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Glory  Our natural material all comes from GAP based origin, mountains and natural reserve, raw materials qualified comes into factory warehouse, processing extraction and became into fine extracts with highest potency, good source make our natural extracts pure origins and best grade. Certified management system deploy strict control procedure garauntee our final product good quality and stable.

About Professional

ExtractEssence  As one of the most professional natural extracts processing manufacture, based on good expereince in extracts fields, factory side have strong processing ability and production capacity, supplying series of fine and raw botanical extract, over 300 kinds of extracts in 400 kinds more specifications. We devoted to this mission with extraordinary zeal and singleness of purpose, which means profession exactly.

Mountain Herb






Leaf Herb GotuKola

Leaf HerbGotuKola Extract

Bark Pine

Bark Pine Extract

Flower Safflower

Silk Corn

Silk Corn Extract

Chemical Levodopa

Seed Celery

Seed Celery Extract

Seed Grape

Seed Grape Extract


Chemical Genistein

Clients Testimonials

Testimonials 1  "We are deep impressed to use these for our products,they works more than fascinating,really helped a lot,thanks your guys and really appreciated for the stable quality!"

Testimonials 2  "What magical things you put into these? my husband told me the little thing make him feels like a young man once more,instruction says it works in 1 months,but its just 10 days,we are very happy now,thanks a lot!"

Testimonials 3  "Friends joked i was over weighted,depressed from divorce and over eating got me more fat,i hate this but only cannot control bad mood,many ways tried yet disappointed.Abandoned by parties and man just for my fat?It's amazing find such a quick way and reshape my body in just 3 months,look into the mirror now,i am great curves and as hot as Jennifer!All man will love me with sweet compliments!"




Root Herb


Berry Lycium

Berry Lycium Extract

Fruit Capsicum

Fruit Capsicum Extract

Fruit Hawthorn

Fruit Hawthorn Extract

Mushroom Ganoderma

Mushroom Shiitake

Mushroom Ganoderma Extract


Root Angelica

Root Angelica Extract

Root Curcuma

Root Curcuma Extract

Root Rehmannia

Root Rehmannia Extract


Root Rhodiola

Root Rhodiola Extract

Resin Frankincense

Resin Frankincense Extract


Latest Spectrum

Standardized Herbal Extracts.

Standardized herbal extracts  Standardized herbal extracts 50+kinds listed are used in field of nutritional supplement for human and animals,as supplements,cosmetics and other purpose. More

Newly Developed Extracts.

Newly Developed Extracts  Newly developed extracts are processed from fresh or dry herb parts,most of them are crude extracts not standardized,100+kinds got listed,used widely in field of supplement,cosmetics and other purpose.More

Proper Special Extracts.

Proper Special Extracts  Proper special extracts got selected and sourced from special plant which plays a fascinating application positions in the field of natural aroma and therapy,nutritional supplement,100+kinds got listed.More

Pure Phytochemicals.

Pure Phytochemicals  Pure phytochemicals are used widely in field of cosmetics,anti-cancer,antioxidant,lab testment,standard reference.They are refined crystals comes in the highest purity and works great for related purposes.More

Aromatic Herbal Teas.

Aromatic Herbal Teas  Aromatic herbal teas used natural material which favorite by traditions and local people,they are easy to drink,looks clear and attractive,good favor and enjoyed by many individuals for classical drink hobby.More

Herbal Blend Plus.

Herbal Blend Plus  Essence Complex are 100% natural blend,no any additive preservatives,scientifically designed with proper blend,strongest potency and easily used as teas,drink additives and supplement forms.More

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