Plantain Seed Extract.(Semen Plantaginis,Plantago Asiatice,Plantago Ovata Seed,CAS Rn.:90082-86-3).

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Plantain Seed Extract
  • Plantain Seed Extract
  • Plantain Seed Extract
  • Plantain Seed Extract
  • Plantain Seed Extract
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Basic Features
 PlantainSeedExtract Title Icon
  • Name:Plantain Seed Extract
  • SN(Serial No.):R020.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EC No.:290-178-8
  • CAS:90082-86-3
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Plantago Ovata Seed Extract is an extract of the seeds of the plantain,Plantago ovata,Plantaginaceae
  • Other Names:Semen Plantaginis,Plantago Asiatice,Psyllium,Plantain herb,Che Qian Zi.

 Standard Specifications:

Standard and Specifications
Test/Observation Specifications/Result
Details:Click to View Details
Name:Plantain Seed Extract.
Serial Number:R020.
Part Used:Seed of Plantago ovata or Plantago asiatica L.
EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-178-8
Chem/IUPAC Name:Plantago Ovata Seed Extract is an extract of the seeds of the plantain, Plantago ovata, Plantaginaceae
Shelf Life:24months+ at proper storage conditons.
Appearance:Grey Brownish Fine Powder.
Mesh Size:100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
Color:Grey Brownish.
Odor and Smell:Characteristic.
Taste Sense:Characteristic,Salty Puckery Slight Bitter..
Bulk Density:0.48~0.60g/ml
Loss On Drying:<5.0%.
Acid-Insoluble Ash:<5.0%.
Total Heavy Metals:< 10ppm.
Total Plate Count:≤ 3,000~5,000 Cfu/gm or ≤1,000 Cfu/gm
Mould and Yeast:≤ 300~500 Cfu/gm or ≤100 Cfu/gm

 Supplying Conditions:

Supplying Conditions
Supplying Conditions Details
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Physical State:Fine powder
Availability:√ In StockIn Stock
Shelf-Life:24~36+ Months(2~3 Years) at proper storage conditons.
Storage Conditions:Store at cool dry place,away from strong light and heat.light heat avoid

 Packaging Conditions:

Packaging Conditions
Packaging ConditionsDetails
Details:Expand For More
Packing Method:Airtight packaging, suitable for long distance airway or other types international transportation.airtight
Unit Packing Weight:1.0kgs~10.0kgs(2.2~22.0lbs) / bag; or
20.0~25.0kgs(44.0~55.0lbs) / bag
Packaging Details:More information on packing specifications and packaging details.

 Product Batches Display:

Batch Sample Online Showcase
Plantain Seed Extract Plantain Seed Extract.10:1(Lot-140225)
Plantain Seed Extract Plantain Seed Extract.10:1(Lot-140225)
Batch Sample Online Showcase
Plantain Seed Extract Plantain Seed Extract.10:1(Lot-140225)
Plantain Seed Extract.Unit Packaging Plantain Seed Extract.Unit Packaging

 Product Introductions:

  Herb  Brief Introduction:The product Plantain Seed Extract or Plantain Herb Extract is made from the seed or whole herb of the Plantago asiatica L. or Plantago depressa willd.,which is a plant of the Plantaginaceae(plantain family) family.Its specification available at concentration ratio 10:1grade with strong potency.The manufacturing of the products followed standard flow chart and in brief as:
 Raw Herb Material-->Select&Wash-->Stoving-->Smashing-->Extract&Reflow-->Concentration-->Double Evaporation-->Drying-->Seving-->Mixing-->Packing-->Product

 It has very good fine fluidity and very nice solubility in cold and hot water,alcohol,or solution of water alcohol,and some other inorganic or organic solutions.

 The product Plantain Seed Extract or Plantain Herb Extract has wide applications and may be used in different fields including herbal teas,drinks,supplements and cosmetics etc,there is some introduction of its brief application guide both traditional and modern.

  Plantain Seed Tea  Traditional Applications 1:Plantain Seed Tea:The Plantain Seed Tea is prepared of raw materials Plantain Seed 5 to 10grams,proper amount water.

 Prepare Steps:wash clean the Plantain Seed,put them into a tea pot or porcelain pot,add 800ml water,heat with big fire and turn to slow fire till boiling,boil another 20 to 30 minutes,the Plantain Seed Tea is ready.

 Enjoy the Plantain Seed Tea once daily,it functions:expelling phlegm and stop cough,antidiarrheic,excreting dampness,clear heat and diuretic alleviate water retention,treating stranguria,removing liver-fire and improving eyesight,allay inflammation and detoxify,lower blood pressure,lower blood cholesterol,helpful for dysuria or difficulty in urination,stranguria with turbid discharge,morbid leukorrhea(gynaecological diseases),edema and swelling,summer heat dampness and dysentery,red eye hot eyes,aurigo,constipation,expelling phlegm and stop cough.

 Attention should be paid that the herb Plantain seed nature cold and better avoid it in cases internal injury and consumptive disease,Yang deficiency,kidney deficiency and spermatorrhea,without symptoms of heat and dampness,better avoid it of deficiency cold of kidney.

  Plantain Seed Porridge  Dietary Applications 1:Plantain Seed Porridge:The Plantain Seed Porridge is prepared of Plantain Seed 50grams,polished round-grained rice 50grams.

 Prepare Steps:seal the plantain seed in a gauze bag,add water and boil for 30 minutes,take out the bag,add polished round-grained rice into the liquid,heat with big fire till boiling,turn to slow fire and boil porridge till cooked,add proper amount sugar the Plantain Seed Porridge is prepared.

 Enjoy the Plantain Seed Porridge regularly,it help clearing away heat and promoting diuresis,improving eyesight,good and helpful for heat dampness and stranguria with turbid discharge,dysuria and difficulty in urination,red eyes and painful swollen,summer heat dampness and diarrhea.

  Plantain Herb and Seed  Dietary Applications 2:Plantain Seed and Wild Yam Porridge:The Plantain Seed and Wild Yam Porridge is prepared of raw dry Wild Yam 30grams(grained into crude powder),Plantain Seed 10grams,polished round-grained rice 50grams.

 Prepare Steps:put the Plantain seed into a gauze bag,add water and boil 30 minutes,take out the bag and add polished round-grained rice to boil porridge,add wild yam powder once boiled,heat and let boil till concentrated and cooked,the Plantain Seed and Wild Yam Porridge is prepared.

 Wild YamEnjoy the Plantain Seed and Wild Yam Porridge with meals,take continuously,the porridge functions prompt diuresis,and relieve constipation,helpfurl for those with problems long period shapeless stool,constipation and difficulty urination.

  Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb  Dietary Applications 3:Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb:The Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb is a herbal tonic diet suggested at autumn,it need raw material Plantain Herb 20 grams,Hawthorn Tree Root 50 grams,Tofu(beancurd) 150 grams,scallion segments,ginger slices,garlic bulb slices,salt,thick soup proper amount.

 Prepare method and steps:

 Plantain Herb1.Wash clean the herbs Plantain Herb,Hawthorn Tree Root,chop into segments,seal into a cloth sack;Cut Tofu(beancurd) into cubes.

 2.Prepare an earthenware pot,add the herb cloth sack,add water proper volume,heat and let boiling 30 minutes,remove the herb cloth sack,filtrate the herbal liquid;Add Tofu into the herbal liquid,add salt,ginger slices,scallion segments,garlic bulb slices,add thick soup 500 ml,heat with big fire till boiling,turn to slow fire and let stewing 25 minutes,stop heat,the Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb is prepared.

 Hawthorn Tree RootEnjoy the Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb,as a herbal tonic diet,once daily.It functions anti-bacteria,disperse swelling(antioncotic,detumescent).It suitable for those who suffering with health problems dental ulcer(oral cavity ulcer,canker sore,Oral Ulcer),etc.

 Tofu beancurdThe Stewed Tofu with Plantain Herb is a kind of herbal tonic diet which anti-bacteria,disperse swelling(antioncotic,detumescent).The tonic diet better enjoy at autumn days around solar term "Bai Lu,the White Dew",at early September,around September 7th,the sun move to celestial longitude 165 degree.At this season,temperature keep lowering,climate turned dry and dry.Folks easily troubled with Oral Ulcer,it is syndrome representation from the autumn exogeneous cold and dryness with endogenous dampness and heat which attack the oral area.The Oral Ulcer also named ulcerative stomatitis,normally referred to as canker(aphtha),it is a kind of superficial ulcer,caused by Streptococcus,Staphylococcus aureus,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Escherichia coli.The Oral Ulcer normally shape round or egg with diameter size like a rice to soybean,hollow at the surface,surrounding tissue congested,intake stimulant food may lead to pain,self-healing in 1 to 2 weeks.The Oral Ulcer recurrent attacks periodically,some cases attacks several times in a year,some case attacks several times in a month,even old and new pathological changes happened alternatively.Enjoy TCM Herbal Tonic Diet will aid recovery with least sufferings.

  Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge  Dietary Applications 4:Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge:The Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge is a herbal tonic diet suggested at winter,it need raw material fresh Plantain Herb Leaf 30~60 grams,Fistular Onion Stalk 20 grams,rice 50~100 grams.

 Prepare method and steps:

 Plantain Herb Leaf1.Wash clean the Plantain Herb Leaf,cut into pieces;Wash clean the Fistular Onion Stalk,cut into segments;Wash clean rice.

 2.Prepare an earthenware pot,add water proper volume,add herbs Plantain Herb Leaf,Fistular Onion Stalk,heat with slow fire and let boiling half an hour,remove the residue and filtrate the liquid,add rice,heat and let boiling with the herbal liquid togethor,till porridge cooked,stop heat,the Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge is prepared.

 Fistular Onion StalkEnjoy the Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge,as a herbal tonic diet,twice to triple times daily,5 to 7 days as a course of treatment.It functions diuretic,eliminating phlegm,removing heat to brighten vision(clear heat and brighten the eyes).Suitable for those who suffering with health problems acute nephritis(croupous nephritis) with symptoms urinary stoppage,hematuresis(bloody urine),edema,etc.

 The Plantain Herb Leaf Porridge is a kind of herbal diet which functions diuretic,eliminating phlegm,removing heat to brighten vision(clear heat and brighten the eyes).The tonic diet better enjoy at winter days around solar term "Li Dong,the Beginning of Winter",at early November,around November 7th to 8th,the sun move to celestial longitude 225 degree.At this season,temperature keep lowering,as its name indicated,the Winter comes,in the TCM theory,the kidney is an organ of water,the nature of water is cold,coldness may easily hurt Yang,the kidney Yang is precious.In Winter the coldness became super and Yin Qi also extreme,those folks of Kidney Qi deficiency easily suffering with coldness and turned to Kidney Yang deficiency,result may troubled with various kinds of kidney disease,among which the acute nephritis(croupous nephritis) is commonly noticed.The Acute Nephritis is a kind of acute and diffuse inflammatory disease of glomerulus which directly caused by immunoreaction(immune reaction),and its pathogenic reasons also related with various kinds of virus infection.The clinical symptoms majorly known including edema(oedema,dropsy,general edema),oliguria(oliguresis,scant urine,make water little),hematuresis(cruenturesis,red water,blood urine hematuria,bloody urine),hypertension(high blood pressure).Most cases caused by streptococcal infection,this disease is observed most oftenly in cases of child(kids) aged 3 years to 8 years old,is a kind of common ailment(commonly encountered disease) of paediatrics.The natural healing rate of the Acute Nephritis is normally high and no special efficacious or patent medicine available,the treatment should follow principle to eliminate symptoms,protect and elevate the immunity and disease resistance,also suggest to help recover via herbal diet.

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