Property and Applications of Licorice Flavonoid and Estrogen.


Property and Applications of Licorice flavonoid.

Licorice Root Liquiritia officinalis Glycyrrhiza glabra Licorice root is one of the most widely used natural products in the world, being safely used for thousands of years both in the East and West. Derived from Glycyrrhiza spp., especially G. glabra and G. uralensis (Family Leguminosae), it is now used extensively as a flavoring agent in processed foods and to mask unpleasant tastes of prepared medicines. In traditional Chinese usage, licorice is especially versatile; there, its uses are in four major areas: (1) to rid the body of toxins; (2) to complement other herbs in herbal formulas; (3) to treat ulcers; and (4) as expectorant, antitussive, mild laxative and in anti-aging.

 Glycyrrhizin toxic side effects and deglycyrrhizinated licorice extracts:

 Until recently, the intensely sweet glycyrrhizin was generally recognized as the major active ingredient of licorice root. Although glycyrrhizin does indeed show many of the effects of licorice (including anti-ulcer, detoxicant, anti-allergic, etc.), it is also responsible for the major toxic side effects of licorice, such as sodium retention and potassium excretion, causing edema and hypokalemia. Fortunately, we have now discovered that glycyrrhizin is not the only major active principle of licorice. The flavonoids also play a major role and without the toxic side effects of glycyrrhizin. In fact, a number of flavonoid and deglycyrrhizinated licorice extracts have entered the market during the past twenty years for use in ulcer treatment. But these extracts still contain significant amounts of glycyrrhizin and their flavonoid contents are not in high concentrations.

 Unique Properties of Licorice Flavonoids.:

 Bioflavonoids have been shown in recent years to have a wide range of biological activities, including cardiovascular, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antiallergic, detoxicant and antimicrobial, etc. Depending on their sources, these effects vary in kind and intensity. Licorice flavonoids are among the strongest (if not the strongest) antioxidant and anti-ulcer substances so far discovered.

 Anti-ulcer Effects:

 Chinese and Japanese scientists have known the anti-ulcer, detoxifying and antioxidant activities of licorice flavonoids for at least two decades. The anti-ulcer effects have been confirmed in humans and products containing licorice flavonoids are now being marketed in China for treating ulcers. Their effects are reported to be at least equal to those of Ranitidine, but without the toxic side effects of the latter.

 Antioxidant Effects:

 Although flavonoids from various sources have been shown to have antioxidant properties, evidence of strong antioxidant effects of licorice flavonoids was only recently reported.4 Using various test methods, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing and the Inner Mongolian Medical College in Huhehot found licorice flavonoids to have exceptionally strong antioxidant effects that were over 100 times stronger than that of vitamin E. Thus, in the xanthine/xanthine oxidase system for testing oxygen free radical scavenging effects using the electron spin resonance technique, a dose of 2.58 mg/ml of licorice flavonoids was found to scavenge more free radicals than 258 mg/ml of vitamin E (20.6% vs. 11.2%). Based on this report, flavonoids from licorice are currently the strongest natural antioxidants known.

 Toxicity:Licorice flavonoids have very low toxicity. This is not surprising because they are derived from a widely used herb whose only toxicity seems to be due to glycyrrhizin. Acute toxicity (LD50) of licorice flavonoids in mice is 845 mg/kg i.p. Chronic toxicity studies in dogs showed them to be devoid of any toxic effects on the heart, liver, kidney and other organs. They also did not cause any change in the levels of serum electrolytes (K+, Na+, and Cl-) as does glycyrrhizin.

 Suggested Uses:In drinks, juices, capsules, tablets and other formulations; also in skin care cosmetics (lotions, creams, etc).Use Levels: 20-100 mg/day for oral products and 0.01%-0.2% in cosmetics.

Estrogen of Licorice and Apply.

Licorice Root Liquiritia officinalis Glycyrrhiza glabra Estrogen:Estrogen is the female hormone majorly affect the shapeliness of the breasts and bodies of women around the age of 20.Estrogen is an essential hormone for women in maintaining their beauty and youthful characteristics such as elastic breasts, soft body, clear skin and glossy hair.

 Phyto Estrogen can be applied by absorbed into the skin or taken orally, breast cells awake and they start to work actively. In the case of more sensitive women, they will experience the effects of the Phytonia and feel the lumps,in their breasts starting within 7-10 days from the first application.

 Plant Estrogen:Licorice Root and more

 It is a medicinal substance whose efficiency is so remarkable that it is prescribed in virtually every Oriental medicine.Licorice acid, which is the principal effective ingredient, possesses the ability to greatly promote the release of hormones and aid the physiological processes. The effects of the licorice acid resembles that of the harmless, natural steroid. It preserves skin elasticity and possesses anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as the function of activating Estrogen.
 Main Functions:efficient accelerator of the firming process, activation of the Phyto Estrogen,calming the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.

 Polygonaceous Plant:Polygonaceous plant extract has been the most powerful known ingredient (Phyto-Estrogen) taken from natural vegetable estrogen until now. The more powerful one is Resveratrol, a vegetable female hormone of high-purity extracted from Ploygonaceous plant by the unrivaled technology.

 Resveratrol:as an essential ingredient of Phytrogen, effectively eliminates the activation of oxygen generated by ultraviolet rays, various pollutants, food ingestion, and aging. Moreover, it has effects of whitening and anti-inflammation on the skin.
 Main Functions:Resveratrol show Phyto Estrogen efficiency, its function as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory element, and the prevention and treatment of cancer

 Cimicifugae rhizoma:Cimicifugae Rhizoma Extract is the second most strong natural vegetable Estrogen after the Polygonaceous Plant extract.Formononetin, is a vegetable female hormone of high-purity extracted from Cimicifugae Rhizoma.It contains Acetine, cimicifugoside, Triterpene Glycoside and Formononetin, a type of Isoflavone; it restrains the sudden decline of Estrogen during menopause and keeps the hormone level balanced, so it is used for curing the undesirable effects of the menopause in our country as well as in Europe.
 Main Functions:Cimicifugae rhizoma show Phyto Estrogen efficiency, treatment for hormonal imbalance, prevention of Osteoporosis/menstrual pains/headache/depression.

 Black Pomegranate:The mucous membrane covering the seed is abundant in vegetable female hormones such as Isoflavone, Estrone, and Estradiol.It contains ample amounts of other similar substances including various minerals and vitamins. Persia black Pomegranates contain more Phyto Estrogen than regular Pomegranates.
 Main Functions:The effects of the Phyto Estrogen, improvement of skin tone, amelioration of burns and eczema.

 Red Clover:Red Clover is native to Southwestern Asia, the southern region of Caspean sea, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Since its discovery about 200 years ago, it has become widely known.In Korea, it has been cultivated since the beginning of 20th century, and it contains abundant amounts of Phyto Estrogen such as Genistein and Formononetin.The Red Clover possesses the efficient effects characteristic of Estrogen, as well as various kinds of Isoflavone that are not found in beans. Therefore, its use complements and increases the synergy effect.
 Main Functions:The effects of the Phyto Estrogen, cancer-inhibiting /cancer prevention function, and skin recovery from spots and blemishes.

 Beans:Contains a large amount of Isoflavone.Possesses the effects of Genistein Phyto Estrogen, as well as an excellent cancer-fighting and cancer prevention function.It is a well-known natural Estrogen and the component that normalizes the imbalance of Estrogen levels. Isoflavone, when combined with sugar molecules, is not easily absorbed by the skin. technology need to be processed to eliminates the sugar element from Isoflavone and refines it into Genistein, an Estrogen with high-purity level, from which the high-purity vegetable female hormone for cosmetics is extracted.
 Main Functions:The effects of the Phyto Estrogen, the remedy of controlling and substituting female hormones,cancer-inhibiting/cancer prevention function.

 Pueraria:Beans and Plants that grow wild only in Thailand.It contains Isoflavone, Puerarin, and its derivatives that are the kinds of vegetable Estrogen such as the Isoflavone found in beans.In its natural state, it has a low rate of penetration into the skin; thus, the use of the technology to eliminate the sugar and to refine it into Genistein is needed. Miroesrol and Deoxymiroesro are Phyto Estrogens possessed only by this plant; they increase the effects of rising synergy by working in cooperation with other Phyto Estrogens.
 Main Functions:The effects of the Phyto Estrogen, improvement of skin elasticity

 Arrowroot:It has long been used in oriental medicines. It contains a large amount of Isoflavone; the amounts of Didzein and Daidzin are especially prominent.The content ratio of Phyto Estrogen, including Puerarin, ranges between 2% to 12%, Moreover,it contains large amounts of essential minerals.
 Main Functions:The efficiency of the Phyto Estrogen, operate as an anti-oxidant

 Angelica Gigas:It is known as Ginseng for women.It contains various kinds of Phyto Estrogen such as Decursin, Decurisinol, nodakenin, and Limonene.Has the characteristic effects of typical female hormones, fights bacteria, and can be used to heal the undesirable conditions of menopause.
 Main Functions:The effects of the Phyto Estrogen, treatment for hormonal imbalance, anti-bacterial function.

 Horsetail:Horsetail is a vegetable cholesterol which has the ability to strengthen the muscular system. It contains substances that activate physiological processes, namely, Sterol, Isofucosterol, Campesterol, and Equistonin Saponin.Effects : Revitalization and activation of breast cells, strengthening of the skin elasticity.
 Main Functions:firming effect , revitalization of the breast structure, strengthening of the skin elasticity.

 Kigelia:It contains a substance similar to steroid, called Steroidic Saponoside, which is an ingredient that greatly facilitates physiological processes. Kigelia also contains an ample amount of Estrogen derivatives.Effects: maintaining the elasticity of the skin cell structure, preventing the breast structure from sagging. Supporting the function of the Phyto Estrogen.
 Main Functions:firming effect, maintaining the elasticity of breast structure, activation of the Phyto Estrogen

 Wild Hemp:Wild Hemp contains a plentiful amount of a substance that is similar to the hormones found in humans; it has the capacity to activate the physiological processes. It also contains a large amount of Progestrone-like precursor, and this phytochemical has been proven to be a particularly effective agent in activating the Estrogen.
 Main Functions:accelerating the firming process, promotion of skin elasticity, Estrogen activation, promotion of a balanced level of hormones.

 Shiitake mushroom:It contains a large amount of Polysaccharide Letinan (?-Glucan), which is a component in the structure of the cell wall. Letinan in Shiitake-mushroom strengthens the T-Lynphocyte of the human body and enables the body to develop cancer-fighting substances. It elevates the regeneration rate of the anticancer drug in human body and thus improves the body's ability to protect and fight various diseases. It also aids the activities of skin cells and strengthens the reproduced cells.
 Main Functions:Strengthened immune system, cancer-inhibition/ cancer prevention effects,anti-allergy effect, prevention of the aging process.

 Broccoli:It contains ample amounts of Gluco Naphanin and Sulforaphane, as well as Selenium, minerals, and vitamins. This vegetable has proven to be effective in the prevention of cancer; it possesses a powerful anti-oxidant ingredient.
 Main Functions:Strengthened immune system, cancer-inhibition/ cancer prevention effects,deceleration of the aging process.

 Aloe:It contains Polysaccharide and Glycoprotein; these substances operate in rebuilding wounded skin,whitening the skin, fighting the bacteria, inhibiting cancer, and regulating the human body's immune system.
 Main Functions:increased immunity, calming the skin, prevention of the skin aging process.

 Vegetable Protein:It contains a natural vegetable protein abstracted from wheat and bean
 Main Functionsused as a source of energy necessary to carry out the Phyto Estrogen activities.
 Also provides an essential amino acid, it is able to soak into the skin by transforming the non-suction collagen into hydrolyzed collagen.
 Main Functions:an ingredient necessary for the bio-composition of skin collagen, a substance dependent on the activation of Phyto Estrogen.
 Effects of elasticity and enlargement:The highly concentrated vegetable ingredient promotes the bio-composition of collagen, protein,and fat. In particular, components such as vegetable collagen, protein, and many kinds of vitamins and leavening ingredients that play a role in firming the breasts and in increasing the elasticity.

 Leaven Extract:It contains NADPH of the leaven extract.
 Main Functions:promoting the bio-composition of skin collagen, a substance dependent on the activation of Phyto Estrogen.

 Vitamin A:Restrains the aging caused by ultraviolet rays, revitalizes the skin, and promotes the diminishing of wrinkles in collaboration with collagen.
 Main Functions:acceleration of collagen bio-composition, deceleration of the aging process

 Vitamin C:It is the essential element for the bio-composition of collagen and for the composition of nerves. It also plays an important role in regulating the immune system, slowing down the aging process,and preventing inflammations.
 Main Functions:promotion of collagen bio-composition, prevention of the aging process

 Vitamin E:As a powerful anti-oxidant substance, it eliminates the oxidant materials in the cell wall. It is effective as an anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant substance; it also strengthens the outermost stratum of the skin by providing moisture.
 Main Functions:supplies moisture, strengthens the body's anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant functions

 Vitamin B5:It makes the skin smooth and well-moisturized.* main function : supplies moisture and strengthens the anti-oxidant functions

 Recitine:A natural moisture-supplying substance; possesses the function of natural emulsifiers

 Bisabolol:The substance that will transform the skin into an excellent condition. Also used for calming the skin.


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