Centella Asiatica Extract(Gotu Kola Extract.Total Triterpenes.Asiaticoside,Madecassoside,AsiaticAcid,MadecassicAcid).

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Gotu Kola Extract Lot130501
  • Gotu Kola Extract Triterpenes 60%
  • Gotu Kola Extract Triterpenes 60%
  • Gotu Kola Extract Triterpenes Unit Packing
  • Gotu Kola Extract Unit Packing
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Basic Features
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  • Name:Gotu Kola Extract
  • SN(Serial No.):S-012.
  • Specifications:Triterpenes10%~80%,Asiaticoside10~90%,Asiatic Acid95%,Madecassic acid80~90%,TECA95%.
  • EC No.:283-640-5 CAS:84696-21-9
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Centella Asiatica Extract is an extract of the leaves and roots of the of the hydrocotyl,Centella asiatica,Apiaceae.
  • Other Names:Hydrocotyle Asiatica,Centella Asiatique.

 Standard Specifications:

Standard and Specifications
Test/Observation Specifications/Result
Details:Click to View Details
Name:Centella Asiatica Extract.
Serial Number:S-012.
Specification(s):Total Triterpenes(Asiaticoside+Madecassoside)10%,20%,40%,70%80% HPLC;
Asiaticoside 10~90% HPLC;
Madecassoside 60--90% HPLC;
Asiatic Acid 95% HPLC;
Madecassic Acid 80-90% HPLC;
Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica(TECA:Asiaticoside+AsiaticAcid+MadecassicAcid) 92~95% HPLC.
Part Used:Herb of Centella asiatica.
EINECS/ELINCS No.:283-640-5
Chem/IUPAC Name:Centella Asiatica Extract is an extract of the leaves and roots of the of the hydrocotyl, Centella asiatica,Apiaceae.
Shelf Life:24months+ at proper storage conditons.
Appearance:Light Brown,Light Yellow,Pale Yellow,White Fine Powder.
Mesh Size:98% Pass 100 Mesh Screen.
Color:Light Brown,Light Yellow,Pale Yellow,White
Odor and Smell:Characteristics.
Taste Sense:Characteristic.
Bulk Density:0.50~0.55g/ml.
Loss On Drying:<5.0%.
Sulphated Ash:< 5.0%.
Total Heavy Metals:<20ppm.
Total Plate Count:≤ 3,000~5,000 Cfu/gm or ≤1,000 Cfu/gm
Mould and Yeast:≤ 300~500 Cfu/gm or ≤100 Cfu/gm

 Supplying Conditions:

Supplying Conditions
Supplying Conditions Details
Details:Expand For More
Physical State:Fine powder
Availability:√ In StockIn Stock
Shelf-Life:24~36+ Months(2~3 Years) at proper storage conditons.
Storage Conditions:Store at cool dry place,away from strong light and heat.light heat avoid

 Packaging Conditions:

Packaging Conditions
Packaging ConditionsDetails
Details:Expand For More
Packing Method:Airtight packaging, suitable for long distance airway or other types international transportation.airtight
Unit Packing Weight:1.0kgs~10.0kgs(2.2~22.0lbs) / bag; or
20.0~25.0kgs(44.0~55.0lbs) / bag
Packaging Details:More information on packing specifications and packaging details.

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Gotu Kola Extract.Total Triterpenes Gotu Kola Extract.Total Triterpenes 60%(Lot-130501).
Gotu Kola Extract Triterpenes Lot 130501 Sample Gotu Kola Extract.Total Triterpenes 60%(Lot-130501).
Batch Sample Online Showcase
Gotu Kola Extract Packaging Gotu Kola Extract.Unit Packaging
Gotu Kola Extract.Unit Packaging Gotu Kola Extract.Unit Packaging.


 Product Introductions:

  Gotu Kola Herb  Brief Introduction:The product Gotu Kola Extract is made from the herb of the Centella asiatica,which is a plant of the Apiaceae(or Umbelliferae) family.Its specification available at concentration ratio 10:1grade with strong potency,or standardized to one of the constituents Total Triterpenes,Asiaticoside,Asiatic Acid,Madecassic acid,Centella Selected Triterpenes the herb has,and purity up to 10%~95%.The manufacturing of the products followed standard flow chart and in brief as:
 Raw Herb Material-->Select&Wash-->Stoving-->Smashing-->Extract&Reflow-->Concentration-->Double Evaporation-->Drying-->Seving-->Mixing-->Packing-->Product
 Raw Herb Material-->Select&Wash-->Stoving-->Smashing-->Extract&Reflow-->Concentration-->Double Evaporation-->Separate Precipitation-->Absorption-->Extraction-->Drying-->Seving-->Mixing-->Packing-->Product

 The ratio extract soluble in water or water alcohol solution with deposits.

 The standardized products Total Triterpenes with higher purity soluble in water,soluble in Hot Ethanol,slightly soluble in Propanediol,Glycerine,insoluble in organic solvents chloroform,etc.

 The standardized products Centella Selected Triterpenes hardly soluble in water,easy soluble in Hot Ethanol,Propanediol,Glycerine,insoluble in organic solvents chloroform,etc.

 The product Gotu Kola Extract has wide applications and may be used in different fields including herbal teas,drinks,supplements and cosmetics etc,there is some introduction of its brief application guide both traditional and modern.

  Gotu Kola Tea  Traditional Applications 1:Gotu Kola Tea:The Gotu Kola Tea is made of herbs dry Gotu Kola about 1 to 2grams,proper amount honey or crystal sugar.

 Prepare Steps:wash clean the Gotu Kola herb and put into a tea cup,pour boiling water 500ml and let soaking for 3 to 5 minutes,add proper amount honey(when the tea temperature lower down) or crystal sugar;or instead boil the Gotu Kola herb with 600ml clean water with a tea pot for 5 minutes with sugar or honey added,the Tea is ready for enjoy.

 Gotu Kola for TeaEnjoy the Gotu Kola Tea,it functions diuresis,detoxifcation,reduce inflammation,strengthen the immune system,promote blood circulation,activation of brain cells,enhance memory,enhance liver function,strengthen blood vessels and capillaries,clearing heat and promoting diuresis,subdhing swelling and detoxicating,helpful for eruptive disease and abdominal pain,hot diarrhea in summer,dysentery(diarrhea),jaundice with damp-heat pathogen,sand strangury,bloody stranguria(stranguria complicated by hematuria),vomit,nosebleed,hemoptysis,hot eyes,throat swelling,nettle rash(urticaria,roeteln,roetheln,measles),scabies(acariasis),furuncle and carbuncle,traumatic injury,etc.

 Attention:the Gotu Kola herb should be avoided by pregnant lady and those with hyperthyroidism.Avoid use it in large dosage or will cause dizzy.

  Gotu Kola Aromatic Tea  Traditional Applications 1:Gotu Kola Aromatic Tea:The Gotu Kola Aromatic Tea is made of raw materials including herbs Raw Rehmannia Root 5grams,Gotu Kola herb 15grams,raw Hawthorn fruit 15grams,proper amount crystal sugar.

 Prepare Steps:grained the herb raw rehmannia root,gotu kola herb,hawthorn fruit into crude powder,add clean water 600ml and put into a tea pot,heat till boiling and boil 5 to 10 minutes,filtre the liquid out,add proper amount crystal sugar and let cooling down.

 Drink the Gotu Kola Aromatic Tea regularly,its herb content rehmannia root may help clearing dampness toxins,nourish Yin and clear blood heat and cool blood,the gotu kola herb plays strong antioxidant effects,prompt skin metabolism,enhance elasticity of the skin,drink the tea regularly may help nourish the skin and delay aging.

 The Gotu Kola herb may help compact connected part of the dermis and epidermis,soften the skin,help prompt the collagen protein formation in the dermis,tighten the skin,help recover damaged tissue,inhibit fat cells increase,prevent edematous skin or hydroderma.

 HawthornfruitThe Gotu Kola herb is a kind of all-match essence in cosmetic products today,in the cosmetics ingredients list,it normally added in as its extracts forms including asiaticoside,asiatic acid,etc.

 Before the epoch many cosmetic composition ever identified by modern chemistry,the Gotu Kola herb already stand a strong position in traditional herb system,and already proved its good effects in skin related disease,traditional chinese medicine dictionary recorded it functions:β€œ(ji xue cao,gotu kola),nature bitter,cold,enter into spleen meridians,its effects is invigorate the circulation of blood,apocatastasis or subsidence of a swelling,relieve pain,also clear heat detoxification,diuretic of hydragogue to alleviate water retention,etc.”In ancient India,the gotu kola herb was also an important composition in Ayurvedic system,India folks applied it in chap or rhagadia,scuffing,operation wound,fire burn,may accelerate wound healing.In Sri Lanka,it also used for early stage varicosity(phlebeurysma),and its effects for relive scytitis got discovered very early years,and used as an important herb for skin eczema.

 Raw Rehmannia RootNow a days,the gotu kola herb became popular in skin care products,and it has some superiority,does not contains any irritating ingredients(like caffeine),which may it fitable for almost any type skin and skin conditions,and plays good functions and known as:prompt blood circulation,recover acne skin,prevent pigment deposition,prompt skin collagen protein formation,improve elasticity of the skin,delay skin aging,anti-radiation of ultraviolet irradiation and repair,and the gotu kola herb got added in many different kinds of skin care products.

 Clients Testimonials:

To be honest, I love it. It is one of the greatest products I have tried for a LONG time!Amazing uplifting of mood, and feelings and thoughts and enrichment of spiritual and emotional enlightenment. AMAZING! I use it every day,and truly it is amazingly beneficial and GREAT!!Thanks a lot for such a fantastic product!

Comments about 70%Triterpenes from one of our Client!(at date:Aug 3rd,2012)

The 70% triterpenes is very effective for enducing a heightened state of mental clarity and lucidity, approaching almost a spiritual or at least a very meditative, serene, calm, and blissful feeling and state. It is wonderful , that is all I can really say!
I highly recommend to try it.Most people get a very wonderful effect from it, which is hard to describe but some people say it just "hits the spot! - just what I needed!"...,like a very mild LSD effect...very nice.Lights...inner illumination and inspiration, and serenity, that kind of thing.

Added Comments about 70%Triterpenes and 40%Triterpenes from our Client!(at date:Oct 20th,2012)

Negative Comments:feedback not received yet!

Added Negative Comments:feedback not received yet!

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