What is Marigold Flower Petals Extract? What is Lutein?Application and Value of Lutein as super remedy?


Applications and Properties:


Marigold Flower Calendula officinalis LuteinAntioxidant Character of Lutein.
Skin cancer inhibitor and care skin.
Inhibitor of LDL cholesterol Oxidizing.
Cancer inhibitor and Lutein as inhibitor of tumor.
Prevents clogged arteries.
Protect lung and lutein as lung enhancer.
Lutein Combats arthritis.
Lutein as AMD inhibitor,Cataract inhibitor.


Mechanism of Eye Protecting:The eyes are repositories for carotenoids with lutein and zeaxanthin concentrated in the retina and lens. In the eye, lutein is the primary carotenoid present in the central area of the retina, called macula. Lutein is thought to act as a filter to protect the light-sensitive photoreceptor cells (cone cells) in macula from potentially damaging forms of light and light-originated free radical damages. Dietary lutein is considered an essential micronutrient for normal vision.
Dosage:6mg daily.

Safety and Toxicity:

Marigold Flower Calendula officinalis LuteinSubchronic toxicity:Lutein.Subchronic toxicity.NOAEL.Oral.Rat.>350 mg/kg.Subchronic toxicity.NOAEL.Oral.Dog.>150 mg/kg.ADI(acceptable daily intake).2 mg/kg body weight(equivalent to 120 mg/day for a 60 kg person).
Calendula may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals, especially those with an existing hypersensitivity to other members of the Asteraceae/Compositae.


  • What is Marigold Flower Petals Extract? What is Lutein?Application and Value of Lutein as super remedy?
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  • Name:Marigold Flower Extract.Lutein
  • Serie No:S-016.
  • Specifications:Lutein 5%,10%,20%,50%UV.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-353-9
  • CAS:90131-43-4
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Tagetes Erecta Extract is an extract of the flowers aztec marigold,Compositae
  • Other Names:Calendula,Calendula officinalis,Caltha officinalis,Aklelmulk,Atunjaq,Fiore d'Ogni Mese,Gold Bloom,Holligold,Kamisha Bahar,Marigold Petals,Maravilla,Marygold,Marybud,Mary Gowles,Mercadela,Oculus Christi,Poet's marigold,Pot Marigold,Qaraqus,Solis Sponsa,Tagetes erecta,Tibbi Nergis,To-Kinsen-Ka,Tuingoudsbloem,Virreina,Ruddles,Wan Shou Ju.

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Marigold Flower Extract.Lutein TAGETES ERECTA EXTRACT EINECS ELINCS 290-353-9 CAS:90131-43-4

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