Mulberry Fruit,a fascinating cluster fruit with nice property nourish yin and tonify blood,and other nice applications of the Fructus Mori.


Applications and Properties:


Morus Alba,Mulberry FruitPrevent hardening of the arteries,Tonify spleen and stomach,aid digestion,Nutritional supplements,Black Hair and Beauty,Anti-cancer,Treatment of anemia,Intestinal dry and constipation,Nourish the liver and kidney,Yin deficiency,Tonify blood and beauty,hair and beauty.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that mulberry contains vitamins,especially rich in phosphorus and iron, to kidney and blood,people ruddy,dark hair and bright.If combine with black beans,jujube meat,also provide the hair black melanin and proteins needed for hair growth.Mulberry improve blood supply to the skin,nourish skin,make the skin delicate and hair black and other effects,and can delay aging.

Pharmacopoeias noted the herb Fructus Mori(Sang Shen) functions nourishing yin and supplementing blood,promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid,moisturizing dryness syndrome,tonify liver,benefit kidney,wind-extinguishing,nourishing and generate body fluid.


Morus Alba,Mulberry FruitTaste and Nature:taste sweet,sour,nature cold.
Channel Tropism:enter into heart,liver and kidney meridians.

Indications:Tonify yin and blood,liver,kidney,relieve dizziness,nourishing liquid,fluid moistening.Use for vertigo,tinnitus,palpitations,insomnia,premature graying,loss of the body fluid and thirsty,endogenous heat and wasting thirst(symptom-complex of excessive eating),blood deficiency constipation,liver and kidney yin deficiency,constipation,dark eyes dim vision,tinnitus(ringing in the ears),scrofula bolus(crewels,struma),Joint stretch disadvantage,etc.

Dosage:Oral:decoction,9~15g;or boil paste,soaked in wine,raw taste;or into nine,scattered.External:proper amount,soaking wash.

Safety and Toxicity:

Generally safe and no data of toxicity available.Not suggest for cases deficient spleen and stomach,loose stools.


  • 1.Mulberry Fruit,a fascinating cluster fruit with nice property nourish yin and tonify blood,and other nice applications of the Fructus Mori.
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  • Name:Mulberry Fruit Extract
  • Serie No:R055.
  • Specifications:10:1TLC
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:303-403-2
  • CAS:94167-05-2
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Morus Alba Extract is an extract of the dried leaves of the white mulberry,Morus alba,Moraceae.
  • Other Names:Mulberry,Mulberry Fruit,Fructus Mori,Fruit cluster of Morus alba,Shen,Sang Shi,Wu Shen,Hei Shen,Sang Shen Zi,Sang Guo.

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Mulberry Fruit Extract,Fructus Mori.

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