Wolfberry:the Lycium Barbarum Fruit,its botanical introduction,constituents,general applications and uses,ancient classics records and administratioin guide.


Applications and Properties:


 Lycium Tree Wolfberry Fruit Solanaceae Lycium speices are deciduous shrubs. In ancient Chinese medicine works, Lycium plants are described to work well in nourshing liver and kidney, enhancing eyesight, enriching blood, invigorating sex, reducing rheumatism and so on. More of their functions such as immunity improvement, anti-oxydation, anti-aging, anti-cancer, growth stumulation, hemopoiesis enhancing, incretion regulating, blood sugar reducing, bearing improvement and many other new functions are conformed in modern clinic researches. Lycium is also widely used in brewing, beverage and many other products.

 Hepatic Fibrosis image From some view with background of modern analytical knowledge,applications of Lycium Plant parts(fruit,leaves,roots) are considered widely used as following scopes:Liver Disease prevention and show hepatoprotective effects(including inhibition of hepatic fibrosis,alcoholic fatty liver),Hypoglycemic,hypolipidemic effects and diabetic treatment,Anti Cancer and Tumor prevention togethor with other problems comes via immunological background;release strong antioxidant property and clean hydroxygen free radicals;radioprotective effects;Hypertension treatment and lower blood pressure; Infertility treatment for both male and female;Anti Fatigue and used as herbal adaptogen;Delay and preventing damage from aging process,prevent neurological diseases;some goodness to teeth,boost skin and hair growth,release skin protective effects,shows Antimicrobial and Anti-fungal property;good to eyes and vision(including Age-related macular degeneration,AMD),certain level of Antiosteoporotic activity,prevent and relief respiratory disease,cardioprotective effect andanti-atherosclerosis potency;other properties including Myelosuppressive effect,Animal growth and metals absorption,Inhibitory effects on SOS responses in E. coli,etc.


 Antioxidants image Wolfberry contain large amount of amino acid and phytoprotein,this could prompt protein metabolism and formation of skin protein, large quantity of antioxidant from wolfberry also play as good cleanser of skin waste and function and inhibitor of free radical,good for skin antioxidant and make skin white,Wolfberry polysaccharides inside the body also help to adjust internal secretion,inside and outside adjustment and benefit for hairdressing and skin caring.
 Daily Dosage of Fruit:drug/tea 6 to 12 grams or 6 to 15 grams,depending on the literature source.The CP(Chinese Pharmacopia) suggested daily dose of the fruit is 6~12g.
 Daily Dosage of Bark:drug/tea 9 to 15 grams or 6 to 12 grams,depending on the literature source.
 Daily Dosage of Leaves:For Whooping Cough,1 cup of tea sipped throughout the day.

Safety and Toxicity:

Lycium Tree Wolfberry FruitSafety and Toxicity:LBP:LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Oral.rodent-mice.>10 grams(10000 mgs)/kg. LBP:LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Oral.rodent-rat.>10 grams(10000 mgs)/kg.
 The Wolfberry is a food,and generally it is safe with proper administration dosage,Not to be used during pregnancy.The traditional Chinese herbalist suggested the herb should Not used for conditions spleen stomach deficiency with dampness and diarrhea,kidney deficiency cases.


  • 1.Wolfberry:the Lycium Barbarum Fruit,its botanical introduction,constituents,general applications and uses,ancient classics records and administratioin guide.
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