Dimocarpus longan tree and Longan: its legend, nutritional value, and uses.


Applications and Properties:


 Euphoria longan photo Modern studies have proven that longanrou contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, organic acids, crude fiber and vitamins, and minerals. Longan can inhibit lipid peroxidation and increase antioxidant enzyme activities, suggesting that there are some anti-aging effects. Longan show improved immune function, inhibition tumor cell, lowering blood pressure, increase coronary blood flow, and enhance the quality of the body and so on.
Tonify heart and replenish spleen,
Nourishing blood for tranquillization,
Benefit Qi and nourish blood,
Tranquilizing mind(quit the heart spirit).


 Longanrou photo Modern herbalists found various useful properties of the herb, some of them are known including: Tonify Qi and blood, enhance memory, Sedative, Nourishing blood and quiet the fetus, Antibacterial, inhibit cancer cell, Lowering lipids and cardiac care, anti-aging, etc.

 Common herbal classics noted the herb Arillus Longan(Dried Longan Pulp, Long Yan Rou) taste sweet and warm in nature. Enter into the heart, kidney, liver, spleen meridians.

Safety and Toxicity:

 Longanrou photo Safety: Contraindications: those suffering from pyrophlegm and wet stagnation should avoid. Pregnant women should not eat longan. The herb is a dry fruit enjoyed over a thousand years in China and south-east Asia, it is safe enough as food.

 Toxicity: Not Available.


  • 1.Dimocarpus longan tree and Longan: its legend, nutritional value, and uses.

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