Phytochemicals and Constituents of Cassia Twig Cinnamon


Phytochemicals and Constituents of Cassia Twig Cinnamon.

Cassia Twig Cinnamomum Cassia CAS 84961-46-6 EINECS 284-635-0 Cinnamon  Cinnamomum zeylanicum famous as name of 'Spice of spices'

 Around 200 species of cinnamon are found in the area covered by Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific Islands. In the tertiary period their distribution was much larger. Occasionally cinnamon flowers are seen in Baltic amber! Cinnamons are fragrant. Leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, wood and root always contain essential oil of various composition.

 Cinnamon as we know it is the dried bark from the Sri Lanka cinnamon bush, C. zeylanicum. The main component of cinnamon bark oil is the aromatic aldehyde 3-phenyl-2(E)-propenal, also called cinnamaldehyde (about 60 % of the essential oil). However, the oil from the leaves of the cinnamon bush has eugenol as the main component, the oil from the root has camphor as the main component, whereas the oil from the flowers has cinnamyl acetate as its main component.
 Coca-Cola's original flavour came from cinnamon,lime oil,cola nuts,etc.

Main Constituents of Cassia Twig Cinnamon.

 Cassia Twig Cinnamomum Cassia CAS 84961-46-6 EINECS 284-635-0 CinnamonCinnamic aldehyde,C9H8O,0.15%~0.70%;Cinnamic acid,C9H8O2.

 Similarly to Ceylon cinnamon,cassia contains max. 4% essential oil, 75 to 90% of which are composed by Cinnamic aldehyde. Eugenol is found only in traces, but small amounts of coumarin; therefore, analysis of eugenol and coumarin discriminates between Ceylon and Chinese cinnamon. Trace components of cassia oil are benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, salicylic acid and the corresponding esters and aldehyds. Cassia bark contains significantly more slime (11%) than Ceylon cinnamon bark.

 The leaf oil (0.3 to 0.8%) has a similar composition to the bark oil.The Cinnamon bark contains volatile oil 1.98%-2.06%,its main constituents are known as cinnamaldehyde(52.92%-61.20%),and cinnamyl acetate,ethylcinnamate,benzyl benzoate,benzaldehyde,coumarin,beta-cadinene,calamenene,beta-elemane,protocatechuic acid,transcinnamic acid,etc.

 Composition: Cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamic acid, cinnamyl acetate, Phenylpropyl acetate, and other essential oils.

 Other Phytochemicals:Beta-sitosterol;protocatechuic acid;3-(2-hydroxyphenyl) propanoic acid;3-(2-hydroxyphenyl) propanoic glucoside; leaves contains violatile oil 0.09%~0.46%, the oil majorly composed of alpha-pinene;benzaldehyde,1.14%;2-hydroxyphenylaldehyde,0.21%; acetophenone,0.04%; phenylethanol,0.41%; phenylpropanal,0.58%; 2-methylbenzofuran,0.23%; 2-methoxyphenylaldehyde,0.56%; phenylethyl-2 acettate,0.73%; coumarin,1.16%; cinnamyl acetate,6.55%; 2-methoxycinnamic aldehyde,1.52%; nerolidol,0.16%;etc.


  • 1.The Cinnamon Bark and Cassia Twig,two pure-Yang herbs from the Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum cassia,nature hot and taste warm sweet,their history and stories,spice and medicine uses since ancient epoch,and modern applications.

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  • Name:Cassia Twig Extract(Gui Zhi).Cinnamon Bark Extract(Rou Gui).
  • Serie No:R024.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:284-635-0
  • CAS:84961-46-6
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Cinnamomum Cassia Extract is an extract of the dried bark of the cinnamon,Cinnamomum cassia,Lauraceae
  • Other Names:Cinnamomum cassia Presl,Cinnamomum verum,C. zeylanicum,C. cassica,C. saigonicum,C. aromaticum,Cinnamomum Cassia Presl,Saigon cinnamon,Ramulus Cinnamomi,Cinnamomi cassiae cortex,Cinnamon twigs,Cassia twigs,Chinese cassia,Kassia,Bastard cinnamon,Casia,Chinese cinnamon,Casse,Canelle de Chine,Chinesischer Zimt,Kassie,Kasia,Kassia,Qasia,Qassia,Kassie,Bastaardkaneel,Valse kaneel,Canela de la China,Canela-da-china,Kineski cimet,Kinesisk Kanel,Hiina kaneelipuu,Talouskaneli,Kasszia,Cannella della Cina,Kasja,Cynamonowiec wonny,Korichnoje derevo,korica cassia,Kasija,Ob choey, Kaeng,Sa chouang,Sa chwang,Que thanh,Que don,Que quang,Darseen,Kerfee,Kuei,Gui Zhi,Gui Jian,Gui Xin,Gui Pi,Rou Gui,Rou Gui Pi,Yu Gui,Guan Gui.

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Cassia Twig Extract INCI Name Cinnamomum Cassia Extract CAS 84961-46-6 EINECS ELINCS No 284-635-0
Cinnamon Bark Extract

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