Ecdysterone:Administrations and Application Guide.


Ecdysterone:Administrations and Application Guide.

Cyanotis arachnoides B Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

 Beta-Ecdysterone is suitable for anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass without excess body fat. Rugby players, athletes, bodybuilders, boxers and some martial artists will benefit from added lean muscle tissue. It is, however, important to remember that Beta-Ecdysterone will only enhance muscle growth when combined with resistance exercise (weight training) and the correct diet.

 Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will find the extra gains in lean muscle mass and reduction in body fat very beneficial. Based on all the research, Ecdysterone looks to be not only incredibly effective as a performance enhancer on all facets, but also very safe. Since it is not a required nutrient, there are no symptoms of deficiency. However, if you would like to experience more energy and strength gains in less time than you've probably ever experienced, grab some ecdysterone and protein because you are the perfect candidate!

 How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

 What about side effects? That's the best part! As you already know by now, research studies show no negative side effects, no hormonal interactions, and a very low toxicity level for ecdysterone. When tested by ICN Biochemicals on December 31, 1998, a complete safety test was performed to determine the toxicity. The data showed the amount of ecdysterone one would have to take in order to reach toxicity. The amount? 6400 mg/kg! In other words, an average 170lb person would have to take 494,528 mg of the compound to reach this point! This is 4,121 times as much as the recommended dose.

 So, as you can see, it's very safe with an incredibly low toxicity. Furthermore, endocrine testing showed that ecdysterone caused no effect whatsoever on the mammalian hormonal system. Testing was measured on testosterone, cortisol, insulin, ACTH, growth hormone, and leutinizing hormone. The data not only shows ecdysterone to be extremely safe, but effective as well! The recommended dose of ecdysterone is 80-120 mg per day and upwards of 400-600 mg per day. We've even heard reports of people receiving amazing results working up to using as much as 1200 mg safely per day. recommends Syntrax Syntrabol for higher doses of ecdysterone because each capsule contains ecdysterone standardized for 200 mg, the highest potency on the market. Remember, ecdysterone should be taken with protein-rich meals for best results!

 How much do I take and how do I take it?

 The recommended dose (according to is 80-120 mg per day and upwards of 400-600 mg per day. However, people have received amazing results in using as much as 1200 mg per day. That doesn't mean right when you pick up a bottle of this stuff to just start taking 1200 mg a day. Work your way up slowly, as you see fit. You should take your Ecdysterone with high protein meals after you workout, and before you go do bed for best results. Just like any other supplement though you must cycle it. The most popular cycling scheme with it I have heard of is just a basic 8 week cycle.

 The recommended amount of ecdysterone is around 500 mg per day, which is the amount used in studies. But, we've heard anecdotal reports of people using as much as 1,200 mg safely per day. Typically, though, most products contain about 75 to 100 mg per day, which might be an ineffective range.

 Despite lacking FDA approval and being largely illegal in the West, it has proven to be moderately successful as a commercial product in the countries in which it is produced, likely due to its efficacy in promoting muscle growth and fat loss, and lower frequency of side-effects usually associated with anabolic steroids. Such side effects are still fairly common, however, as a result of increased testosterone and DHT production, and include androgenic changes in females such as growth of facial and body hair and deepening of the voice, as well as gastrointestinal problems for both sexes, such as nausea, bloating, and diarrhoea. Clinical studies by ICN Pharmaceuticals demonstrated that the results are further improved when the drug is combined with a high-protein diet, to the point of equalling or even surpassing the beneficial effects of conventionally derived steroids such as Dianabol. The same studies showed the effective dose for a human to be around 5 mg per kg of body mass, daily. The compound becomes toxic only at doses of 6400 mg per kg of body mass per day.

 In addition to its potential use as an anabolic growth hormone, 20-hydroxyecdysone has proven to cause moderate increases in testosterone production in males. This has led to speculation and a small number of partially successful trials in testing its use in improving overall sexual function.

 Timing:Ecdysterone is recommended to be taken with large amounts of protein (ideally, 30 to 50 grams).

 Synergists of Ecdysterone:Ecdysterone is typically recommended with a high-quality protein, such as whey or casein.

 Safety of Ecdysterone:Ecdysterones appear to be quite safe. Plants use them as natural insecticides, although humans do not. Contrary to theory, ecdysterones don't influence testosterone production, so they don't come with androgen-related negative side effects either.

 What Are the side effects?

 According to various studies no side effects from using Ecdysterone have been found. Unless you take 4,121 times as much as the recommended dose and I seriously doubt any one of you are dumb enough to do that.

 How Much Will I gain?

 It has been found that on the average each person taking it will increase lean muscle tissue by 7% and decrease body fat by 10% in only 10 days.

 How should I use it?

 Depending on what other nutrients it is taken with, a daily dose of between 40 and 300 milligrams of Beta-Ecdysterone (50% extract or above) has been shown to be highly effective at promoting the growth of lean muscle tissue. No side effects are reported with up to 800 milligrams daily.

 Result Brief:

 Expect to see faster gains in muscle size, with greater recovery between workouts. Several Russian scientists testing Ecdysterone also report that subjects experienced less fatigue, more motivation, and improved strength.

 Combination:What should I use it with?

 Because of its powerful effect on protein synthesis, Beta-Ecdysterone should be combined with extra protein. It also works well with Methoxyflavone. Some experts believe that Beta-Ecdysterone has a synergistic effect with Tribulus Terrestris. Synergy means that the combination of two or more nutrients may yield better results than any one of those nutrients by itself. However, double-blind placebo controlled studies of this combination have yet to be completed. Still, anecdotal reports from several top Eastern European athletes who have used Beta-Ecdysterone and Tribulus Terrestris remain impressive.

 Safety and Toxicity of Beta-Ecdysterone

 Acute toxicity(LD50):Beta-Ecdysterone.
 LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Oral.Rodent-mouse.>9 grams/kg. Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose.
 LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Intraperitoneal.Rodent-mouse.6400 mgs/kg. Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose.

 Reproductive Data:Beta-Ecdysterone.
 TDLo-Lowest published toxic dose.Subcutaneous.Rodent-rat.350 ug/kg.Sex/Duration.male 7 day(s) pre-mating.
 Reproductive-Paternal Effects-prostate,seminal vesicle,Cowper's gland,accessory glands.

 Mutagenic Data: Beta-Ecdysterone.

 Cytogenetic analysis.Parenteral.Insect-Drosophila melanogaster.300 umol/L.

 Reference:NNBYA7 Nature(London),New Biology.(Basingstoke,Hants.,UK)V.229-246,1971-73.For publisher information,see NATUAS.Volume(issue)/page/year:230,222,1971

 Cytogenetic analysis.Parenteral.Insect-silkworm.100 umol/L.

 Reference:ENZYAS Enzymologia.(The Hague,Netherlands)V.1-43,1936-72.Volume(issue)/page/year:41,183,1971

 Cytogenetic analysis.Insect-not otherwise specified Cells-not otherwise specified.10400 nmol/L.

 Reference:CNJGA8 Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology.(National Research Council of Canada,Publication Sales and Distribution,Ottawa ON K1A OR6,Canada).V.1-1959-Volume(issue)/page/year:24,27,1982

 DNA Damage.Rodent-mouse liver. 100 nmol/L.
 DNA Damage.Mammal-species unspecified Liver. 1 mmol/L.
 DNA Damage.Mammal-species unspecified Lymphocyte. 100 nmol/L.
 Reference:ENZYAS Enzymologia.(The Hague,Netherlands)V.1-43,1936-72.Volume(issue)/page/year:41,183,1971


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