Zea Mays,Sweet Corn,the uses and benefit of corn.maize...


Applications and Properties:


Sweet corn Zea MaysHigh-Fiber Food: Diets high in fiber-rich foods like corn - a cup provides 23% of the daily value for fiber.
Cardiovascular Health.
Lower Risk of Lung Cancer.
Memory Maintain with Thiamin (Vitamin B1).
Energy Production,Even Under Stress.
Nutrition Value:corn is rich and good source for vitamin B1 (thiamin),folate,dietary fiber,vitamin C,phosphorus,manganese,vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).


For western civilization, the story of corn began in 1492 when Columbus's men discovered this new grain in Cuba. An American native, it was exported to Europe rather than being imported, as were other major grains.
Sweet corn Zea MaysThe grain is taken from the husk by hand, and when ground upon stones, makes an excellent flour, of which it yields much more, with much less bran, than wheat does, and exceeds it in crust, pancakes, puddings, and all other uses except bread; but a sweetness peculiar to it, which in all other cases makes it agreeable, is here less so. It is excellent for feeding horses, poultry and hogs, and fattens them much better and sooner than peas or barley.It was the only bread-grain known in America when first discovered by the Spaniardss, and is there called maize.

Safety and Toxicity:

Corn is generally considered safe and no negative effects for taken.


  • 1.Zea Mays,Sweet Corn,the uses and benefit of corn.maize...
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Zea Mays Extract is an extract of the kernels of corn,Zea mays,Graminae
  • Other Names:Zea Mays,Zea mays L. var rugosa,Sweet Corn,Jagung Manis,Maize,Mais,Maiz,Thurah Safrah,Granoturco,Frumentone,Ble De Turquie,Ganma Sham,Thurah Safrah,Mays vulgaris Seringe,Mays zea Gaert.,Thalysia mays Kuntze,Zea alba Mill.,Zea americana Mill.,Zea curagua Mol.,Zea segetalis Salisb.,Zea vulgaris Mill.

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