Lesser Galangal:the Root of Alpinia officinarum,a warm tonic and herb of PureYang,its botanical introduction,recorded uses from ancient herbalists and new applications.


Applications and Properties:


Lesser Galangal Root Alpinia officinarum Radix GalangaeTreat cold and cold induced disease.
Treat distending pain in the abdomen due to stomach-cold and stagnation of liver-qi.
Nitric oxide inhibitors.
Against the carcinogenic potential of overcooked, char-grilled foods.
Prevent heart disease and lipid peroxidation.
Prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen:aromatase inhibitor.
Immunostimulating activators.
Gastroprotective effects.
Blood circulation to remove stasis.
Magical Uses.


Lesser Galangal Root Alpinia officinarum Radix GalangaeGalangal improves the appetite and it stimulates the blood stream in the body and the brain. The herb improves health and vitality. It is also used as a sexual stimulant.

Dosage Suggsation from Pharmacopia:the CP(Chinese Pharmacopia) noted the herb Galangal root nature spicy and hot,enter into the spleen and stomach meridians.Main functions warming stomach for dispelling cold,help digestion and relieve pains,indicated for cold pain in the stomach duct and abdomen,stomach cold vomiting,belching and acid swallowing,suggested dosage 3 to 6 grams daily,and storage at cool dry place.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute Toxicity:LD.Lethal dose.Oral.Rodent-mouse.>1500 mg/kg.Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value.

Health risks or side effects following the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages are not reported.Larger doses can lead to mild visual hallucinations.


  • 1.Lesser Galangal:the Root of Alpinia officinarum,a warm tonic and herb of PureYang,its botanical introduction,recorded uses from ancient herbalists and new applications.
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  • Other Names:Alpinia Officinarum Extract.Languas Officinarum,Rhizoma Galangae,Arabic Khalanjan Ginger,Chinese Ko-liang-kiang,Gargaut,Languas officinarum,Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum,Galanga de la Chine,Galanga vrai,Petit galanga,sa leung geung,sha geung fun,kunchor, zedoary,ingurupiayati,krachai,East India Catarrh Root,Rhizoma Galangae,Kaempferia Galanga,Siamese Ginger.

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