Dimocarpus longan tree and Longan:its legend,nutritional value and medicinal uses.


Applications and Properties:


 Euphoria longan photo Modern medical studies have proven that longanrou contains protein,fat,carbohydrates,organic acids,crude fiber and vitamins and minerals.Longan can inhibit lipid peroxidation and increase antioxidant enzyme activities,suggesting that there is some anti-aging effects.Longan show improved immune function,inhibition tumor cell,lowering blood pressure,increase coronary blood flow,and enhance the quality of the body and so on.
Tonify heart and replenish spleen,
Nourishing blood for tranquillization,
Benefit Qi and nourish blood,
Tranquilizing mind(quit the heart spirit).


 Taste flavor and Channel Tropism: sweet, warm. Enter into the heart,spleen.
Longanrou photo Longanrou taste sweet and warm,enter heart and spleen meridian,proper for heart and spleen deficiency.TCM herbalists believes that heart main for blood and mind,connect with spirit,conscious thinking activities.Spleen is acquired origin source of the qi and blood to provide nutrients to the body.If people thought-over,tired heart and spleen,can cause palpitations,insomnia,forgetfulness,lassitude and other symptoms.Longan sweet warm nourishing,enter into the heart and spleen meridians,good heart tonic,but also sweet and delicious,not greasy,do not obstruct air,in fact,tonify the heart and spleen.Prove good effects for those elderly who often have insufficient blood,appear pale or sallow complexion,fatigue,palpitations,shortness of breath embolism,longan tonify heart and spleen,also beneficial blood,sweet and calm.

The herb Arillus Longan(Dried Longan Pulp,Long Yan Rou) taste sweet and nature warm.Enter into heart,kidney,liver,spleen meridians.

In TCM system,the herb Arillus Longan(Dried Longan Pulp,Long Yan Rou) indicated for various conditions,Qi and blood deficiency,cardiopalmus and severe palpitation,amnesia and insomnia,blood deficiency and emaciation with sallow complexion,deficiency of heart and spleen,syndromes related with Qi and Blood deficiency such like palpitate with fear,irregular menstruation,uterine bleeding(metrorrhagia and metrostaxis).

Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 10~15 grams,big dose to 30~60 grams,or boil to paste,or steeping with wime,or into pellets,powder.Cautions should be paid that cases with phlegm-fire,dampness accumulation and stagnant fluid retention,should avoid or Not take this herb.

Safety and Toxicity:

 Contraindications:those suffering with pyrophlegm and wet stagnation should avoid.Pregnant women should not eat longan.The herb is a dry fruit enjoyed over thousand years in China and south east Asia,it is safe enough as food.


  • 1.Dimocarpus longan tree and Longan:its legend,nutritional value and medicinal uses.

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