Application and Uses of Gymnema sylvestre and Gymnemic acid.


Applications and Properties:


Diabetes:best known for its apparent ability to lower blood sugar levels,help control both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Weight loss.
Clear heat and cool blood,
Expel pus and disperse swelling,
Relieve pains and grow muscles.


 Gymnema sylvestre CAS1399-64-0 Gymnema Acid CAS 90045-47-9 Mechanism Note:gymnemic acid mime glucose molecules, the glucose-like molecules in the gymnemic acid fill the receptor locations in the absorptive external layers of the intestine, thereby preventing the intestine from absorbing the sugar molecules. The direct evidence is that sugar tastes no longer sweet when taken with the Gymnema. Gymnema Sylvestre significantly reduces the metabolic effects of sugar by preventing the intestines from absorbing the sugar molecules during the process of digestion. Because there is a change in the absorption of sugar, there is a consequent change in the blood sugar level. Also, it has been shown in clinical trials to assist regeneration of the insulin-producing Beta Cells, thus reduces prescription insulin requirements for those diabetics who actively monitor blood sugar levels.

Safety and Toxicity:

 Safety: Will it harm you? what the studies say: On the basis of years of use in various countries with no reports of severe adverse reactions, it can be assumed that Gymnema is relatively harmless. But keep in mind that well-designed and long-term toxicity studies have not been done. Also, diabetes is a serious condition that requires the care of a qualified physician; people with diabetes should consult their doctor before taking this herb, and always mention it in case it affects the medicines they are presently taking or lowers their blood sugar levels.

 Toxicity: The acute LD 50 was 3990 mg/kg. The safety ratio (LD 50 /ED 50 ) was 11 and 16 in normal and diabetic rats, respectively.

No adverse reactions were reported in a long-term study of insulin-dependent diabetic patients.


  • 1.Application and Uses of Gymnema sylvestre and Gymnemic acid.

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  • Name:Gymnema sylvestre Extract
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  • Specifications:5:1.15:1 TLC.Gymnema Acid 7.5%25%50%W/W.
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  • CAS:1399-64-0.Gymnema Acid.90045-47-9
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:N/A
  • Other Names:Gymnema Sylvestre Roxb Extract.Gymnema Leaves Extract.Gurmar Extract.Gurmarbooti Extract.Meshashringi,Ram's Horn,Wu Xue Teng

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