Glehnia root or Bei Sha Cen:a miraculous herb for Yin tonify and its brief introductions.


Applications and Properties:


Anti-inflammatory and expectorant,asthma.
Immunosuppression,Ulcer,Antimutation,Wound healing and skin conditions.
Nourish Yin and Clear Lung,Clear Heat,Protect Kidney,Generate Essence liquid and tonify stomach,
Antipyretic and Analgesic Effects,Cardiovascular,Prevention of Cancer.
Glehnia littoralis Herb Shrub Bei Sha CenIndications:The herb Glehnia root mainly used for treatment of dry injury lung Yin and dry cough with less sputum,dry nose and throat,pulmonary tuberculosis,yin deficiency and chronic cough,coughing of blood,thirsty,tongue dry due to heat injury of the Yin of Lung,poor appetite,tonifying stomach and promoting fluid.


Nature and flavor:sweet bitter,cooling.Nature slight cold,taste sweet,slight bitter.
Oral Adminiatration:decoction,5~10grams,or into form of pills,power,paste.
Cautions:should avoid for cases of cough due to wind and cold,lung stomach deficiency cold.
The food therapy effects of Glehnia Root:taste sweet,slightly bitter,slightly cold;enter into the lung and stomach meridians.

Safety and Toxicity:

Glehnia littoralis Herb Shrub Bei Sha CenThe toxicological tests:LD50:Imperatorin LD50 in mice by intraperitoneal injection of 373mg/kg.Which showed that glehnia root very low toxicity.
Clinical observation proved the herb glehnia root is nontoxic.In the conventional dose of water decoction no side effects.Long-term administration showed no obvious side effects.Overdose may cause stomach discomfort and laxation.Should be avoided and better not use for patients suffer with spleen wet stagnation syndrome.


  • 1.Glehnia root or Bei Sha Cen:a miraculous herb for Yin tonify and its brief introductions.
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  • Name:Glehnia Root Extract.
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Glehnia Littoralis Extract is an extract from the herb,flowers and roots of the Glehnia littoralis,Apiaceae
  • Other Names:Coastal Glehnia Root Extract,Coasia Glehnia Root,Glehnia littoralis,Glehnia Radix,Glehnia Rhizoma,Bei Sha Cen,Sha Cen,Tiao Sha Cen,Bei Tiao Cen,Xi Tiao Cen,Yin Tiao Cen,Bai Tiao Cen,Liao Sha Cen,Hai Sha Cen,Bin Fang Feng,Ling Er Cao,Shan Hu Cai Gen,Ye Xiang Cai Gen.

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