Lycopene-A Scientific Overview,What is Lycopene and its sources,Actions and Pharmacology.Tomato Extract Lycopene


Applications and Properties:


Tomato Lycopene Lycopersicum esculentumAntioxidant:Lycopene is a proven antioxidant.
Anti-Cancer and Anticarcinogenic.
Anti-Aging and prevent Alzheimer's Disease.
Cholesterol Effect.


Lycopene is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to suppress cancer cell growth. Also, lycopene has been demonstrated to be the most potent of all the carotenoids in quenching singlet oxygen, a highly-reactive and short-lived molecule capable of causing extensive cell damage. In vitro (outside the body) evidence suggests that lycopene has the potential to prevent cancer cells from dividing, an important mechanism in cancer prevention.
Tomato Lycopene Lycopersicum esculentumDosage:50~500mgs lycopene suggested for nutritional use daily for general health and other purpose.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute toxicity(LD50):Lycopene (Tomato oleoresin contains 5% lycopene).LD50-Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Oral(gavage).Rat(Sprague Dawley).>5000 mg/kg.


  • Lycopene-A Scientific Overview,What is Lycopene and its sources,Actions and Pharmacology.Tomato Extract Lycopene
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  • Name:Tomato Extract Lycopene
  • Serie No:S-037.
  • Specifications:Lycopene 3%,6%,12%,25%HPLC.
  • INCI Name:Lycopersicum esculentum extract,Natural Tomato Extract.
  • CAS:090131-63-8,502-65-8
  • Other Names:all-trans lycopene,lycopersicon,solanorubin,Rhodopurpurin.
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:N/A

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Tomato Extract Lycopene Lycopersicum esculentum extract Natural Tomato Extract CAS:090131-63-8 502-65-8

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