Gentian root:the root of Gentiana Lutea,a Pure-Yin herb purging intense heat,its botanical introduction,records in ancient classics,therapeutics and pharmacology.


Applications and Properties:


Gentiana Lutea Chinese Gentian Gentian HerbAnti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.
Anti-pathogenic effects.
Assimilation of fats.
Cholagogic effects.
Cooling the system.
Digestive aids and Chronic disease.
Effect on the central nervous system.
Effect on the activity of steroid 4-reductase.
Inhibitory effect on reductase of crystal aldose.
Liver Protection.
Stomach-strengthening effect.
The PDR 4th suggested the herb approved use for "Dyspeptic complaints,Loss of appetite,Flatulence,the drug is used as a tonic and in teas to stimulate bile secretion and alleviate loss of appetite,fullness,and flatulence.Homeopathic uses:yellow gentian is used in homeopathy for digestive disorders."


Gentiana Lutea Chinese Gentian Gentian HerbAction of bitter principles-There are 4 main taste receptors on the tongue -sweet, sour, salt, and bitter. It has been shown that the bitter principles in gentian stimulate the bitter taste receptors on the tongue, causing an increase in the production of saliva and gastric secretions. This in turn stimulates the appetite and improves the action of the digestive system in general.

The Chinese herbal classics Quan Guo Zhong Cao Yao Hui Bian(Collection of Chinese Herbal Medicines) noted the herb Gentian nature and taste bitter cold,enter into the liver and gallbladder meridians,functions clear heat and dry dampness,Purging the liver and gallbladder fire,mainly indicated for problems including jaundice with damp-heat pathogen,swelling of vulva(genital swelling) and pruritus vulvae(pudendal itch),morbid leukorrhea(gynaecological diseases,vaginal discharge,bysubzonal,Leukorrhea),persistent erection,Eczema itching,hot eyes(bloodshot eyes,red eyes,redness of the eyes),epicophosis(deafness,deaf,hearing loss),hypochondriac pain,bitter taste(bitterness in the mouth),convulsion.And suggested dosage 3~6grams,store at a dry place.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute toxicity:Gentianine.LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent kill.Rodent-mice.Endogastric perfusion.460mg/kg

No reports of serious adverse reactions to gentian have been handed down through centuries of use.In terms of scientific analysis,however,relatively little is known about the herb.


  • 1.Gentian root:the root of Gentiana Lutea,a Pure-Yin herb purging intense heat,its botanical introduction,records in ancient classics,therapeutics and pharmacology.
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Gentiana Lutea Extract is an extract of the rhizomes and roots of the gentian,Gentiana lutea,Gentianaceae.
  • Other Names:Radix Gentianae Extract.Gentian,Gentian root,Gentiana Lutea,Chinese Gentian,Gentiana manshurica Kitag.,Gentiana scabra Bge.,Gentiana triflora Pall.,Gentiana rigescens Franch.,Gentiana acaulis,Long Dan Cao,Bitter root,Bitterwort,Gall Weed,Gentiana,Gentianae radix,Pale Gentian,Sampson's Snakeroot,Stemless Gentian,Yellow Gentian,Wild Gentian.

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