What is Cnidium Monnier Extracts?Pharmacology Actions and application of Cnidium Monnier and Osthol,C15H16O3,Osthola?


Applications and Properties:


Related study proposed C. monnieri possesses wild spectrum applications and properties such like sex boosting,anti allergic,anti bacteria,hepatoprotective,antiosteporotic effects,prevent cancer tumor and so on.
From certain view background with modern scientific background,cnidium monnieri and its components has been found majorly with properties and applications of following,more explain discussed in details at related section:

 Cnidium fruit Aphrodisiac4  photo Sex boosting for human and infertility treatment:cnidium fruit traditionally considered as warming the kidney and strengthening Yang,improve sexual function as Aphrodisiacs,works both for man and women treating importence and female infertility due to deficiency of the kidney,improve male sexual dysfunction,and its mechanism reply on PDE-5 inhibition,Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) is deemed the target protein for inhibition to treat erectile dysfunction.

 Courmarins from cnidium monnier(such as osthole,imperatorin,xanthotoxin,isopimpinellin) are found release vasorelaxing effect on rabbit corpus cavernosum. Osthole has been identified increase androgen, gonadotropin and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity,release androgen-like effect and gonadotropin-like effect.

 Anti-allergic,anti-itching,antipruritic,anti-bacteria and anti-fungal activity:cnidium fruit are found destroying parasite and relieving itching,displays Anti-itching activities and Antipruritic activity,displays anti-allergic effect and coumarin derivative osthol are thought responsible for this,displays Antiasthmatic effects and used as an antipruritogenic agent,Plays Antibacterial and Antifungal effect,release inhibitory effects on pathogena,d the fruit has been found displays antifouling (AF) activity against cypris (cyprids) larvae,possess caries-related bacteria and glucan synthesis inhibition and suggested its values for oral care products.

 Cnidium monnieri AntiBacteria  photo Antitumor,AntiCancer and Antimutagenicity:C. monnieri possesses multi-aspect and comprehensive anti-tumor functions, involving directly tumor-inhibitory activity, anti-mutagenicity, reversing multi-drug tolerance of tumor, as well as improving immune functions,courmarins(such like osthol and imperatorin) shows cytotoxic activity on tumor cell lines,total-coumarins from cnidum monnieri has been found improve the immunological function and protecting and strengthening the function of pituitary-adrenocortex axis.Cnidium monnieri also verified show effective against mutagenesis and antimutagenicity.

 Antiosteoporotic activity:C.monnieri total coumarins(osthole, imperatorin and bergapten)possessing antiosteoporotic activity and osthole are considered as the major one,they reduced the bone lose by decreasing the osteoclast formation, its TRAP activity, and osteoclastic bone resorption,animal test find that theyinhibited the bone resorption by decreasing the formation, differentiation and TRAP activity of osteoclasts.  Cnidium Seeds Antiosteoporosis3  photo

 hepatoprotective and alcohol-induced fatty liver prevention:Cnidium monnieri components(such as torilin and torilolone,1-hydroxytorilin from EtOH extract,and osthol) showed hepatoprotective effects, inhibit alcohol-induced fatty liver which mechanisms rely on its anti-oxidation and suppression of TNF-alpha production.Prevention of atherosclerosis and suppression of hepatic lipid accumulation,acceleration of beta-oxidation of hepatic fatty acids,alcohol is a major cause of fatty liver, the disease is a spectrum that is initiated with steatosis, and without therapy it is apt to develop inflammation, necrosis, fibrosis and finally cirrhosis. There are currently no ideal pharmacological reagents that can prevent or reverse this disease.

 Cnidium fruit Memory impairment photo Cognition and memory impairment:Cnidium monnieri posess cognition-enhancing activities and anti-amnestic effects, protect on brain memory impairment,and plays ameliorating effects,certain courmarins(osthole and imperatorin) are thought boosting glutamate release,

 Anti-Diabetic:Osthole has been find show antidiabetic effects,markedly reduce blood glucose level,alleviate hyperglycemia and potential as a diabetes mellitus treatment agent.


Increase sperm secretion, stimulate sexual desire and has aphrodisiac action,warm the kidney to strengthen yin,promote virility.
Other:Relieve asthma,anti-itching activities,vasorelaxing effect,anti-tumor activities.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute toxicity(LD50): LD50-Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Oral.Rodent-rat.2905mg/kg.
Behavioral:convulsions or effect on seizure threshold. Behavioral:muscle contraction or spasticity. Lungs,Thorax,or Respiration-dyspnea.


  • 1.What is Cnidium Monnier Extracts?Pharmacology Actions and application of Cnidium Monnier and Osthol,C15H16O3,Osthola?
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