Carrot,Daucus carota,Origin and Archeology of Carrot,Modern Researches.


Applications and Properties:


Carrot Daucus Carota CAS 84929-61-3 EINECS ELINCS No 284-545-1 Daucus carota sativa Rabbit CarrotIndigestion.Impotence.
Anemia (too few red blood cells in the bloodstream).
Heart Disease.Blood Sugar.Reduce Stroke.
Better Vision,Improve your eyesight (ever see a rabbit wearing glasses?).
Fighting conjunctivitis,blepharitis,Retinopathy and Cataracts.
Stomach Ailments.Constipation.Quicken Digestion.
Diarrhoea.Thread Worms.
Tonify spleen,benefit spleen and harmonizing middle energizer,
Transform stagnation,
Nourishing liver for improving eyesight,
Preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing,
Heat clearing and detoxifying.


Nutrition Value:Carrot is rich in carrotene, lycopene, sugar, fatty oil, essential oil, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, gallic acid, vitamins B1, B2 and C, and umbelliferone.

Carrots sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people. Skin contact with the sap is said to cause photo-sensitivity and/or dermatitis in some people.

The herb Carrot noted taste sweet,pungent,nature plain.Enter into spleen,liver,lung meridians.

In TCM system,the herb Carrot indicated for indigestion(cacochylia,dyspepsia,hypopepsia,dyspepsy),spleen deficiency eating less,protracted dysentery,diarrhoea,cough,cough and dyspnea(cough with asthma),bronchocephalitis(whooping cough),weakness and lack of power,abdominal pain,blurred vision,night blindness,swelling and pain in throat,measles(rubeola,morbilli),varicella(crystalli,chicken pox),furuncle,burns and scalds,anal fistula.

At North America and Europe,the herb Carrot is suggested as a source of rich fiber and nutrient content,promote healthy eyes,soothe indigestion,lower cholesterol,prevent cancer,promote urination,prevent worms,break up bladder stones, pediatrics for tonsillitis,nutritional disorders,dietary agent for digestive disorders,in medicinal preparations for dermatological conditions such as photodermatosis and pigment anomalies,used in teas for intestinal parasites;seeds used in traditional medicine as diuretic and stimulate menstruation,prevent conception,relieve gas,seed oil is used as a fragrance and flavoring,root oil applied in sun-screens,yellow food color,source of vitamin A and beta-carotene,

Safety and Toxicity:

Carrots sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people. Skin contact with the sap is said to cause photo-sensitivity and/or dermatitis in some people.

Health risks or side effects following the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages are not recorded.The drug has a low potential for sensitization through skin contact.The herb Carrot(Hu Luo Bo) should better take cooked,eat much may not very well for liver and hard for digestion,eat fresh may hurt stomach.The shoots could Not eat.


  • 1.Carrot,Daucus carota,Origin and Archeology of Carrot,Modern Researches.
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