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  Tips Herbs played a certain important role in health reservation and other fields of life ever since the remote ancient epoch. In the ancient tradition of Occidentals, Spices, which are the product of an exceptional union between the earth and the fire of the sun, are a gift of wild nature.Men take possession of this gift using methods whose purpose is to mediate between the near and the far-away and to link the above and the below. Traditional Herbs has been arousing more and more interest abroad. The number of Traditional Chinese Herbs books written in English is rapidly increasing, but the terms had been translated in several different ways. Many Occidentals want to learn it but have met a lot of difficulties owing to the different cultural background, particularly the language barriers.

  Tips The TCM is one of the excellent traditional cultures, one quintessence and compositional part of the splendid ancient culture, some famous public admitted and recognized herbalism classics appeared during the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty till the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period(about the 17th century to 11th century to the 3rd century BC), although herbs related literature and classics appeared far earlier, the perfection of the TCM shaped in long years over millennia and based on practice guided and refined by generations of ancient Sages, exoteric or esoteric, till the Han Dynasty the TCM already had its systemic theory established and knowable, each kinds category of its compositional knowledge(Medical Classics, Classical Prescriptions, Herbalism or Materia medica, Acupuncture and moxibustion, Health maintenance, etc) all established a separate system too, the classical prescriptions and related herbalism of TCM is a practical system which has some its superiorities including economical, reliable, quite effective, very flexible and thus favored by the folks of the East Asia and other areas of the World, ever since the ancient time.

Seasons:Sun and Planet Earth  Tips In the Alchemy system of the occidental, the seeking of wisdom, wealth, health, and the power and responsibility they bring, are under the domain of Jupiter, as four properties of Jupiter(health, wealth, wisdom, and powder), is interpreted as health is water, wisdom is air, wealth is earth, and power is fire.Health is the natural and active state, and it must be maintained by kind, loving, and generous thoughts, feelings and actions.If we are to live and be supported by this planet, we need to demonstrate that our continued life is of value, the state of harmony between our outer life with our innermost dreams could be achieved and we experience health and life as a natural expression of who we are.

  Tips At an epoch the pace of life is accelerated here and there, the artificialities are greatly enriched, more and more people care about health, the herbal practice is either an old tradition or a new fashion, the TCM tradition was rooted in and developed from the primitive culture of ancient, it grows into a profound and miraculous application system, the wonders of it need thoroughly understanding and sapiential mastery, hold in awe and revere, worship the related ancient big doctrines(The Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases, Huangdi's Internal Classics, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, The ABC Classics of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, etc.), have faith in them spiritually, and integrated the modern discovery, syncreticly.

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