Package Status Location Investigation Occasionally Supplier/Shipper side got noticed and courier reported a package of our client got shipped to a wrong transport center, and in such a case it mistakes got put into correction immediately without any hesitation.

 For example, a package with 2 CTB to the area of EU happened met a mistake at HK trans-port, one small Box got shipped to the transport center at Santiago, after investigation, the logistic company reported to Supplier/Shipper side and arrange it re-delivered to the right consignee address in 1 and half weeks.

 Such case only happened one time all these years!

Order Procedure FAQs:8.Package Status Check Request.

Order Package Status Update You are Not Familiar with, or Do Not Know how to use the tracking surface of the carrier website?or problems to know your order package status?

 Simply Submit a check request of your order with contact details at Package Status Check Page,or Email to Email or Email for check! You will be contacted in 24 hours with Your Specific Package Status Update Notification.

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