Coix Seed or Chinese Pearl Barley: a brief introduction and its splendid applications including clearing dampness.


Applications and Properties:


 Coix lacryma-jobi Coix Seed Indications: clearing damp and promoting diuresis, invigorate the spleen to arrest diarrhea, eliminate impediment, clearing away heat and eliminating pus, detoxicating and resolving a mass. Applied and indicated to tonify spleen, replenish lungs, clear heat, eliminate dampness, spastic muscles, Cure diarrhea, dampness, tendons spasm, inhibited bending and stretching, edema, beriberi, dysuria, difficult urination, lung abscess, abscess of the lung, periappendicular abscess, stranguria with turbid discharge, vaginal discharge.


 Coix lacryma-jobi Coix Seed Modern herbalists found various useful properties of the herb Coix Seed(Semen Coicis, Seed of Jobstears, Yi Yi Ren), some of them are known including:Antipyretic, sedative, analgesic, Reduce muscle contraction, Lowering blood sugar, calcium, blood pressure and antidiuretic, Enhanced immune, Anti-tumor effect, Inhibit trypsin, Induce ovulation, Whitening effect, Lower striated muscle contraction, Promote the effectiveness of metabolism, cardiovascular effect, Effect on the intestine and uterus, etc.

 Common herbal classics noted the herb Coix Seed(Semen Coicis,Seed of Jobstears,Yi Yi Ren) taste sweet and tasteless,nature cool.Enter into the spleen, stomach, lung meridians.

Safety and Toxicity:

 Coix lacryma-jobi Coix Seed Safety: Clinical observation of non-toxic.In the conventional dose Shuijianbi no discomfort.Long-term use or high-dose(30g or less) decoction or porridge eating,no significant side effects.

 Toxicity: Toxicological testing toxicity: coix oil lethal dose for mice were injected subcutaneously 5~lOmg/kg,rabbits intravenously for 1~1.5g/kg.Coix prime mice fed 0.5kg/kg a month does not cause abnormal changes.


  • 1.Coix Seed or Chinese Pearl Barley: a brief introduction and its splendid applications including clearing dampness.

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  • Name:Coix Seed Extract
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  • Specifications:5:1 TLC.
  • INCI Name:Coix Lachryma Jobi Extract
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Coix Lachryma Jobi Extract is an extract of the seeds of job's tears,Coix lachryma jobi,Poaceae
  • Other Names:Coix Seed,Jobstears Seed,Coixseed,Tear Grass,adlay,adlai,Hato Mugi,Chinese pearl barley,Yi Zhuzi,Cao Zhu Er,Yi Mi,Mi Ren,Yi Ren,Yi Ren M,Sheng Yiren,Cao Zhuzi,Jiao Nianzhu,Cui Shengzi.

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