Botanical Information of Black Pepper.


Botanical Information of Black Pepper.

Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White Pepper  Botanical:Pepper (Piper nigrum L.)
 Family:Piperaceae(pepper family)
 Species:Piper nigrum L.
 Binomial name:Piper nigrum
 Chinese Name:黑胡椒;PinYin:Hu Jiao

 Synonyms:Black Pepper.Piper (United States Pharmacopceia).Hei Hu Jiao.Bai Hu Jiao,Lv Hu Jiao.Black Pepper, Blanc Poivre,Kosho,Pepe,green peppercorns,Pepper,Pepper Extract,Pepper Plant,Peppercorn,Pfeffer,Pimenta,Pimienta,Piper,Poivre,Poivre Noir,White Pepper.English pepper,Lada hitan,black pepper(with cortex),white pepper(cortex removed),green peppercorns(green with cortex),black peppercorns,piper,pepper bark.
 Part Used:Dried unripe fruit.,Dried fruits,essential oil.
 Where to find it: It is a native of Java,Sumatra and Malabar.
 Flowering time:Summer.Astrology:Under the dominion of Mars.

 Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White PepperAroma and Flavour of Black Pepper:Black pepper is used in almost all applications where spice is used, with exception of baked goods. It is used universally in sauces, gravies, processed meats, poultry, snack foods etc. Both black and white pepper are used in cuisine worldwide, at all stages of the cooking process and as a table condiment. White pepper has a distinguishably different flavour but is utilized to a lesser extent.

 Taste and Aroma:Black Pepper has a sharp, pungent aroma and flavor. White Pepper is hotter, less subtle and mildly fermented. Green Peppercorn is milder in flavor and has a fresh taste.It comforts and warms a cold stomach.There are three sorts - Black, White and Long. They are climbing twining tropical plants with white flowers, borne in catkins, and red berries.

 Modern uses:Pepper is a digestive stimulant and anti-flatulent remedy. It is also anti-bacterial and insecticidal. It is incorporated into pills or the powder is taken in doses Of 5-15 grains (325--975 rng).


  • 1.Black Pepper,Black Pepper Seed,Piper nigrum,Piper:the Kind of spices,one of the oldest and the most popular spice in the world.

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  • Name:Black Pepper Extract
  • Serie No:R068.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:284-524-7
  • CAS:84929-41-9
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Piper Nigrum Extract is an extract of the seeds of black pepper,Piper nigrum,Piperaceae
  • Other Names:Pepper,Piper nigrum L.,Piper,Pepe,P. nigrum,Black Pepper,Blanc Poivre,Kosho,Pfeffer,green peppercorns,Pimienta,Poivre,Poivre Noir,Lada hitan,White Pepper,Hei Hu Jiao,black pepper(with cortex),Bai Hu Jiao,white pepper(cortex removed),green peppercorns(green with cortex),Hu Jiao.

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Black Pepper Extract.

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