What is Pueraria root kudzu root?Value of Pueraria root kudzu root and Pueraria root kudzu root extracts?


Applications and Properties:


Pueraria root Pueraria LobataExterior syndromes caused by exopathogens.
Measles without adequate eruption.
Thirst due to febrile disease and diabetes due to yin deficiency:promoting the production of body fluids to quench thirst.
Diarrhea or dysentery due to pathogenic heat and diarrhea due to deficiency of the spleen
Migraine headaches.
Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.
Sudden Deafness at Early Stage.


Coronary and Cerebral Vasodilatory Effects:no significant change in the arterial blood oxygen, but significant increase in the venous blood oxygen at the coronary sinus and infracted area.
Pueraria root Pueraria LobataHypotensive Effects: Pueraria's total flavones can causes hypertensive dogs and normotensive anesthetized dogs to lower their blood pressure,ethanol extract shows direct vasodilatory action,decrease the blood catecholamine level and vascular reactivity.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute toxicity(LD50):Puerarin.LD50-Lethal dose,50 percent kill. Intravenous.Rodent-mouse. 738mg/kg.Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value.


  • What is Pueraria root kudzu root?Value of Pueraria root kudzu root and Pueraria root kudzu root extracts?
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  • Name:Pueraria root Extract
  • Serie No:S-019.
  • Specifications:Isoflavones 40%HPLC.Isoflavones 40%UV.Puerarin 98%99%HPLC.
  • CAS:223748-08-1
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Pueraria Lobata Extract is an extract of the roots of Pueraria lobata,Leguminosae
  • Other Names:Pueraria lobata(Willd.)Ohwi Extract.Pueraria thomsonii Benth Extract.Radix Puerariae Extract.Pueraria Isoflavones.Puerarin.

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