What is mulberry leaf? What is it used for?


What is mulberry leaf? What is it used for?

 Dried Mulberry Leaf Morus Alba L Leaves Folium Mori White Morus This herb consists of the leaves of Morus alba L. (family Moraceae),yielded in most parts of China, collected during the frost season, dried in sunlight, and used unprepared or stir- baked.

 Mulberry leaf comes from the mulberry tree, which is found throughout China and cultivated across most parts of the world. All told, there are 10 different species of mulberry tree, the most common of which is morus nigra, or black mulberry. The leaves of a mulberry tree are green and spade shaped. They are harvested in autumn and dried before being used in herbal remedies.

 Mulberry leaf has sweet, bitter and cold properties in traditional Chinese medicine. It is associated with the Liver and Lung meridians, and functions to clear lung heat (which can manifest as a fever, headache, sore throat or cough) and clear fire in the liver (which is manifested as red, painful and watery eyes). It is also used to stop bleeding, especially in patients who are vomiting blood. In addition, in vitro studies have shown that decoctions made from fresh mulberry leaf can inhibit the progress of several bacteria, including S. aureus and hemolytic streptococcus. New research shows that mulberry leaf extracts can also play a role in the management and treatment of diabetes.

 Mulberry Leaf Morus Alba L Leaves Folium Mori White Morus Origin:Mulberry Leaf

 As the leaves of Morus alba L., a deciduous tree, of the Moraceae family. It belongs to one of 10 species in the genus Morus, known as the common mulberries, with more or less juicy fruits, native to temperate Asia and North America.

 A true mulberry has toothed leaves and blackberry-like fruits; each fruit develops from an entire flower cluster.

 The white mulberry (Morus alba), native to Asia but long cultivated in southern Europe, is so called because of the white fruits it bears. Its leaves are used as food for silkworms. It is naturalized in eastern North America. Several useful varieties of the white mulberry are the cold-resistant Russian mulberry (Morus alba tatarica), introduced into western North America for shelterbelts and local timber use; and fruitless sorts such as Stribling or maple leaf.

 The weeping mulberry, Morus alba 'Pendula,' is frequently used as a lawn tree.

 Mulberry Leaf Morus Alba L Leaves Folium Mori White Morus The black mulberry (Morus nigra), the most common species, is a native of western Asia that spread westward in cultivation at an early period. Up to the 15th century it was extensively grown in Italy for raising silkworms, but it has since been superseded by Morus alba. Now an introduced species in North America, it is mainly cultivated for its large, juicy, purple-black fruits, which are superior in flavour to those of Morus rubra.

 The red mulberry (Morus rubra) of eastern North America is the largest of the genus, often reaching a height of 70 ft. It has two-lobed, three-lobed, or unlobed leaves and dark-purple, edible fruits.

 Morus alba is distributed in China in the provinces in the south and the north. As an herb, it is picked and reaped after Frost's Descent (18th solar term), dried in the sun and used when raw or after preparation.


  • 1.Mulberry Leaf or Folium Mori,the leaf of Morus alba,a traditional disperse herb,its botanical introduction,indications and applications since ancient epoch.

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