Isatis Root or Ban Lan Gen:a traditional chinese herbs useful for detoxification,immune function and more.


Applications and Properties:


Isatis Tinctoria Shrub PlantInhibit pathogenic microorganisms.
Effects of cardiovascular
Inhibition platelet aggregation
Improve immune function
The anti-tumor effect
Effects on Leukemia
Heat clearing and detoxifying,
Cool the blood and relieve sore throat.
Functions and Indications:The herb Isatis Root own property clear heat and detoxification,prevent colds,relieve sore throat,taste bitter.Normally used for treatment of plague,fever,sore throat,epidemic heat syndrome,macular eruption,mumps,scarlet fever,fever with swollen head,erysipelas,carbuncles,pink eye,tongue dark reddish purple dark,throat impediment,abscess,fever sore throat,can be used for prevention and treatment of epidemic encephalitis B,acute and chronic hepatitis,angina parotidea,osteomyelitis.


The herb Radix Isatidis(Ban Lan Gen) taste bitter and nature cold.Channel Tropism:enter into the heart meridian,stomach meridian

Indicated for epidemic heat syndrome with macular eruption,dark purple tongue,mumps,throat obstruction(pharyngitis),scarlet fever(scarlatina),high fever headache,fever with swollen head(epidemic disease characterized by swelling and redness of face),erysipelas(inflammatory disease with redness of skin,st.anthony's fire),sores,varicella(chicken pox),abscess,measles(rosalia,morbilli,rubeola),hepatitis,influenza(flu,baraquet,epidemic bronchitis,epidemic catarrh),etc.

Suggested dosage internal as decoction 15~30grams,big dose can be 60~120grams,or into pellets,powder.External as decoction fumigating-washing with proper amount.

Safety and Toxicity:

Isatis Tinctoria Indigowoad Root Isatis RootToxicological Experiments:LD50:Indigo Leaf intraperitoneal injection LD50 value is l6.25g/kg±1.47g/kg.LD50 of cyrtophyllin intraperitoneal injection of mice 5g / kg,LD50 oral administration is 5g/kg.
Toxicity:Isatris root decoction mice fed bone marrow cell chromosome structure without significant changes,but found significantly increased chromosomal aberrations,suggesting that the role of chromosome damage.Description isatis root,da qing ye oral toxicity is low.Long-term use may show damage effect on mouse chromosome.


  • 1.Isatis Root or Ban Lan Gen:a traditional chinese herbs useful for detoxification,immune function and more.
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