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TicketsRelated-FAQs 01.Should i registered an account to submit a ticket?

 Question:Should i registered an account to submit a ticket?

 Answer:The Ticket System/Help Desk System running for client service request a submitter register first,which means you need register an account with it before submit a ticket or check its status,it works in a very friendly interface,you can register an account in just 1 minite,it is easy!

TicketsRelated-FAQs 02.How to register an account with the Ticket System?

 Question:How to register an account with the Ticket System?

 Answer:You can simply follow below steps to register an account of the tickets system:

 Step 1:enter the url address of the Ticket System at your internet explorer,type:https://www.mdidea.com/tickets/, or https://www.mdidea.net/tickets/:
 Ticket System url

 Or,click the link of the Tickets System at the OnlineInquiry section at the product display page,which looks like below:
 Ticket System Link at OnlineInquiry Section

 Once you enter the url or link of Tickets System,it will guide you to the Tickets System Interface,which looks like below:
 Tickets System Interface

 Step 2:Now you access to the Ticket System Interface,as a Guest User(user not registered),you need register an account to get help from Ticket System!Find the "Log In" button link at the top menu,click it,it will guide you to the User Login Interface,which looks like below:
 User Login Interface
 On the right side of the User Login Interface,there is registeration remind alert tips "Not yet registered?Create an account",click the link "Create an account",it will guide you to the "Account Registration" Interface,which looks like below:
 Account Registration Interface

 Step 3:Now you access to the Account Registration Interface,you can creat an account with the Registration Interface,simply fill in some basic information including your contact information,preference,and access credentials(passwords),the entry item(or blanks) need to be filled,those marked by red star symbol are necessary entry items,passwords(access credentials) are necessary entry item too:
 Tips Email Address:[note:Fill in the email address you are using.For example:John@abcde.com]
 Tips Full Name:[note:Fill in Your full name.For example:John Bull]
 Tips Phone Number:[note:Fill in the phone number,mobile number or fax number.This is Not a necessary entry item,which means you can choose Not fill it.]
 Tips Time Zone:[note:click the pull-down menu and choose your time zone.For example:You live at the longitude same or near to East of USA or Brazil,then choose the time zone value:GMT-5.0-Eastern Time US and Canada,Bogota,Lima]
 Tips Daylight Saving:Observe daylight saving:[note:click the option for time zone daylight saving.This is Not a necessary entry item,which means you can choose Not click it.]
 Tips Create a Password:[note:Fill in password which you will use to login into the system.]
 Tips Confirm New Password:[note:Fill in again repeatedly the same password.]
 Once all the necessary entry items filled,for example filled in above information For example,it will looks like below:
 Account Registration Interface
 Once above information filled correctly,click the "Register" button,the system will start generating an account for you,this procedure will last a few seconds if internet connection speed good,the registering page will appear with an alert message read as "Please Wait!Please wait...it will take a second!",which looks like below:
 registering alert page

 Step 4:Once the account registering procedure finished,it will turned to a result page titled also "Account registration",with result cheers message of your account registration success,read as:"Thanks for registering for an account.We've just sent you an email to the address you entered.Please follow the link in the email to confirm your account and gain access to your tickers.",which looks like below:
 Account Registration Success

 Step 5:Once you see the success page,normally you need login into your email address,find the ticket registration email,and click the confirmation link,once it clicked,the ticket account submitted will be activated!Now,You can start to use the ticket system to ask questions and help!

TicketsRelated-FAQs 03.I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,How to get a reply in exactness and quick?

 Question:I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,How to get a reply in exactness and quick?

 Answer:We response to a valid tickets in working days,the speed of reply is in 4 to 24 hours,due to tickets reply procedure,time zone difference,and understanding exactness,some questions need a little more time for a detailed reply,the more detailed description and clearness of questions,the more chances and shorter time your ticket will be treated properly.

 An inquiry from client side may be delayed in answering list if it comes without specific and not in details.For example enquiries like “I am looking to buy herbs” is not likely to as exact as "I am looking for Angelica Root Extract, and I may in need of X kgs, I need it be shipped to X city."

 So, we suggest a client try to drafting detailed product requirements, an inquiry comes with very limited information about what wants, is not taken too seriously, as it is a sign that the client is not invested in the process, so making detailed product requirements can make a big difference to your response rate and help you stand out in the answering list. This tells us that you understand the product well enough and hence are likely to be a serious client.

  And, we suggest a client providing other order details too: other than the product details, it is equally important to provide details about the “size” of the order. Every time you ask for a quote, we need to know “what is your quantity”, so can try to update you a price in exactness based on it. If you do not provide this, it will be updated based on the MOQ. Providing these details early helps ensure that there can be an exact offer estimated, since the order has the third party cost too in the real procedure, and client side better also notify the landing port name or the delivery address in details, the courier logistics company need this information for freight notification.

TicketsRelated-FAQs 04.I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,but there is no reply?

 Question:I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,but there is no reply?

 Answer:this failure of receive reply due to various reasons we understand may including:

 1.a ticket got screened by client service due to spammer reasons;

 2.a ticket got delayed for the ticket system settings or other problems we are not sure;

 3.a ticket bundled with a mail from wellknown famous mail server those spammers like to use(like @hotmail.com,@yahoo.com,etc.) high possibility got screened;

 4.a ticket inquiry without detailed descriptions of what an inquiry should have,which itself more like a spam than a serious ticket inquiry,etc.

 5.a ticket inquiry without detailed sender contact information will be treated the same as a spam.

TicketsRelated-FAQs 05.I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,but my account has been locked?

 Question:I have registered an account and submitted a ticket,but my account has been locked?

 Answer:to guarantee requests and questions from normal clients get helped with high efficiency,a spam ticket sender account which registered at the ticked system will be locked by system administrator periodically.

 If you accustomed to and were treated well with the ticket system ever,it maybe a possible scan mistakes from system administrator and this case normally rarely happened,but if occasionally happened,you can simply send a email to sales department with your ticket ID and contact information,so we can help you unlock it.

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