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CustomerSide-FAQs 01.Is there any Privacy Policy when purchase?

 Privacy Policy We handle every order with absolute confidentiality and discretion, and we will never share, rent, or sell information of client and consignee side to any third party, you can be assured of your complete and total privacy, your information in contact is protected by Privacy Policy.

CustomerSide-FAQs 02.How about the International shipping policies?

 shipping policy Our natural products have had been collected and shipped by top level international courier giants in long years stable cooperation, carried by their global logistic system with its status controlled under their standard global network and EDI record system, which guarantee the logistic and shipment both in speed and safety.

 For more details related,please check at 9.International Orders Shipping Terms and Conditions.

CustomerSide-FAQs 03.Sales Social-Culture Policy for different areas?

 Social-Culture Policy The sales are classified according to area and culture, and the market area for sales and communication policy are basically based on a social-culture differentiation policy reference to the criteria:(1).where heterogeneity and diversity of culture based on difference coexistence tolerant, and where competition and cooperation sufficient enough are welcomed;(2).where oneness and monopoly based on homogeneity and result competition not sufficient are at a distance!

CustomerSide-FAQs 04.Can i use the administration information as guide for herbal practice?

 herbal practice The administration information are based on official published pharmacopeia and also application manuals, also corrected and verified by our herbalists, the content authority are credible enough for herbal practice,it available in details of herb Indications, Precautions and Cautions, Interactions, Mode of Administration, Daily Dosage, Overdosage, Safety information, Toxicity information,Detoxification Method, Contraindications and cases to Avoid,etc.

CustomerSide-FAQs 05.What is a Client(Customer)?

 Client A stranger, will be evaluated with various factors including their own wills type and intentions(good or malicious), capacity to contract, and contract obligation ability, cultural background etc, to be a Client(Customer), or not to be.

 A Client(Customer),is defined as who has own wills and intentions,based on transaction freedom with kind cooperation wills of both sides,for single transaction or long-term business,which means a same earthling who has his(or hers) own freedom and incomplete rationality,value judgment ability and own capacity to perform contract obligation and benefit rights accordingly.

 A Client(Customer),based on own wills,intentions and other reasons,will be classified into a kind customer,or an ugly customer.

 A Kind Client(Customer),is defined as a customer with self-interest driven kind wills and intentions.Kind wills and good intentions are defined as wills and intentions which represented in real actions show characters both self-interested behavior, understanding, and altruistic behavior.

 An ugly customer,is defined as a customer with malicious wills and intentions.Malicious wills and intentions are defined as wills and intentions which represented in real actions show characters inimical and cynical interested behavior, show obsessive compulsive personality, and normally impolite.

 We Always Reserve the Rights to Refuse supply a product to someone.Which means, to be a customer of us, most probably depend on You, but not only depend on You.

CustomerSide-FAQs 06.How a kind Client(Customer) will be helped?

 Help A stranger, will be treated in a manner for a stranger, which means some level of hospitality, and means will be treated the same way you treat us, also means the same as you want to be treated.

 A kind Client(Customer), will be treated well enough, get respect, will be welcomed and honestly, supplier side will try listening carefully to the reasonable request from your side, and try to fulfill those if in our cooperation scope, notice and update real time information of the related products you are interested,update a good enough real-time prepaid freight,and provide efficient cooperation in real process level customer help,supplier side will try the best efforts in our ability scope to help You, and best efforts for contract obligation, privide other necessary convenience during contract performance, help a kind customer get their own purpose into reality with basic satisfaction, and benefit both parties, achieve win-win business.

 In any case,a kind Client(Customer) will Not be treated as a number.

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