Ginger Hot Pepper Tea.

Introduction of Ginger Hot Pepper Tea:

tea article photo 1 Health interest in mints dates from the first century A.D. when it was recorded by the Roman naturalist Pliny. Pepper's value comes from the volatile oil, which contains essentials, and is added to many formulas for its beneficial properties.
 Although its effectiveness has been verified for only the two problems listed above,ginger root is also taken to loosen phlegm, relieve gas, and tighten the tissues. Asian people employs it as a treatment for asthma, shortness of breath, water retention, earache, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting; and homeopathic practitioners recommend it for sexual disorders as well.
 Valued primarily for the distinctive soup it lends to cuisine,ginger root also has proven medicinal effects. Its ability to prevent vomiting has been verified by clinical trial, and it has been shown to stimulate the intestines and promote production of saliva, digestive juices, and bile. It also tends to boost the pumping action of the heart.
 Native to southeast Asia, Ginger was brought to Spain, and then America, by the Spanish in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is now commercially cultivated in tropical regions of the United States, India, China, and the West Indies. The plant is a creeping perennial that spreads underground. Only the root is medicinal.
 Properties of Capsicum support and work as Alterative, Antispasmodic, Astringent, Blood Purifier, Carminative, Diaphoretic, Rubefacient, Sialoguge, Stimulant, Vulnerary Stimulant. Spasmolytic. Carminative. Diaphoretic.Externally - Counter- Irritant. Antiseptic. Rubefacient
 Red pepper is a good natural source and rich in many useful minerals vitamins including Calcium,Iron,Magnesium,Phosphorus,Potassium,Rutin,Selenium,Sodium,Sulphur,Vitamins A,B-complex,C,G,and Zinc.

Health Interests and Benefit:

 Stimulate the intestines and promote production of saliva, digestive juices, and bile,prompt circulations and brings rich essential minerals.
 Help and prevent problems of Decongestant,Diarrhea,Diet,Earache,Energy,Fatigue,Gas,Metabolism,Motion Sickness,Muscle Relaxant,Muscle Strain,Nasal Infections,Nausea,abdominal cramps,Phlegm,Sexual Dysfunction,Sinus Infection,Stimulant,Tissue Health,Elasticity,Vomiting,Water Retention,Weight Loss,Obesity.

Essence of Ginger Hot Pepper Tea.:

tea article photo 3 Fresh powdered essence complex from Ginger root powder.Hot pepper powder.Contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugars.


tea article photo 2 Fresh drawn, boiling water contains the most oxygen, thereby giving the fullest taste to tea.
 Water that has been boiling for some time looses the oxygen and thereby the best taste.
 Allow full expansion during the infusion and easy removal after the time for steeping has elapsed.
 Draw into a tea pot or kettle the best fresh water that you have available.
 Warm the teapot and cups while the water is boiling.
 Boiling the tea powder for 10 to 15 minutes before drinking.

Additional Information:

tea article photo 4 Guarantees the quality and consistency. Contains only the finest quality freshest components,delivery the latest batch.

Cautions:Do not use during pregnancy unless recommended by your health practitioner.

Taken Suggestions:1~3 grams daily or accordingly to personnel cases,no over dose.

Packing Size:5kgs/bags.


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  • Name:Ginger Hot Pepper Tea
  • Serie No:AHT05
  • Health Interests:Stimulate the intestines and promote production of saliva, digestive juices, and bile,prompt circulations and brings rich essential minerals.
  • Fresh powdered essence complex from Ginger root,Hot pepper fruit.

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