Legend of Herbs!

ShenNong Legend of Herbs edited with some archeology and identification of related herbs and their historical conditions,from ancient legend literature to ancient record,used as a cure,sourcing those events and obscurity it may ever happened.
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Legend of Herbs

 Legend of Herbs Icon  icon upgradingHerbs are one of the legends,what is their ancient names,folk names,botanical source,applications and suggestions,cautions in ancient herbal classics,and folk history.This is the discussion about the myths and legends of herbs and spices,throughout human history,herbs have provided many practical uses,their aromatic leaves and other parts have been used for cooking, decorating, medicinal purposes and many myths and legends have come to be associated with them.more.

Ancient Preparation and Administration

 Ancient Preparation and Administration Icon  icon upgradingHow those herbs got treated before application in ancient times,and the progress of those method?Important classics and books about ancient preparation records,ancient preparation method,preparation literature and identifications.more.

Traditional Classical Theory

 Traditional Classical Theory Icon  icon upgradingAncient Traditional Classical Theory:Theory of Yin-Yang theory,Theory of Nei Jin or Inner Canon,etc.more.

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