Galangal and Cyperus Formula:Liang Fu Wan and Treatment of cold-type pain.Galangal Notes From Ancient Herbal Classics


Galangal and Cyperus Formula:Liang Fu Wan and Treatment of cold-type pain.

Lesser Galangal Root Alpinia officinarum Radix Galangae  This highly aromatic formula is comprised of equal amounts of galangal and cyperus; the former is first washed with wine, and the latter with vinegar, then both are dried by baking and ground to powder, then formed into pills with ginger juice or water. It is taken in the amount of 6 grams each time. This is a warming preparation used for cold-type pain. The formula is simply named for its two ingredients.

 Galangal (gaoliangjiang) is in the ginger family, a species of Alpinia, which has a large concentration of oils and resins that have some analgesic qualities as also found in ginger and cardamom. It is described as an herb for warming the interior. All of the herbs used for warming the interior, including aconite, dry ginger, cinnamon bark, evodia, zanthoxylum, long pepper, clove, and fennel, are considered analgesic. A cold syndrome usually involves pain; according to the text New Practical Syndrome Differentiation of TCM, exterior cold is usually manifest as severe general aching and headache, while internal cold is usually manifest as abdominal pain. Cyperus (xiangfu) is a highly aromatic qi regulating herb; according to Yang Yifan:

 Lesser Galangal Root Alpinia officinarum Radix GalangaeCyperus is so effective for regulating qi, it is regarded in TCM as the chief of all the herbs that regulate the qi....It is the most commonly used herb to promote the liver-qi movement. Since it is gentle and effective, it can be applied for treating both excess and deficiency syndromes that are associated with the liver qi stagnation....

 The aromatic components are volatile oils (mainly cyperone, cyperol, and cyperene) that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. This formula is mainly used for abdominal pain that responds favorably to warmth (a typical treatment is to apply a heating pad or hot water bottle to the painful area). Yan Wu suggests an extended prescription for acute and sudden abdominal pain that can be decreased by application of heat, namely combining two cyperus-based formulas, Liang Fu Wan and Zhengqi Tianxiang San (Lindera and Cyperus Formula); the latter includes lindera, dried ginger, perilla leaf, and citrus. Like Liang Fu Wan, Zhengqi Tianxiang San is also an interior warming combination that is very fragrant (tianxiang means heavenly fragrance).


  • 1.Lesser Galangal:the Root of Alpinia officinarum,a warm tonic and herb of PureYang,its botanical introduction,recorded uses from ancient herbalists and new applications.

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