Black Pepper Directions:Common use,healing qualities and cooking tips.


Black Pepper Directions:Common use,healing qualities and cooking tips.

Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White Pepper  1. Use in Soups
 2. Use in salads
 3. Use in bean dishes
 4. Complements tomato sauces
 5. Pepper is a universal table condiment
 6. Pepper is wonderful in plain yogurt or sour cream topper
 7. Try whole peppercorns in rice, soups, stews and fresh fruit compotes.
 8. Sprinkle over baked fish, baked potato, chicken, chowders, cream soups, and tomato and egg dishes
 9.Other Uses of Black Pepper:

 Orally, Hu Jiao/Black pepper is used for stomach upset, bronchitis, and cancer. White pepper is used orally for stomach upset, malaria, cholera, and cancer.
 Topically, Hu Jiao/Black pepper is used for treating neuralgia and scabies. Black and white pepper are also used topically as a counterirritant for pain.
 In foods and beverages, black pepper, white pepper, and pepper oil are used as flavoring agents.
 Pungent and aromatic:The pungency is strongest in white pepper and weakest in green pepper, while black and green pepper are more aromatic than the white one.

Reputable healing qualities of Black Pepper.

 Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White PepperIt costly as pepper the Dutch phrase is still valid today. The Arabs, who introduced Europe to the exotic spices, controlled the spice trade and sold a pound of ginger for as much as a full-grown sheep. The European countries vied with each other to find an alternate route to India and the Spice Islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali, the Moluccas and Celebes. The pepper we take for granted today was a precious commodity ?men have fought and died for it. Alaric the Goth demanded it as ransom when he besieged Rome and English tenants in the Middle Ages were forced to pay rent in this commodity.

 Black pepper induces sweating, which consequently cools down the body and relieves feverish symptoms.
 Black pepper is useful for those with poor circulation.
 It is said to promote mental clarity, which is useful when studying.
 It can help clear up colds, viral infections and flu when prepared in a tea.
 Black pepper helps to prevent gas and flatulence.
 It induces urination, which is good when the kidneys are not functioning properly.
 Black pepper is a powerful anti-oxidant.
 It is antibacterial, which was useful for meat preservation before the time of refrigerators.
 Black pepper helps to break down and digest fats and meat proteins much more easily, as it induces the production of saliva and gastric juices needed for digestion in the stomach.
 Black pepper is a good source of manganese and iron, which are important for the body to function correctly.
 Components of black pepper are often added to mouthwashes and gargles used to treat sore throats.
 Black pepper is a stimulant that can stimulate various parts of the body such as the heart, kidneys, circulation and the stomach.
 When foods are eaten with black pepper, the body is able to absorb valuable vitamins and nutrients from the food much easier.
 Black pepper has been used to treat fatigue and tiredness.
 It stimulates the appetite and has been used to treat anorexics and people with eating disorders.
 A strong black pepper and mint tea will help clear chest and lung infections and bring up unwanted mucous and phlegm.

Black Pepper cooking tips.

 Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White PepperAdd to salad dressings with salt, olive oil and cider vinegar.
 Add to omelettes, egg mayonnaise and other cheese and egg dishes.
 Black pepper can be added to strawberries or pineapple.
 It can be added to soups, stocks, sauces, marinades and stews.
 Use to flavour homemade hamburgers, rissoles and sausages.
 Use to rub onto meats, poultry and fish before roasting or cooking.
 Use to make pepper sauce.
 Add to biscuit mixtures for spicy sweet biscuits.
 Season seafood with black pepper.
 Add to mashed potato.
 Use to flavour dips, salsas and cold sauces.

 Tasting Notes: These uniform smaller black peppercorns from Sumatra have a nice salty, pungent aroma. Smokey, warming and penetrating.

 Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Fruit Blanc Poivre Kosho Pepe green peppercorns Pfeffer Pimenta Pimienta Poivre Noir White PepperCulinary Usage: Pepper is best ground directly on to food. With hot food it is best to add pepper well towards the end of the cooking process, to preserve its aroma. White pepper is used in white sauces rather than black pepper, which would give the sauce a speckled appearance. Green peppercorns can be mashed with garlic, cinnamon or to make a spiced butter or with cream to make a fresh and attractive sauce for fish. Pink peppercorns are called for in a variety of dishes, from poultry to vegetables and fish.


  • 1.Black Pepper,Black Pepper Seed,Piper nigrum,Piper:the Kind of spices,one of the oldest and the most popular spice in the world.

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