Oriental Waterplantain:the Alisma Rhizome or Ze Xie,a traditional herb taste sweet tasteless and nature cold,its botanical introduction,uses since ancient epoch and new findings.


Applications and Properties:


Oriental Waterplantain Alisma orientalisThe expressed juice, taken while fresh, was said to be good for strangury, and taken with sugar and honey to afford relief for dry coughs, shortness of breath and immoderate thirst, as well as for external application in inflammation and sores.
Anticholesterolemic,diuretic and hypotensive.
Boost Sex-Drive for Women.
Digestive disorders.
Diuretic effect.
Kidney stones.
Prompt diuresis,clear heat dampness,clearing damp and promoting diuresis,
Discharge heat and treating stranguria,


Cardiovascular system.Lowering blood fat and anti-atherosclerosis.
Enhancing immunity end anti-inflammation.
Lipotropic effect/fatty liver.Perfect weight loss.

The herb Alisma Rhizome taste sweet tasteless and nature cold,enter into kidney and gallbladder meridians.

Indicated for dysuria(difficulty in micturition),Edema and swelling,oliguria diarrhea,diarrhoea(loose bowels),phlegm and retained fluid,vertigo and dizziness,pyretic stranguria and astringent pain,hyperlipemia,nocturnal emission(spermatorrhea),disease of the bladder and urinary tract,etc.

Dosage:Suggested dosage internal as decoction 6~12 grams,or into pellets or powder.Cautions:kidney deficiency with seminal efflux without heat dampness should Not take it.

Safety and Toxicity:

Oriental Waterplantain Alisma orientalisSafety and Toxicity: LD50:0.78g/kg (mice/alcohol-based extract/IV);1.27g/kg (mice/alcohol-based extract/abdominal injection).
Precautions:It may lead to spermatorrhea if used in large dosage.Frequent administration of water plantain rhizome can blur the vision becuase by inducing diuresis,a state of deficiency of kidney-qi can be the result,which causes the vision to blur.


  • 1.Oriental Waterplantain:the Alisma Rhizome or Ze Xie,a traditional herb taste sweet tasteless and nature cold,its botanical introduction,uses since ancient epoch and new findings.
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  • Name:Oriental Water plantain Extract
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Alisma orientalis Extract is an extract of the rhizome of Alisma orientalis,Alismataceae.
  • Other Names:Alisma orientalis (Sam.) Juzep.,Alisma plantago-aquatica L. Var. Orientale Samuels,Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome,Rhizoma Alismatis,Mad-Dog Weed,Water Plantain,Ze-Xie,Plantain d'eau-FlĂ»teau(Fr),Gewhnlicher Froschlffel(Ger),Ratamosarpio(Fin),Waterweegbree(NL),Svalting,Kranssvalting,Vanlig Svalting (Swe),Zabieniec babka wodna(Pol),Vassgro (Nor),Vejbred-Skeblad (Dan),Chastukha Podorojnikovaya(Rus),Corr-chopag(Gaelic).

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