Indigowoad Leaf.Isatis Leaf.Isatis Leaf Extract.


Applications and Properties:


Folium Isatidis Isatis indigotica FortProperty:Bitter in flavour very cold in pro- perty, acting on the heart, lung and stomach channels.
Effects:Clear- ing away heat,de- toxicating,removing pathogenic heat form the blood, and curing skin erupions.
Epidemic febrile diseases.
Erysipelas,canker sores,and swollen and sore throat due to exu- berant toxic heat in the blood.


Chinese herb considered antibacterial, antivirial, and anti-inflammatory. Leaves and roots are effective againist flu, encephalitis, measles, hepatitis, and mumps.

Dosage and administration: 0- 15g,decocted in water for an oral dose.

Safety and Toxicity:

No data available.


  • 1.Indigowoad Leaf.Isatis Leaf.Isatis Leaf Extract.
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