The Star Anise or Anise Seed,good remedy and useful seed step from ancient world.


Applications and Properties:


Star Anise Illicium verum Anise Seed Fructus Anisi StellatiColic,rheumatism and digestion.
Increasing libido.
Get rid of Oily skin.
Bird Flu.
Carminative, stimulant and stomachic.
Actions: Relaxing expectorant, spasmolytic, carminative, antiseptic, parasiticide, aromatic.
Warming yang for dispelling cold,warm the middle-Energizer,dispell cold,
Regulating qi-flowing for relieving pain,regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction,
Invigorating the stomach and controlling nausea and vomiting.
Regulating Qi(vital energy),relieve pain.
Spice and fragrance
Clearing respiratory tract congestion and cough,
Encouraging good digestion,
As licorice flavor agent,etc.


Star Anise Illicium verum Anise Seed Fructus Anisi StellatiThe herb Star Anise taste hot(pungent)sweet,and nature warm.Enter into liver,kidney,spleen,stomach meridians.

The herb Star Anise(Illicium verum) indicated in TCM for cold hernia abdominal pain,lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney(kidney deficiency low back pain),stomach cold vomiting(gastrofrigid vomiting),vomiting,cold pain in the stomach duct and abdomen,abdominal distension,abdominal pain(bellyache),hernia pain(colic),cold hernia abdominal pain,crymodynia of waist and knees,pain in the stomach duct and abdomen,cold-damp beriberi.Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 3~6 grams,or into pellet,powder.External proper amount as pounding powder apply.

The herb Anise(Pimpinella anisum) and Star Anise(Illicium verum) indicated at North America also for treating indigestion,gas,stomach cramps,infant colic,bad breath,nausea(including morning sickness),female hormonal agent,stimulate a mother's milk production,facilitate birth,increase libido,oil used externally for lice,scabies and inhalant for congestion,licorice flavor in many American candies and appears in numerous liqueurs,etc.Suggested Dosage as an expectorant and gastrointestinal spasmolytic,anise is often taken in doses of 3 grams.Do not take the essential oil internally except under professional supervision--it is usually used as an inhalant.A tea is made using 1 teaspoon crushed seeds per cup of water and is drunk up to three times per day.The tincture is taken in doses of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon up to three times per day.

The herb Star Anise(Illicium verum) indicated in Indian for dyspeptic complaints,flatulence,spasmodic colon pain,dysentery,facial paralysis,hemiparesis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The herb Anise(Pimpinella anisum) indicated at Europe for Common cold,Cough bronchitis,Fevers and colds,Inflammation of the mouth and pharynx,Dyspeptic complaints,Loss of appetite,and Homeopathic uses for shoulder pain and lumbago.And the herb Star Anise indicated for Loss of appetite,cough,bronchitis,catarrh of the respiratory tract and peptic discomfort.

Safety and Toxicity:

Side Effects:At certain doses-possibly even a few teaspoons-the oil can cause vomiting,seizures,and pulmonary edema.Do not swallow the essential oil directly.People sensitive to anethole may develop redness,scaling,blistering,or other signs of an allergic or adverse reaction with topical formulations.Respiratory and gastrointestinal tract reactions to anise have also occured;avoid the herb if you have ever had an allergic response to it or to anethole.Given the potential estrogenlike effect of anethole,some herbalists advise pregnant women not to exceed culinary amounts of the herb;no human or animal studies have ever proved it is hazardous,however.

Safety In General:Generations have used the seeds from these two plants without suffering major adverse reactions.The FDA considers them a safe herb for food use.But exercise caution when taking medicinal concentrations.Do not swallow the essential oil directly.There are government standards determinging safe concentrations for humans.At certain doses--possibly even a few teaspoons--the oil can cause vomiting,seizures,and pulmonary edema.Concerns have also been raised by the finding that rats fed 1 percent anethole for fifteen weeks developed microscopic changes in liver cells.However,those fed less over a longer time(0.25 percent for one year) showed no adverse reactions at all.Researchers are still exploring whether anise oil contains a potential cancer-causing agent called safrole.


  • 1.The Star Anise or Anise Seed,good remedy and useful seed step from ancient world.
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Illicium verum Extract is an extract of the dried ripe fruit and seeds of anise,Illicium verum,Illiciaceae
  • Other Names:Fructus Anisi Stellati,Pimpinella Anisum Extract.Anise Seed,Illicium verum Hook. f.,Pimpinella anisum,Anise star,Star anise seed,Badain,Badiana,Star aniseed,Chinese Anise,Sweet Cumin,anis de la Chine,anise etoile,badiane,Sternanis,anice stellato,anis estrllado,Ba Jiao Hui Xiang,BaJiao,Da Hui Xiang,Da Liao.

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