Ginger,a traditional herb with hot nature for lung governs,its botanical introduction,uses and applications from ancient epoch till today,and stories.


Applications and Properties:


Ginger Root Zingiber OfficinalisCAS 84696-15-1Expelling and Driving.
Cold induced disease/Motion Sickness/Respiratory conditions.
Yang depletion syndromes.
Digestive problems.
Blood Tonic.
Pregnancy Related Nausea and Vomiting.
Liver-protective and cholagogic effects.
Enter into lung,spleen,stomach meridians.
Resolve the exterior and dissipate cold,
Warming middle energizer to arrest vomiting,
Preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing,
Resolves the toxin of fish and crabs.


Carminative and antiemetic.
Anti-oxidation effects.
Other possible properties.
Taste hot spicy,nature light warm.Enter into lung,spleen,stomach meridians.

Indicated internally for anemofrigid cold(wind-cold type of common cold),gastrofrigid vomiting(stomach cold vomiting),cold phlegm cough,poisoning from fish and crabs,Loss of appetite,Travel sickness,Dyspeptic complaints,digestive aid and to remedy stomach upset,gassy indigestion,bloating,and cramping,relieve headaches(including migraine),calm inflammation and rheumatic pains,treat kidney ailments,soothe sore throats,and ease other cold symptoms such as cough,cold and flu symptoms and digestive and menstrual irregularities,preventing liver damage and treating peptic ulcers,impotence,rheumatic disorders,and depression,prevent nausea due to seasickness,motion sickness,morning sickness,and gynecologic surgery. Externally applications traditionally been placed on minor burns and skin inflammations to soothe and heal them

Ginger Root Zingiber Officinalis CAS 84696-15-1Dosage Commonly Reported:3 to 10 grams of fresh ginger,or 2 to 4 grams of dried ginger,are taken daily;a nubbin of ginger may range from 5 to 10 grams.A one-inch-square piece of ginger candy is equivalent to about 500 milligrams ginger.To prevent motion sickness,1,000 milligrams in capsule form is taken thirty minutes before travel;one to two more 500-milligram capsules are then taken as needed.As a digestive aid,a decoction is made using 2 teaspoons powdered or grated root per cup of water,or three 533-milligram root capsules are taken three times a day.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute Toxicity of Gingerol: LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent death.Mice.IV injection.25.5mg/kg;LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent death.Mice.Abdominal Injection.581mg/kg;LD50.Lethal dose,50 percent death.Mice.Gastric Perfusion.250mg/kg.

Ginger Root Zingiber Officinalis CAS 84696-15-1The recent medical literature contains no reports of notable adverse reactions to medicinal amounts of ginger,and the spice has certainly been used worldwide for centuries to no apparent ill effect.The FDA includes ginger on its list of foods that are Generally Recognized As Safe(GRAS).Laboratory studies,however,indicate that consuming very large quantities could depress the central nervous system and cause abnormal heart rhythms.


  • 1.Ginger,a traditional herb with hot nature for lung governs,its botanical introduction,uses and applications from ancient epoch till today,and stories.

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  • Name:Ginger Extract
  • Serie No:R010.
  • Specifications:10:1,Gingerols 2.5%.5% HPLC
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:283-634-2
  • CAS:84696-15-1,Gingerols,1391-73-7.
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Zingiber Officinalis Extract is an extract of the roots of the ginger,Zingiber officinalis,Zingiberaceae
  • Other Names:Zingiber officinale ROSC.,Zingiber officinale (Willd.)Rosc,Rhizoma Zingiberis,African ginger,Black ginger,Canton ginger,Cochin ginger,Common ginger,Dried Ginger,Garden ginger,Gingembre,Imber,Jamaican ginger,race ginger,Sheng Jiang,Gan Jiang,Pao Jiang,Jiang.

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