DangShen:the Codonopsis Pilosula Root,Shang Dang Ginseng,a relative of Panax Ginseng,its ancient classic uses and new findings.


Applications and Properties:


 Pilose Asiabell Root RadixCodonopsisPilosula photoAnti-stress effects.
Anti-oxidation effects.
Reducing blood lipids.
Gastrointestinal motion.
Cardiovascular system.
Effects on blood.
Strengthening immunity.
Effects on central nervous system.
Traditional TCM function.
Coronary heart disease with blood stasis.
Chronic hepatitis B.
Immunological and hematopoietic effect.
Treatment of minimal brain dysfunction.
Treatment of acute upper digestive tract hemorrhage.
Learning and memory.
Replenishing tonifying Qi(benefiting vital energy),
Strengthening spleen and tonifying lung,
Tonify middle energizer,
Generate saliva,
Tonifying the lung,
Supplementing qi and promoting the production of body fluid.


 Pilose Asiabell Root Codonopsis Pilosula Franch Nannf photo Sweet in flavour,Sweet and neutral, neutral in property;acting on the spleenand lung channels.Invigorates the spleen.Replenishes the middle-jiao energy.Promotes the production of normal body fluids. Nourishes the blood.Promotes production of body fluid and blood circulation.

 In the TCM system,the herb Pilose Asiabell Root(Dang Shen) is noted nature sweet and smooth,enter into the spleen,lung and kidney meridians.

 In the TCM system,the herb Pilose Asiabell Root(Dang Shen) is indicated for weakness of spleen and lung,shortness of breath and palpitation,cough due to lung deficiency,shortness of breath and spontaneous perspiration,poor appetite eat less and loose stools,endogenous heat and wasting-thirst,spleen and stomach deficiency,Qi and Blood deficiency,faint breath and deficiency of Qi and Blood,fatigue and weakness powerless,eat less,eat less with loose stools,thirsty,chronic diarrhea,anal prolapse,weakness of limbs,etc.

 Dosage:the CP(Chinese-Pharmacopia) suggested dosage of the herb 9 to 30 grams daily,contrindication noted should avoid use togethor with black false hellebore,store at a dry place well ventilated,mothproof.The North America herbalists suggested the dried root used in a decoction;up to 25 grams are commonly taken per day.To use commercial codonopsis capsules or tablets,follow the package instructions.Commercially prepared tincture and liquids are labeled with dosage information.

Safety and Toxicity:

Wild Pilose Asiabell Root Codonopsis Pilosula Franch Nannf DangCen In BundleThe herb Dang Shen or Pilose Asiabell Root is used in China as a recipe for long years,and it is safe enough for applications,but cautions should be paid for those conditon and cases which the herb not suggested.

The toxicity of Dang Shen is very low,administered Dang Shen Injection liquid administered to rat via sc(subcutaneous injection) 0.5g/each daily,continue 13 days,No toxic effects observed,injected to rabbit ip(intraperitoneal injection) 1g/each daily,continue 15 days,No toxic effects observed.


  • 1.DangShen:the Codonopsis Pilosula Root,Shang Dang Ginseng,a relative of Panax Ginseng,its ancient classic uses and new findings.
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