Trichosanthes Herb and Snakegourd Fruit,a miracle herb relieve internal heat fever toxin.


Applications and Properties:


Trichosanthes Plant Snakegourd FruitAn expectorant effect:Animal experiments show that the share of total amino acids in the skin from the melon wilt have a good expectorant effect.

Purgative effects:diarrhea caused by melon baskets containing substances,under the effect of diarrhea.Melon skin effect is weak;Jen stronger;Melon Cream is a moderated.
Clear pathogenic heat and wash away the phlegm,
Loosen the chest and dissipate binds(relieving chest stiffness to dissipate mass),
Moisturize pathogenic dryness to loosen the bowel.


The herb Trichosanthis Fructus(Snakegourd Fruit,Gua Lou) taste sweet,slight bitter,nature cold.Enter into lung,stomach,large intestine meridians.

In TCM system,the herb Trichosanthis Fructus(Snakegourd Fruit,Gua Lou) indicated for cough with lung heat,turbid yellow phlegm,Chest Blockage and Heart Pain(thoracic obstruction and cardialgia),chest bind with distention and fullness,acute mastitis,abscess of lung,acute appendicitis(periappendicular abscess),constipation,wasting thirst(drinking and urine,symptom-complex of excessive eating),abscess and sores.

Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 9~20grams,or into pellets,powder,external proper amount smash and apply to affected area.

Safety and Toxicity:

Trichosanthes Plant Snakegourd FruitToxicology of Snakegourd Fruit:Snakegourd Fruit intraperitoneal injection in mice or intravenous lethal dose was 363 ± 33g/kg and 306 ± 22g/kg. 1 infusion in anesthetized dogs 100g/kg (100 times the clinical dose of pretty), except in blood pressure when administered with a transient decrease, but no other significant toxicity. Dogs subacute toxicity tests, daily 30g/kg, intravenous injection 21 days,except for a few dogs in the first week of administration and poor appetite 3 part dog hepatocytes after administration degree graduates of local cloud lungs, but also no other significant toxicity.


  • 1.Trichosanthes Herb and Snakegourd Fruit,a miracle herb relieve internal heat fever toxin.
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