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LogisticsRelated-FAQs 01.My consignee address is located in a town far from big city, could the express be arranged?

 To know clear other FAQs of Logistics,pls read at link Ordering SupportĀ»Logistics FAQs!.

 Address at Town Area The courier and express could ship and make delivery of products parcels to town level address at most countries if there are normal traffic,local express transport activities,or postal system to there.

 We know there are many folk physician,herbalists stay at small towns and countryside,many companies which may need herbs also located at small town level areas,normally these areas are in logistics scope for modern convenient transportation system.Any cases client side can send us a detailed address with post code(zip code,postal code) to check and confirm the possibility of logistics from courier and express side.

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 02.My consignee address is located at a remote address far from big cities or even far from towns,could the express be arranged?

 The courier and express could ship and make delivery of products parcels to town level address at most countries if there are normal traffic and local express transport activities, or post service to there.

 Remote Address at Mountain Area For a remote address very far away from the nearby city or town level regional area, if the remote address out of daily business and local high efficient transport systems, or has no postal code(zip code), normally the difficulty will be increased if the transport activity very rare to the remote address.But if there are transport activities to there, we would like to help you consult with the courier to see the possibility of delivery, and such logistics and delivery possibility need to consult case by case with details of the remote address together with the post code.

 For such cases,if the direct delivery became hard at present for transport system limit,we could always try possibility (1).to see if can arrange the logistics to another address client appointed(designated) which close to the nearby city or town,or (2).to provide several nearby town or city name where the logistics service available for client's own choice and decision; thus could bring some convenience that the consignee or the consignee appointed(designated) agent could pick up there on effort also from themselves.

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 03.My consignee address is located on an island, could the express be arranged?

 Island Address The courier and express could ship and make delivery of products parcels to island address at most countries if there are normal traffic and local express activities to there.

 For cases the Island address very far from their local transport warehouse centers, the courier may collect some extra-far-distance extra fee.

 For cases the Island address not far from their local transport warehouse center, which mean the distance in their normal delivery service scope, the courier will not collect an extra-far-distance extra fee.

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 04.Our warehouse address if different from our office or company address, could the delivery be arranged directly to the warehouse address?

 Address Change and Distance For cases the warehouse address of client side different from office address, the courier could arrange logistics and delivery to the warehouse address if client/consignee side preferred, appointed and notified us clearly.

 For this case, we can help consult to see if the freight to your warehouse address the same as/or has some difference from the freight to your office address, at most cases the freight is No big difference if the two address not far away from each other.And if there are differences, we will try an update and notify.

 And shipper, we only responsible to arrange logistics to the consignee address(delivery address) according to the contract agreement.Once the products parcel arrived at landing port, Client(Buyer/Consignee) side can also consult with the courier express on themselves, to see possibility and discuss delivery address changes on themselves.

 As shipper,we can offer help to perform notification responsibility on this consignee address(delivery address) change if Client(Buyer/Consignee) side preferred, but extra fees related to such change which the courier(express company) will collect according to the changes are not included/covered in the contract agreement.

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 05.I have looked around the logistics scopes and find the country or area of our delivery address are not listed on, could the delivery be arranged?

 Hospitality and Friendliness Among all the present 224 independent sovereign states and independent area, individuals or company from most area(over 220, proportion about 99%) are welcomed as friend or clients!Herbal friends from all these countries and area are welcomed!As to we knowing, the courier and express could ship and make delivery of product parcels to almost all these countries(nation-state), or independent sovereign area(s) in the global village, except the North Pole area and the Antarctic Pole area.

 For the cases that your country(or area) is not listed on the logistic scope, there are several reasons to our knowing:

 *.the most cases one reason is that the country(or area) are very new, is a new-independent area which name still not well known,or not recognized by the U.N.(the United Nations) or most other countries, or the courier company has No available service to the area at present due to their logistic scope limit.

 *.the most cases another reason is that the country(or area) logistics arrangeable in reality, but due to website content update reasons, its name not yet updated.

 *.the most cases a third reason is that the country or area logistics arrangeable in reality, but parcel to there are very less, so the present version logistic scope not recorded it, and the area name will be updated and recorded in logistics scope once consulted.

 *.Among all the present 224 independent sovereign states and independent area, people from most area(over 220,proportion about 99%) are welcomed as herbal friend or clients!

 1% Not Available Area For some rare cases that a country(or area) not listed in the logistics scope,it based on some reason(history,social cultural),people from very few number country(or area,about 3 to 4,proportion about 1% among all) had been treated and will be treated as "Not To Be Offered Any Type Friendliness or Any Available Products".

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 06.As consignee or buyer, should i make a customs clearance when the products parcel arrived at the landing area?

 As customs policies vary widely from country to country, we suggest Client/Consignee better contact some local import agent or courier for information specific to the related business.

 Customs Clearance Normally there is No big problem for individual consignee to receive a herbal products if the local custom has no special forbidden regulation on such kind of products,and courier express will help handle clearance for retail volumes when it come to your area, and notify if any duty/tax happened during the procedure they make the custom clearance.

 For those country areas where individuals are Not allowed to buy a herbal product from abroad, due to its high risks we do suggest You do not try it at this moment, and You can try it until the day it allowed.

 For commercial volume purchase delivery of the ordered products from Client company or trade agents appointed(designated) by Client(Buyer/Consignee),routinely the courier express or airline cargo company will notify the consign side once the bill of products arrived at the port, the Client(Buyer/Consignee) side could make a self-help custom clearance if familiar with that, or appoint(designate) an import agent or trade agents to help make clearance.

LogisticsRelated-FAQs 07.The difference between an AWB number and a Tracking Number?

 This FAQs give some further explain of the question related with Order Procedure FAQs:4.2.Order Status Check Help?.
 the TrackingNumber in EDI form of air courier sometime has little difference with the AWB(Air Way Bill Number),supplier/shipper side had been notified/explained that its because of the courier's EDI record system.For Example,anAWB Number of TNT Courier forms in combination 4 letters 9 digital numbers,like this:GD776163900WW,but a related TrackingNumber accordingly sometime record as only its digital numbers without letter,the related TrackingNumber recorded in the air courier's system as "776163900",sometime they recorded as "GD776163900" with also 2 letters.A sample Air Way Bill cased to explain it difference further:
 Example of a Tnt AWBnumber 
 Above picture comes from the top right corner part of an Air Way Bill from the TNT courier,Below the bar code,the AWB Number of this bill showed as:GD 301 667 709 WW.
 Example of a Tnt Trackingnumber 
 Above picture is the pure number part of the above mentioned Air Way Bill.The TrackingNumber of this AWB sometime is:301667709,sometime maybe GD301667709.

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