Longyanrou:its Food Therapy Effects and Medicinal Uses,Administration Guide.


Longyanrou:its Food Therapy Effects and Medicinal Uses,Administration Guide.

The Food Therapy Effects of Longyanrou:

Longanrou photo   1 . Tonofy Qi and blood,enhance memory.Longan is rich in glucose,sucrose and proteins,iron content is higher,can increase energy,nutritional supplements at the same time,but also promote the regeneration of hemoglobin in the blood.Experimental studies have found that longanrou in addition show tonic effect on the body,especially beneficial for brain cells,can enhance memory,eliminate fatigue.

 2.Sedative:longgan contains a lot of iron,potassium and other elements,can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin in the treatment of anemia caused due to heart palpitations,palpitation, insomnia,forgetfulness. Longan containing up to 2.5 mg of niacin(per 100 g),can be used to treat niacin deficiency caused dermatitis,diarrhea,dementia,and even mental disorders and so on.

 3.Nourishing blood and quiet the fetus:longanrou rich in iron and vitamin,longanrou nourishing the fetus and contractions and reduce sagging sense,accelerate the metabolism of pregnant women and favorable for fetal development,show effects of tocolysis.

 4.Antibacterial,inhibit cancer cell:animal experiments show that longanrou show inhibition on JTC-26 tumor and rate more than 90%,show certain inhibition on cancer cells.Cancer patients oral taken longan crude extract,the symptoms improved 90%,prolonging life 80% effects.In addition,longan water saps(1:2) show in vitro inhibition on Audubon Ang small spores rubrum.

 5.Lowering lipids and cardiac care,anti-aging:longanrou can decrease blood cholesterol and increase coronary blood flow.Show strong inhibition effects on flavoprotein - brain monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B),which closely related with the aging process.

Longyanrou Recipes:

 1,代参膏,Dai Cen Gao,crean on behalf of ginseng: longanrou 30g,put in bowl,add a little sugar,evaporated to a thick paste together.Taken in 2 times with boiling water.Origin from 《随息居饮食谱》,noted it can "nourishing blood and qi,power wins ginseng and astragalus",indicated for "weak thin aging", "especial good for those pregnant women who plan to lay a baby."

 2,心脾双补汤,soup tonify heart and spleen: longanrou 15g, lotus seeds 30g,jujube 10 pieces. Add water, decoction and drink.The blend mainly use longanrou,lotus seeds to tonify spleen and heart and calm the nerves;jujube has a similar effect.Indicated for deficiency of heart and spleen,loss of appetite,palpitations,spontaneous.

Medicinal Uses of Longyanrou and Administration Guide:

 Longanrou photo Different from lychee character hot and humid,longan can be used as medicine.It is sweet warm, nourishing strong;its kernel astringent level convergence bleeding;its leaves calm and soothing,relieving exterior syndrome.Proved effects boost yang and tonify qi,nourishing blood,tonify heart andf spleen, nourishing the nerves,soothing beauty and other effects,treat anemia,heart palpitations,insomnia,forgetfulness,nervous exhaustion and illness,postpartum weakness embolism.Longan property damp and warm,eat much may easy to qi stagnation,better avoid when inflammation, longan character warm hot and boosting yang,pregnant women eat it easy to boost blood and move tire.


 1.those suffering with pyrophlegm and wet stagnation should avoid.Longan character hot and damp foods, eat more easy to stagnation,shoud avoid when cases inflammation.Those suffering with pyrophlegm or wang and wet stagnation should avoid it; Where thick greasy tongue coating,qi obstruct distension,intestinal slip spilled,cold chilling,indigestion should avoid it;dried longan containing high natural sugar,so those suffering with diabetics should avoid it;those who suffer from acne,boils ulcer surgery,women's pelvic inflammatory disease,urethritis,menorrhagia should avoid it; longan character hot and boost the fire,so children and young people should eat less;longan should be taken fresh and do not take those taste changed.

 2,those pregnant women,most suffer with yin and blood deficiency,deficiency generate internal heat.TCM herbalists suggest should be cool during antenatal period,but longan property heat,therefore,in order to avoid abortion,pregnant women should be cautious.Longan warm hot,those suffering with yin deficiency and suffering from internal heat unfit for. Additionally, pregnant women,yin and blood deficiency,Yin deficiency case generate internal heat,so pregnant women tend to have dry stools,dry mouth and tire heat, a symptom of liver swelter,Chinese herbalists always advocated internal condition should be cool during antenatal period,longan sweet warm,if pregnant women eat it,not only can not tonify,but prone to miscarriage symptoms,so pregnant women should not eat longan."

Longyanrou:Administration Guide

  Indications and Dosage from CP for Arillus Longan(Long Yan Rou):The CP(Chinese-Pharmacopia) defined the herb Arillus Longan(Long Yan Rou) as the Aril of the Sapindaceae(soapberry family) family Dimocarpus Genus plant Dimocarpus longan Lour.It noted the herb taste sweet and nature warm.Enter into heart,spleen meridians.Main functions tonify heart and replenish spleen,nourishing blood for tranquillization.Indicated for Qi and blood deficiency,cardiopalmus and severe palpitation,amnesia and insomnia,blood deficiency and emaciation with sallow complexion.Suggested Dosage 9 to 15 grams.Store at dry ventilated place,moisture proof,moth proof.

  Indications and Dosage from CHMM for Dried Longan Pulp(Long Yan Rou):The CHMM(Chinese Herbal Materia Medica) defined the herb Dried Longan Pulp(Long Yan Rou) as the Aril of the Sapindaceae(soapberry family) family plant Dimocarpus longan Lour.[Euphoria longan(Lour.)Steud.],It noted the herb taste sweet and nature warm.Enter into heart,kidney,liver,spleen meridians.Main functions tonify heart and spleen,benefit Qi and nourish blood,tranquilizing mind(quit the heart spirit).Indicated for deficiency of heart and spleen,syndromes related with Qi and Blood deficiency such like palpitate with fear,severe palpitation,insomnia,amnesia,blood deficiency and emaciation with sallow complexion,irregular menstruation,uterine bleeding(metrorrhagia and metrostaxis).Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 10~15 grams,big dose to 30~60 grams,or boil to paste,or steeping with wime,or into pellets,powder.Cautions should be paid that cases with phlegm-fire,dampness accumulation and stagnant fluid retention,should avoid or Not take this herb.(2)

Longanrou common herbal food efficacy:

 Treatment of anemia,palpitation,spontaneous sweating,neurasthenia:longanrou 15 grams,lotus seed,gorgon 20 grams,boil as soup consumption.1-2 times daily.

 Treatment of Qi and Blood deficiency after liver cancer surgery: longanrou 50 grams,the flesh with pig spinal cord 250 grams, 500 grams turtle,salt,water. First longanrou washed minced pig spine,kill the turtle and clean out intestins.Put three into the pot ,add water to simmer heat till meat soft,add salt,seasoning,ready to enjoy.

 Treatment of brain tumor anemia,low fever retreated: longanrou 30 grams,10 grams American ginseng,a little honey.Put the longanrou,ginseng,honey into a cup,add a little cold water,put into boiling water pot and steam 40-50 minutes.Enjoy daily morning and evening.Longanrou and ginseng can be taken.

 Treatment of qi blood deficiency,dizziness,lassitude:longanrou 30 grams,lamb leg meat 750 grams,codonopsis 15 grams,jujube 10 pieces, ginger 4 pieces,rice wine 20 ml. Wash the mutton,diced and fried with ginger and rice wine through.Wash clean Longanrou,Codonopsis,jujube(pitted),put into the pot with the mutton,add some water,heat to boil,simmer and cook for 3 hours ,seasoning meal.

 Treatment of pregnancy edema:dried longanrou 30 grams,ginger 5 pieces, jujube 15 pieces,decoction 1-2 times a day.Treatment of megaloblastic anemia:longanrou 15 grams,mulberry 30grams,add honey stew,taken 1 time daily,treatment no limitation .     

Longan Therapeutic Recipes:

 longan recipe photo 1.Longan egg soup 1: longanrou 50grams,egg 1. Wash with clean water and boiled,after 15 minutes add egg,benefit for postpartum recuperation,irregular menstruation .

 Longan egg soup 2: longanrou 100grams,egg 1,brown sugar.Peeled longan,add warm water,put proper amount of brown sugar,then crashed the egg and pour it above the longan,put into the pot and steam for 10 to 20 minutes,with eggs cooked appropriate. Taken the steamed egg,dried longan soup togethor,take l ~ 2 times daily for 7 to 10 days.This recipe has a nourishing tocolysis efficacy and good for medium and late pregnancy women.

 2.Longan lotus soup:longanrou 12 to 15 grams,lotus seeds (spitted) 12 grams,gorgon 10 grams,poria cocos 9 g.Wash clean and boil togethor, take 2 times daily in the morning and night.Good for the heart and spleen deficiency caused palpitations,spontaneous embolism treatment,also treatment of anemia,neurasthenia.

 3.Longan jujube soup: longanrou 30 grams,jujube 10 pieces. Longanrou and jujube washed,date clean out the kernel,boil togethor,boil for 20 minutes,then ready.Good for treatment of blood deficiency caused by heart deficiency,also good for anemia.

 longan recipe photo 4.Codonopsis pigeon longan soup: longanrou 20 grams,Codonopsis root 30 grams,pigeon meat 150 grams.Wash clean longan,codonopsis,clean and cuts pigeon meat into slice,put in casserole and stew,once pigeon cooked and drink the soup,eating pigeon and longan.Good for deficiency weak after the illness and nourishing,treat neurasthenia .

 4.Longan Chicken: 250 grams longanrou,chicken 1. Wash the longanrou,chop chicken into boiling water a while,remove and then rinse with water.Set the casserole on fire,add water,chicken,wine,and cook until welldone,then add dried longanrou,white soy sauce,salt,low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes and serve.This chicken soup has property tonify heart,benefit qi and blood,ease kidney,nourish kidney essence effect.Good for qi,spleen deficiency and diarrhea edema,kidney spermatorrhea, postpartum less milk,chronic disease and physical weak and other illnesses.Nourish strong,enhance immunity,benefit intellect and brain .

 5.Steamed american ginseng longan:longanrou 30 grams,3 grams of American ginseng,proper amount sugar.Wash clean Longanrou,american ginseng slices,put in a small magnetic cylinder,cover the brim with silk paper,put the pot steaming.Good for postpartum,lack of blood tonic and blood,Qi and Yin deficiency.

 6.Longan porridge:longanrou 10 grams,jujube 10 grams,rice or glutinous rice 100 grams,wash clean the above three recipes and add water to make porridge,porridge cooked,add proper amount of sugar and mix thoroughly,eat.Good for heart palpitations,insomnia , forgetfulness caused by heart and blood deficiency,and other diseases or those who suffering with blood and qi deficiency.Plus Lotus seed effects better.

 longan recipe photo 7.Sugar lily lotus longan:longanrou 50 grams,50 grams lily,lotus seeds 50 grams. Wash clean above 3 recipes and put into a bowl,add water,put to the pot steaming,once lotus seeds cooked,add 50 grams sugar,and then steam for another 10 minutes, then could be enjoyed in different times.This recipe is good for heart and spleen,could be used for heart palpitations, shortness of breath,insomnia.

 8.Blood cream:longanrou,100 grams,black sesame seeds 40 grams,50 grams dried longan,yuzhu 30 grams,proper amount honey.Above four things add water soak 1 hour,boil with a slow fire,extracting juice 1time every half hour,total three times;concentrate juice with low heat,until thick as cream,add a spoonful of honey,once boil the cease-fire and leave to cool.1 to 2 teaspoons per serving,let soluble in hot water and drink.This cream has good effects benefit spleen and nourish Qi,nourishing blood and liver effect,suitable for patients with anemia.


 1: Dimocarpus longan tree and Longan:its legend,nutritional value and medicinal uses.
 2: see CHMM(Zhong Hua Ben Cao,or Chinese Herbal Materia Medica)

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