White Willow Bark and Salicin:How white willow and its components works?


Applications and Properties:


Willow Bark Salix alba SalicinAnalgesic (pain relieving) effect.
Antiinflammatory and Control arthritis discomforts.
Rheymatism and Pains,Salicin is useful in diseases accompanies by fever,rheumatic ailments,headaches and pain caused by inflammation.
Cosmetic Application:Salicin soluble in acid solution and transformed to Salicylic acid,the Salicylic acid is a kind of lipid soluble S-hydroxy acid,strongly exfoliate dead skin cells,helpful for acne and sensitive skins,could be applied to inhibit and anti-acne,reduce swelling and alleviate pains.
Antimicrobial activity against P. acnes makes it a good candidate for skin cleansing products.
Folk medicine uses include toothache,gout,gastrointestinal disorders,diarrhea,and wound healing.


The salicylic acid in white willow bark lowers the body's levels of prostaglandins, hormonelike compounds that can cause aches, pain, and inflammation. While white willow bark takes longer to begin acting than aspirin, its effect may last longer. And, unlike aspirin, it doesn't cause stomach bleeding or other known adverse effects.

Daily Dosage;/6 to 12 grams(average daily dose corresponding to 60 to 12mg total salicin).
 Infusion:1 cup 3 to 4 times daily.(1 teaspoonful=1.5 grams drug)
 Liquid Extract:(1:1 in 25% alcohol) 1 to 3 ml.3 times daily.
 Powder:1 to 2 grams,several times a day.

Safety and Toxicity:

Willow Bark Salix alba SalicinSafety and Acute Toxicity:Salicin.LD.lethal dose.Intraperitoneal.Rodent-mouse.>500 mg/kg.Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value.

The PDR 4th suggested:"General:No health hazards are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages.Stomach complaints could occur as a side effect due to the tannin content.There have been reports of metabolic acidosis in children with normal renal and hepatic function who were treated with salicylates and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors for joint pain and glaucoma.This combination should be avoided(Cowan.1984)"


  • White Willow Bark and Salicin:How white willow and its components works?
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