Cuscuta chinensis:Dodder Seed,a tonic herb for Yin nourish and collateral-dredging since ancient China,its introductions,ancient notes and various findings.


Applications and Properties:


Dodder Seed Cuscuta chinensis LamChronic Prostatitis.
Improve Sperm Abnormality.
Gynecological Effects.
Improve Chranic Bronchits.
Delay Cataract Formation.
Yang Strengthening Effects.
Gentle tonic for the kidney Yin and Yang.
Tonify liver and kidney,secure essence and reduce urination,
Prevent miscarriage or quiet the fetus,
Improving eyesight,
Remove freckle and spot external.


Failure in nourishing eyes and blurred vision due to yin-deficiency of the liver and kidney.
Habitual Constipation.
Protecting the liver.
Sexual function and on the reproductive system.
Other possible applications.

Indicated for deficiency of liver kidney,soreness and weakness of waist and knees,impotence and seminal emission,frequent micturition,vaginal bleeding due to deficiency of the kidney during pregnancy,threatened abortion,eyes faint tinnitus,Spleen and kidney diarrhea of deficiency type,externally used for treatment of leukodermia(white patch wind).
Suggested dosage 6~12 grams internal,externally proper amount.Store at dry and ventilated places place.

Safety and Toxicity:

Dodder Seed Cuscuta chinensis LamAcute toxicity: The LD50 of ethanol extracts of Semen Cuscutae injected intradermally (i.d.) into mice was found to be 2.465g/kg.

Precautions:No special precautions are necessary when cuscuta is used in the doses normally prescribed by herbalists.The PDR 4th noted "Health risks or side effects following the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages are not recorded.It is conceivable that the drug triggers intestinal colic in cases of overdosage."


  • 1.Cuscuta chinensis:Dodder Seed,a tonic herb for Yin nourish and collateral-dredging since ancient China,its introductions,ancient notes and various findings.
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