Phytochemicals and Constituents of Plantain.


Phytochemicals and Constituents of Plantain.

Plantain Seed Extract INCI Name Plantago Ovata Seed Extract EINECS ELINCS No 290-178-8 CAS 90082-86-3 Common plantain contains iridoids (such as aucubin, also found in Euphrasia species), flavonoids (including apigenin), tannins, plant acids, and mucilage.

 Aucubin increases uric acid excretion by the kidneys; apigenin is anti-inflammatory.

 Major Content:plantaginin,(C21H20O11);aucubin,(C15H22O9);.

 Other Content:plantamajoside;plantainoside A;plantainoside B;plantainoside C;plantainoside D;plantainoside E;plantainoside F;

 aceteoside;isoacteoside; desrhamnosyl acteoside; leucos-ceptoside; martynoside; isomartynoside;plantamajoside;calceorioside B;

 3,4-dihydroxyyau-cubin; 6'-O-Beta-glucosyl-aucubin;apigenin; homoplantaginin; luteolol-7-O-Beta-D-glucoside;Beta-sitosterol;

 Beta-sitosteryl palmi-tate; stigmasterol; stigmasteryl palmitate; n-hentriacontane;ursolic acid;

 Plantago-mucilage A; Vitamin B1; succinic acid; adenine; choline; palmitic acid;stearic acid;arachidic acid; oleic acid; linoleic acid; linolenic acid;

 Planta-san; Beta-sitosteryl-3-O-Beta-D-glucopyranoside; planta-goside;

 Volatile Oil contains:carvacrol; 1-oelen-3-ol; linalool; geranyl acetate;alpha-Pinene; camphene; limonene;n-hexanol;

 3-Hexen-1-ol; camphor; 1-terpinene-4-ol; Beta-caryphyllene;Alfa-terpinyl acetate; nerolide; guaiacol; cresol.

 Plantain Seed Extract INCI Name Plantago Ovata Seed Extract EINECS ELINCS No 290-178-8 CAS 90082-86-3

 Phytochemicals and Proposed Mechanism of Action:

 The major constituents in plantain are mucilage, iridoid glycosides (particularly aucubin), and tannins. Together these constituents are thought to give plantain mild anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antihemorrhagic, and expectorant actions.Plantain is approved by the German Commission E for internal use to ease coughs and mucous membrane irritation associated with upper respiratory tract infections as well as topical use for skin inflammations.Two Bulgarian clinical trials have suggested that plantain may be effective in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.Insufficient details were provided in these reports to determine the quality of the trials or their findings. Although plantain was thought to possess diuretic properties, one double-blind trial failed to show any diuretic effect for this plant.A preliminary trial found that topical use of a plantain ointment (10% ground plantain in a base of petroleum jelly) was helpful as part of the treatment of people with impetigo and ecthyma, two inflammatory skin disorders. Insufficient details were provided in this report, however, to determine the quality of the study or its findings.

 Following ingestion of psyllium, very little is digested in the small intestine. The psyllium polysaccharides are resistant to hydrolysis by the digestive enzymes. Some fermentation of the psyllium polysaccharides takes place in the large intestine via the action of colonic bacteria. The products of fermentation include the short-chain fatty acids acetate, propionate and butyrate, as well as hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The short-chain fatty acids that escape colonic metabolism are transported via the portal circulation to the liver, where they undergo metabolism.


  • 1.Plantago asiatica,the Plantain Herb and Plantain Seed,a traditional herb for diuresis promoting and stranguria ,its introductions and applications.

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  • Name:Plantain Seed Extract
  • Serie No:R020.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-178-8
  • CAS:90082-86-3
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Plantago Ovata Seed Extract is an extract of the seeds of the plantain,Plantago ovata,Plantaginaceae
  • Other Names:Semen Plantaginis Extract.Plantago Asiatice,Plantago depressa willd,Ribwort,Snakeweed,Broadleaf-,Thickleaf-,broad-,round-leaved plantain,Semen plantaginis,psyllium seed,Plantago Ovata Seed,Plantain herb,Che Qian Zi,Che Qian Cao,Arnoglossa,Bazir Dam Bil,Broadleaf Plantain,Buyuk Sinirliot,Daum Sejumbok,Ekur Anjin,Gechi Qulaghi,Grote Weegbree,Lisan Al Hamal,Llanten Mayor,Meloh Kiloh,Oba-Ko,Otot Ototan,Sangka Buwah,Sangkubah,Sangkuwah,Sei Ohr Re,Sembung Otot,Suri Pandak,Tarkuz,Wegerlich.

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Plantain Seed Extract INCI Name Plantago Ovata Seed Extract EINECS ELINCS No 290-178-8 CAS 90082-86-3

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