Botanical Information,Plant Description Of Camellia sinensis.


Botanical Information,Plant Description Of Camellia sinensis.

Green Tea Camelia Sinensis Tea Polyphenols  Order:Ericales
 Species:C. sinensis(Camellia sinensis)
 Latin Name:Camellia sinensis
 Common Name:Green Tea
 Properties:anti-viral,antioxidant, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic, analgesic, astringent, cardiotonic, digestive,nervine,and carminative.

 Tea is an infusion of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, aside from water. Herbal teas are infusions of herbs or plants other than Camellia sinensis and will not be discussed in this article. Although tea contains a number of bioactive chemicals, including caffeine and fluoride, scientists are particularly interested in the potential health benefits of a class of compounds in tea known as flavonoids. In many cultures, tea is an important source of dietary flavonoids.

 Source:Green tea (Camellia sinesis) - is an evergreen plant with distinctive white rose like blooms that reaches a of thirty or more feet if not properly being pruned. The herb is now harvested in the subtropical regions of China, India Indonesia, Europe, Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc. Although there are only three different types of plants there are some 2000 plus varieties of tea. Climate, soil and harvesting techniques play the most significant role in developing the different varieties of teas. Green tea is produced from the same tea plant as black tea. However, black tea is fermented in a damp environment for a long period while green tea is dried quickly. This quick drying procedure retains the antioxidant properties that make green tea so popular as a dietary supplement. Aside from water tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide.


  • Green Tea,Camellia sinensis leaves:its botanical introduction and constituents,traditional uses and clinical findings,administration guide.

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Available Product
  • Name:Green Tea Extract
  • Serie No:S-033.
  • Specifications:Tea Polyphenols 20%95%98%.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:283-519-7
  • CAS:84650-60-2
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Camelia Sinensis Extract is an extract of the leaves of the tea plant,Camelia sinensis,Theaceae
  • Other Names:Camellia Sinensis Leaves Extract.Tea Catechins[Epicatechin (EC),Epigallocatechin (EGC),Epicatechin gallate (ECG),Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG)].

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Green Tea Extract INCI Name Camelia Sinensis Extract EINECS ELINCS No 283-519-7 CAS 84650-60-2 Tea Polyphenols

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