Poria,Tuckahoe,Fu Ling,the sclerotium of the fungus Poria cocos,taste sweet nature plain,an old TCM herb used by ancient herbalists for various magical treatment and taoism practice.


Applications and Properties:


 Poria Cocos Poria Mushroom Hoelen. Dysuria and edema.
Retention of phlegm and fluids manifested as dizziness,palpitations and cough.
Spleen problems and insufficiency.
Palpitations and insomnia,Calming the mind,Calms the Heart and Shen.
Inducing diuresis and removing dampness.
Diuretic.Highly nourishing.Longevity herb.
Anti-inflammatory activities and antioxidant properties.
Anti-inflammatory and anti-phospholipase A activity of extracts from lanostane-rich species.
Inhibitory effects of lanostane-type triterpene acids.
Suppression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha.
Inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria.
Clearing damp and promoting diuresis(discharge water and clearing damp),
Benefit spleen and peace heart,peace heart and calm spirit,
Strengthen spleen for harmonious stomach(strengthening the spleen and stomach).


 Poria Cocos Poria Mushroom Hoelen. Amphoteric abilitye in balance.
Antitumor effects and modulate the immune system.
Oily skin and Acne.
Benefit Women.
Allergic asthma treatment.
Liver Enhancer.
Pet Anti-Cancer.Anti-neoplastic effect.
the herb Poria taste sweet and light or tasteless,nature plain.Enter into the heart,lung,spleen,kidney meridians.
the herb Poria indicated in TCM for edema oliguria,edema and swelling,Phlegm retention with dizziness and nervous,phlegm retention cough inverse,spleen deficient,spleen deficiency with poor appetite,loose stools with diarrhea,disquieted and uneasy,horrified to insomnia,insomnia forgetful,dysuria(difficulty in micturition),vomit,diarrhea,heart palpitations uneasy,spermatorrhea gonorrhea.
Dosage:Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 10~15 grams(or 9~15grams),or into pellets or powder.

Safety and Toxicity:

Toxicity Relatively safe for long term use.One known potential adverse effect of poria is epispasis, a kind of allergic reaction.


  • 1.Poria,Tuckahoe,Fu Ling,the sclerotium of the fungus Poria cocos,taste sweet nature plain,an old TCM herb used by ancient herbalists for various magical treatment and taoism practice.
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  • Name:Poria Cocos Extract
  • Serie No:R045.
  • Specifications:10:1TLC.
  • CAS:168456-53-9
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Poria Cocos Extract is an extract of the mushroom Poria cocos,Polyporaceae
  • Other Names:Poria Mushroom Extract,Hoelen Extract.Poria Extract.Fu Ling Extract.Poria cocos (schw.) wolf,Whole fungus sclerotium of Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf,Poria,Hoelen,Fu Ling,Fu-ling,Fu Ling Pi,Fu Shen.

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Poria Cocos Extract INCI Name Poria Cocos Extract CAS 168456-53-9

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